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Published at 30th of July 2017 12:53:50 PM

Chapter 11

「Thanks to you, we were saved . 」

After delivering the wagons to their destination, we went back to the Guild in Gordon .

The other guys were nearly wiped out, and it seems we were the only ones to escort them to the end .

The receptionist greets us and expressed her gratitude .

「There would have been trouble if you weren’t there . 」

「Is that so?」

「That’s right . It’s a baggage escort ー if something were to happen with the goods, you have to compensate for it . 」

That’s quite serious, isn’t it?

「It’s also just not a matter of money alone, our credibility is also at stake . That’s why I’m truly happy . I’ll also increase your reward . I’ll pay 10,000 Bonds, for now . 」

10,000 Bonds, just how much is it worth?

「Th, that much?!」

Claire was greatly surprised .

「Is that a lot?」

「It’s already a lot . It’s even more than my monthly allowance . 」

「That so . 」

I do not know whether it is a lot or not . To begin with, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of such unit .

Well, I’ll just accept it, then .

「I’ll be asking for your future cooperation, too . 」

「Got it . 」

Nodding, I received the reward and left the Guild .

「Let’s split it later . 」

「No, Senpai should have it!」

「I think so, too . If it had not been for Callus-kun, we would have surely been done . Because Callus-kun did the work, Callus-kun should have it . 」

「Is that so?」

A week passed without anything happening in particular .

As usual, I get up in the morning, and proceed to the jiisan‘s place . We listened to the lessons intently, though Charlotte keeps asking a lot of questions . Afterwards, the three of us proceed to hunt monsters .

Every day, it’s just a repetition .

Still, if were to point out some changes, Claire leveled up, though it was the Caterpillar one, and the three of us have gotten used to each other .

I also stopped giving directions in battle to them recently .

With me as support, Claire and Charlotte work together to defeat the monsters .

I managed to formulate tactics, and direct them using only eye contact .

Oh right, the Dragon’s Level also went up by 7 levels, and I also learned 2 Skills, but these are matters for later .

「Sharo–chan, would you like to eat some rice today?」

「Is that alright, Claire-senpai? ‘m sorry I’m disturbing you every day . 」

「Since it was Sharo–chan who came, it’s worth making it . 」

Today’s hunt ends, and the three of us tried to return to the village .

Claire and Charlotte are getting even closer . Recently, Claire calls Charlotte by her nickname and invites her to dinner every day .

「How about you, Callus-kun?」

「Me, too?」

「Un, I don’t mind . 」

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「If it’s not leaves, I’ll invite myself, then . 」

「Mou! I’m not going to serve that to guests!」

Joking around, we went back to the village .

As we returned, the village was noisy somehow .

It’s usually a peaceful village, but something tells something bad has happened .

I can hear some commotion . We avoided eye contact, and swam through the sea of people .

We made it to the center of the village, the plaza, the place that’s usually used for festivals .

There, some unfamiliar guys can be seen .

There about ten people armed roughly, and they occupied the whole square .


Claire cried out .

There were some people who fell down beside the ruffians, bleeding .

One of them looks familiar . It was the strongest martial artist in the village, Bram-san, whose Level was 15 .

There were traces of a fight that occurred . I guess he fought and lost .

What’s more, some women are being held hostage . Their chests were massaged by the men however they want .

「Is that a brat?」

One of them faced here and laughed .

「A kid doesn’t have any business here . Ah, call out this village’s chief!」

The man shouted . After a while, a lone old man came .

I’ve never seen him that much, but I guess he’s the Daryl, the chief .

「This, what does this mean?」

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「Are you the village chief?」

「Yes, I am, but……as for this…」

「Let’s not do some roundabout speech . We will defend this village from today . 」

「Defend, is it?」

「That’s right . From monsters and rogues . 」

As the man said that, all other men laughed altogether .

Spouting out nonsense, are they . The words were stuck in my throat .

「But, of course, I’m not doing this for charity . It’s defending a village, you know . 」


The chief made a face as if he had bitten a bug .

If you plainly interpret their story, it seems we need to pay them something, that is .

「Village Chief…」

「Village Chief-san……」

Voices filled with uneasiness rose from the surroundings .

The Village Chief looked at the place near the man’s foot .

Bleeding, Bram laid there suffering .

An expression of clear resignation floated to the Chief’s face after seeing the strongest man in the village was done in .

The surrounding villagers had the same face .

「I understaー」

「Wait . 」

I shouted loudly, breaking off the Chief who was on the verge of accepting the proposal of the ruffian .

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「Haa? What the hell is that kid?」

「Callus-kun……stop it, this not a place for childrー」


Dragon Level 13[1], 【Ryuu no Houkou Ni (竜の咆哮2)】[2] .

The roar thunders the earth .

The village chief pulled back, screams rise from the villagers, and a child could be heard crying somewhere .

The ruffians were shocked .

That was the preemptive strike, and was also a signal .

The next moment, Claire and Charlotte jumped out behind me .

The ruffians who were stunned by the 【Ryuu no Houkou Ni (竜の咆哮2)】 were knocked down by Claire and Charlotte while still shocked .

The captured women were released, and the men, including Bram, were also helped out .

Although Bram’s injury is terrible, his life does not seem to be in danger . The village doctor said he would be cured after a month .

「Thank you, Callus-kun, Claire-kun . 」

The Village Chief expressed his gratitude to us . There was Charlotte, too, but since they don’t know much about her, her name was not called .

「Thanks to you, we were saved . 」

「Ah, we were saved, indeed . 」

「Thank you . 」

「When did you two become so strong?」

The villager thanked me one after another .

In this case, we became heroes of the village .

[1] If I remember right, his level should be 14 . Maybe he got it when he reached level 13?
[2] Decided to put the romaji equivalent . Unless you want something like ‘Dragon’s Roar 2’?

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