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Published at 21st of June 2017 11:08:15 AM

Chapter 1


A kaleidoscopic lantern flows . My life plays back before my eyes . Attending school, graduating, and then finally working .

An ordinary life went by in a matter of seconds . Which led to this moment . When the truck plowed into my body, breaking it .


“Time to get up, Callus . Wake up . ”

My body is shaken by someone . I awoke to an unfamiliar ceiling and an unfamiliar woman .

“Finally you’re awake . Quickly now, get up and get ready . Today is your important ceremony of adulthood . The priest will get angry if we’re late . ”


“What’s the matter?”

“Where am I? Who are you?”

“Stop saying such foolish things . ” The woman hit me .

“Are you half asleep and have forgotten the face of your own mother?”


I could not believe it . This woman in front of me is claiming to be my mother . That can’t be, without a doubt, it simply can not be .

All of my parents and grandparents are 100% Japanese, and against all odds, this woman in front of me has the skin and hair of a foreigner .

“You have to wake up early, and get dressed . Come down once you change your clothes . Because we are heading to the church together . ”

Said the woman, who promptly left the room . For some reason, I wasn’t able to understand, but for time being I did as I was told .


The church service was in progress . My mother led me to the priest who was performing the ceremony . Though I was unable to understand, he prayed, and splashed water with a tree branch .

“In the name of god, I lift the Level Lock on Callus Blade, and bestow upon him his first job . ”

Huh .

“You have received your first job class from god . ”

At that moment, my body began to shine . Furthermore, words began to appear in my mind . Ninja Level 1

“What’s this?”

“Is it over? Callus . ”

“Umm…… . ”

“Is the job class related to the words floating in my mind? If that’s the case, then it’s ninja . ”

“Ninja?” The woman looked at the priest in amazement .

“Is there some kind of mistake?”

“God can not make mistakes . He has attained an extremely rare job class . ”

“So…… . ”

I don’t understand what’s going on . Is being a ninja bad? The woman looked slightly complicated, and crossed her hands in prayer .

“Thank you, god . ”

 ☆ ☆ ☆

“What do I do from here, Mom?” “In this village, there is a sage named Wilf-sama . Now that you are an adult, and the level lock is removed, attend his classes to learn more about your job and level up . ”


I looked around the village while walking with my mother . It is definitely a village out in the countryside . Every time we met someone, mother would stop to chat . It seems that everyone knows everyone else out here in the countryside .

It looks like a good place to relax . Though it’s a good place, just where exactly am I in the first place? Until yesterday I was a Japanese man who commuted from home to work on a daily basis .

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The present me is a 16 year old boy named Callus Blade, who has just participated in his adulthood ceremony . I really don’t know what’s going on anymore . In the meantime, we arrived at our destination .

It was an ordinary house on the outskirts of town . Standing in front of the door, my mother knocked .

“Hyes . ”

I heard the voice of an old man from inside of the house . I entered with mother . Inside was a room with a great quantity of books piled up, and one old man sat on a rocking chair .

“Oh! What is the matter today, Blade-san?”

“Because my son has come of age, I wish for him to come study here . ”

“Well then, I give my congratulations . ”

“Thank you very much . ” Said mom as she looked at me .

“Callus, learn from Wilf-sama properly . ”

“O-okay . ”

With that, my mother nodded and left . Inside the house, it was now just me and the old man . Umm… . .

“Um… . . Wilf……sama?” I timidly asked the old man .

“Hyes?” (TN Note: Wilf seems to be speaking in a manner where his ‘yes/hai’ is pronounced with an ‘f’ sound . I’ve tried to come up with something that fits here . ) The old man tilted his head to the side in puzzlement .

“Well, who are you?”

“Eeeeeee? Just now I was introduced . I’m Callus . ”

“Hyah… . What business do you have here?”


Even though mother said this man was a sage, he seems to be showing signs of senility . Is this man really all right?

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“Um, It appears that I have come of age today, and my mother wishes for me to be taught by Wilf . ”

“Oh, you wish to attend my cram school, is that it?”

It’s a cram school? I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself into, but for the time being, “Yes,” appears to be my passing move .

“Huh, ummm… . . ”

“If that’s the case, then wait for a little while, there is another scheduled to come . ”

“Well, is that so?”

Other than me… . . there’s more 16 year olds who have undergone the ceremony?

“Anyway, who are you again?” “I’m Callus! A 16 year old level one ninja who is applying to attend your cram school!”

I grandly quipped . Then the old man’s eyes changed color .

“Oh ho, a ninja?”


Wilf’s eye color changed again .

“An extremely rare job class . I recall that its skill-based growth is slower, but not necessary for any job changes . When one changes jobs, there is the problem of level limit . That was a problem the predecessors faced as well . ”

“Um…… . Wilf-sama?”

“You’re starting as a ninja, then you should move onto swordsman or martial artist . You have an affinity for both . That–”

The old man began to talk clearly with me . He keeps talking like that . It sounds like more and more like some sort of game . It’s getting to be a little confusing .

“Just a moment, Wilf-sama . I’m having trouble keeping up with you . ”

“Uh huh?”

“Could you speak more clearly or slowly?”

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Wilf stared at me . “Dear me, who are you again?”

“I’m Callus!” I said loudly .

What’s with this old man? He switches between senility and clarity, and I don’t know the reason as to why .

While I made such an exchange, a knock came from the door . A girl entered . A slightly timid teenage girl .

“Dear me, who are you again?”

“Arrgghhh… . ”

“I’m Claire Arnel . I was told to study with the sage, so I came . ”

“Oh my, Arnel-san . We’ve been waiting for you . Come, come, please enter . ”

“Yes, excuse me . ”

“Please, sit over there . ”

The two of us, Claire and I, sat down to listen to the old man .

“Well, then I shall take a attendance . Claire-kun . ”

“Yes . ”

Claire answered modestly . I remember from my youth, this was not answering the neighbourhood auntie, but when I attended cram school, when attendance was taken . To see clouds, what was this really? I took that into consideration .

“Umm… . Who were you again?”

“I said I’m Callus!”

“So, so Callus . Callus-kun . ”

“… . Here . ”

Because the concept of taking a attendance seemed ridiculous when there were only two students here, I answered unwillingly at first . At that moment . I rose to Ninja level 2 . Words appeared in my head . I levelled… . By taking attendance?

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