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Published at 22nd of January 2020 01:45:06 AM

Chapter 526: 526

An Lin was ecstatic about receiving this power boost .

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Just the embryonic body of the War God was this powerful, how bad*ss would he be once he obtained the full body of the War God?!

An Lin shook his head to rid himself of this train of thought .

He was a humble and steadfast man that liked to take things one step at a time .

It wasn’t important to him whether he was badass; what’s on the inside was much more important .

He brought out a white bead from his storage ring while thinking about this .

This was the Ming Yuan Bead Sword that Immortal Ming Yuan gave him, which could tell his fortune for the next ten days!

The threat of becoming a eunuch had been successfully dispelled, he had attained a powerful technique, and he had endured the calamity that was a crumbling continent . As such, his purple fate should have changed, and it was time to verify this!

When An Lin injected his vital energy into the Ming Yuan Bead, a powerful suction force relentlessly engulfed his energy as a ripple permeated outward in all directions from the bead before fusing into heaven and earth .

The Ming Yuan Bead began to light up; it started with a red light before slowly darkening to a purple color!

An Lin: “…”

An Lin had the urge to vomit a mouthful of blood .

How could it be like this…

He had endured such a catastrophic calamity, and his life was much better now because of it, so why was his fortune still purple?!

An Lin stowed away the Ming Yuan Bead before silently bringing out a golden badge . He could return to the Heavenly Court immediately if he were to activate this golden spatial teleportation badge now . Perhaps then, he would be able to avoid the imminent disaster .


He came to a sudden realization . There was no way things could be that simple!

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A thought then occurred to him as he surveyed his system to check if there were any mission updates .

His body immediately shuddered at the sight he was greeted by .


What the f*ck… the Special Mission tab is flashing again!

“Special Mission: Congratulations to host for attaining the embryonic body of the War God . Now assigning the following mission; please absorb ten times ten golden Realm Essence Crystals within a year to evolve the body of the War God one step further .

“Mission Success: Achieve initial success with the body of the War God .

“Mission Failure: Become a eunuch for one hundred times one hundred years .

“Note: This mission cannot be rejected . ”

An Lin: “…”

“F*ck you, system! You’re a piece of sh*t!”

An Lin swore with rage .

Xue Zhantian’s body trembled . “Xi Tong 1 ? Master, I don’t like that name! Please continue to call me Little Tian instead! Also, what did I do wrong this time to deserve being scolded again?”

An Lin dismissed him with a thunderous expression . “I’m not speaking to you . ”

Xue Zhantian was confused . He looked around before blinking in bewilderment .

Was there someone else here besides An Lin and himself?

An Lin almost blacked out as he looked at the system mission again . To absorb a hundred golden Realm Essence Crystals… What the f*ck?! Where was he going to find so many Realm Essence Crystals?

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A hundred golden Realm Essence Crystal was the equivalent of a hundred million spirit stones!

And the consequence of failure was to become a eunuch for ten thousand years!

Also, why was this method of calculation of ten times ten and a hundred times a hundred so familiar?

Was the system going to be calculating in exponentials next time?

An Lin’s body trembled with rage .

He suddenly thought of what his situation would be like if he were to fail the mission . He would become Dao partners with Xu Xiaolan in a hundred years, but he would be unable to have s*x with her for nine thousand nine hundred years after that… No! She would probably dump him long before that…

Tears streaked down his face as he envisioned his grim future .

“F*ck you, system!” An Lin let loose more abuse as tears flowed from his eyes .

Xue Zhantian stared at An Lin with shock and horror on his face .  Has my master gone crazy?

An Lin only managed to curb his emotions after a long while, following which he rummaged through the crimson bird’s spatial storage device with his divine sense .

There was no use complaining now . The only thing he could do was to gather more golden Realm Essence Crystal through whatever way possible!

He had seen a huge map when he was rummaging through the miscellaneous items within the spatial storage device .

He brought out the map from the spatial storage device before carefully surveying it .

A joyful smile appeared on his face a moment later .

This was a map of the Void Star Section!

An Lin didn’t have a map of the Void Star Section before this . After all, he was going to the Ancient Divine Division, so there was no point in studying an unrelated map .

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It was exactly because of this that he suddenly discovered that he was completely lost after arriving in the Void Star Section…

This map was exactly what he needed, and it finally gave him a small reason to smile .

This map was drawn up according to the information the past Southern Heavenly Wing Nation adventurers had collected .

All the potentially dangerous areas were labeled, and although it wasn’t very detailed, it at least gave him an idea of the geographic structure of the Void Star Section .

“The brightest red star in the sky indicates the northern direction and the place we are currently located in is the purple grassland… which is in turn located in the western region of the nine tectonic plates of the Void Star Section . If I go further west, I will be heading toward the Black Sea, whereas the White Jade Mountain is located in the north . There is a high probability of Realm Essence Crystals appearing on the White Jade Mountain, but there are also many Jade Beasts there, which makes it an extremely dangerous place…”

An Lin had one last glance at the map before deciding to set off for the White Jade Mountain, for no other reason than to pursue more Realm Essence Crystals!

He had to fight in order to not become a eunuch for ten thousand years!

He donned his Illusionary Star Robe before using a spell technique to fasten it around his body in order to avoid a repeat of the awkward situation where the Dark Wing Tribe cultivator had discovered him .

“Huh? Am I imagining things? Why do I feel a bump in my pocket…” An Lin blinked with curiosity at his bulging pocket .

“It’s not your imagination; it’s squashing into me!” Xue Zhantian complained in An Lin’s arms .

An Lin pulled the silver ball out from his pocket, and with amazement on his face, he stuttered, “It… it grew!”

The silver ball was previously only around three centimeters in diameter, but it was now a full ten centimeters in diameter!

“You liar! You told me fairies weren’t oviparous creatures! How do you explain the expanding egg then?!” Xue Zhantian protested .

An Lin: “…”

An Lin had no response to that, and he could only place the silver ball in a bigger pocket before setting off .

The purple grassland was extremely vast, and An Lin was greeted by sight of a seemingly endless expanse of purple grass as he flew through the air .

After four more hours, there was still no end in sight to the purple grassland…

“Holy f*ck, this place is huge…”

An Lin muttered to himself in bewilderment as he looked at the vast expanse of red grass stretching in all directions .

There was no scale on the map, so An Lin didn’t know how big the grassland was . He only knew that this was a special region in the Void Star Section .

Fortunately, there were stars in the sky, which he could use as a directional reference, otherwise, there was a real risk of getting lost in this grassland .

An Lin continued flying for another two hours before discovering that the purple grass below him was showing signs of wilting .

The vibrant purple grass gradually lost its luster to become wrinkled and devoid of color .

His ability to detect life energy was enhanced upon attaining the embryonic body of the War God, so he was able to sense that the life force of the purple grass was being stripped away by something, and from the direction of the flow of energy, he could determine that that thing was located in the northeastern direction!

An Lin hesitated momentarily before deciding to travel in that direction .

He cast some concealment spell techniques over himself and Xue Zhantian for added safety before descending to the ground and carrying on on foot .

The closer he got to the source toward which the life force energy converged, the more wilted the purple grass around him became .

After traveling for another fifty kilometers, the ground had become extremely barren .

Could there be an extremely rare treasure that had appeared in this world? An Lin was starting to get excited .

Generally speaking, anything that could trigger such a drastic, large-scale change in heaven and earth would be something out of the ordinary . Such a peaceful environment didn’t look like it was a battlefield between mighty figures .

Which meant that… there was an even greater chance that the emergence of a treasure had triggered these changes!

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