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Chapter 93: 93

Upon hearing Earth Immortal Yue Ying’s answer, An Lin’s whole body trembled slightly as he stared at the figure in front of him, seemingly in a daze .

An extremely powerful sword aura once again erupted from the Evil-Slaying Sword as it began to quiver violently, attempting to free itself from Earth Immortal Yue Ying’s grasp .

Earth Immortal Yue Ying began to moan lightly in pain as the sword continued to stir up her wounds .

However, she held even more firmly to the blade of the sword, even as blood poured from her hands .

She began to release golden seals from her hands, temporarily suppressing the power of the sword .

“What are you still doing here? Run!” Earth Immortal Yue Ying yelled .

In the distance, Earth Immortal Ming Yuan charged toward the Dark Night Monarch of the Black Wing Tribe while wielding a longsword, in an attempt to buy time for An Lin and his group to escape, but he was stopped in his tracks by the two Blood Gods stationed behind the Dark Night Monarch .

Xuanyuan Cheng flew toward An Lin with his sword acting as a vehicle beneath him . “An Lin, get on here! We have to run!”

However, An Lin shook his head at Xuanyuan Cheng . “We won’t be able to escape… What do you think the chances of escaping from Return to Void Stage cultivators would be for Spirit Nurturing Stage cultivators like us?”

“I don’t care how slim our chances may be, are you going to let Master Yue Ying’s efforts be in vain!?”

Xuanyuan Cheng glared at An Lin, his usual calm demeanor crumbling in the face of his rage .

An Lin shook his head once again . “It doesn’t have to be like this, if we were to run now, we’d most likely all die here .

“However, there is a second option…”

Xuanyuan Cheng looked at An Lin with confusion written on his face, clearly not sure what he was getting at .

But he quickly recalled something and his expression changed upon this recollection . “Don’t tell me that you’re planning on using that technique…”

“That’s right, if I use that technique, maybe everyone would have an opportunity to survive .

“Master Yue Ying is willing to sacrifice herself for us, why shouldn’t I return the favor?”

An Lin did not know why, but he felt as if a heavy load was lifted from his shoulders upon saying this .


Without the Soul Locking Ice Coffin from the university, nor Chang’e’s second-grade immortal pills, he may actually die this time .

An Lin’s gaze lingered wistfully on Xu Xiaolan and Xuanyuan Cheng before falling on Earth Immortal Ming Yuan, who was still engaged in a heated battle with the two Blood Gods .

Finally, he rested his gaze on the figure in front of him that was on the brink of collapse .

An Lin took a deep breath, then made his way toward Earth Immortal Yue Ying .

“An Lin, what the hell are you doing…”

Earth Immortal Yue Ying gritted her teeth tightly in anger as An Lin resisted her instructions and began to make his way toward her instead of running away .

Her struggling figure began to sway uncontrollably from a mix of anger and desperation .

Even the Dark Night Monarch, looking on from mid-air, was slightly taken aback, clearly not expecting a cultivator of a mere Tenth Stage Dao Body to do what he was doing now .

“Master Yue Ying, thank you . ”

An Lin felt as if those were perhaps his final words .

After saying this, he looked toward the woman in black garments standing in mid-air before extending a finger towards her .

Finger of the Heavenly Dao!

In that instant, the Dark Night Monarch’s expression changed drastically .

It was as if she’d seen some extremely terrifying technique, and she retreated explosively in response whilst instantaneously conjuring hundreds of layers of dark crystal walls in front of her . In her horrified frenzy, she’d even produced a golden formation disk which was resting in her hand .

Three seconds later…

There was still no change whatsoever to An Lin’s finger .

Cold sweat began to manifest itself on the Dark Night Monarch’s forehead . She glared extremely cautiously at An Lin’s finger, wondering to herself why he hadn’t unleashed his technique .

An Lin was also sweating bullets at this time . This was exactly the same Finger of the Heavenly Dao technique as last time, why was there no effect?

One minute later…

An Lin continued to maintain the same pose and his shoulder was starting to ache a little, but he didn’t dare to move…

The Dark Night Monarch was also expending a lot of power maintaining her defensive techniques, but she also did not dare to let her guard down…

Her intuition for danger and death was always very accurate . She truly did feel an extremely terrifying power from An Lin’s finger, a power that could spell her death!

Even though the power in that finger seemed to have long vanished .

But the Dark Night Monarch knew that this cultivator was definitely waiting for her to let down her guard before striking…

She wasn’t going to fall for that!


Earth Immortal Yue Ying spat out a mouthful of blood before kneeling heavily onto the ground, her body no longer capable of holding itself upright .


An Lin turned to look toward Earth Immortal Yue Ying, panic growing in his heart at her worsening condition .

Taking advantage of An Lin’s moment of distraction, the Dark Night Monarch unleashed a palm toward him .

The power of her palm pierced through space, instantly colliding with An Lin’s body .

An Lin felt an indescribably huge amount of power enveloping him, as if his body was going to be shredded into pieces by that one palm .

His body flew hundreds of meters through the air like a cannonball, before finally colliding with a mountain, where he created an indentation on the side of the mountain upon contact .

If it wasn’t for the Earth Lotus Supreme Skill that An Lin had cultivated to strengthen his body to the extreme, that one palm would have surely taken his life .

However, even though he was not immediately killed, he was still in dire straits .

Blood mixed with fragments of his internal organs spilled out of his mouth as his whole body trembled uncontrollably . He wanted to move, but he found that he could not even move a single finger .

“Am I going to die?”

An Lin smiled bitterly as his gaze rested on Xuanyuan Cheng and the others, his heart unwilling to accept the stark reality facing him .

As the situation was now, wouldn’t everyone die anyway?

Why was it that just when he worked up the determination to sacrifice himself, something like this happened…

The Dark Night Monarch looked on at An Lin’s grievous stage, also feeling quite surprised .

She had always thought that this inconspicuous cultivator was some mighty figure who was hiding his true power .

But seeing how the situation had unfolded, it seemed she overestimated him .

Aside from extreme durability, it seemed like there was nothing special about him .

At most, he perhaps also had some sort of extreme bluffing technique to swindle opponents .

Even though that was her thought process, the Dark Night Monarch still wouldn’t underestimate An Lin, and she was going to kill him with her full power now .

“Eternal Night!”

A cold voice sounded from the Dark Night Monarch’s lips .

Instantly, the sky became pitch-black, obscuring the stars and even dimming the glow of the moon .

All the cultivators on the ground widened their eyes at the darkening sky .

A few Soul Formation Stage cultivators’ pupils contracted drastically upon seeing this, a sense of hopelessness welling up in their hearts .

“Sword, come!”

The Dark Night Monarch gripped the air with her hand .

Instantly, a dense column of darkness began to surge violently, before gathering to form a dark longsword several hundred meters in length .

The longsword suddenly materialized in mid-air, radiating a terrifying aura, forcing all Blood Tribe warriors and human cultivators alike to kneel on the ground, as if pledging inferiority to their monarch .

An Lin grimaced at her insanely powerful technique .

Why the f*ck would you use a technique like this on a cultivator of a mere Tenth Stage Dao Body cultivation base?

It was like killing an ant, but using a f*cking nuclear bomb to do so, what a massive waste!

However, An Lin was completely unable to move, let alone resist .

All he could do was ridicule his opponent one last time in his heart .

Ding Dong!

“Detected that host is facing an extreme threat, are you willing to sacrifice a fifth of your life force? You will obtain unimaginable power as a result . ”

An Lin’s heart trembled slightly .

Sacrifice a fifth of his life force?

Obtain unimaginable power?

Are you kidding? If he could rescue Xuanyuan Cheng and his friends, what complaint would he have even if he had to sacrifice all of his life force!

“I accept!”

At the conclusion of An Lin’s sentence, the gargantuan dark sword began to descend, annihilating all in its path .

The whole mountain was instantly engulfed in darkness, before crumbling and finally disappearing from existence…