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Published at 2nd of August 2017 12:32:31 PM

Chapter 13

「Callus, are you going house-hunting?」 (Callus’ Mom)

Morning, right when I was about to leave the house and proceed to the old man’s place, mother said such a thing .

「House-hunting?」 (Callus)

「What are you so surprised about? Isn’t it customary for a adult to live alone? How long are you going to stay at home?」 (Callus’ Mom)

「Was there such a thing?!」 (Callus)

I was surprised .

「The priest said nothing about it . 」 (Callus)

「It doesn’t matter even if the priest did not say so since it’s natural after all . 」 (Callus’ Mom)

My mother was momentarily shocked .

Since you were an adult, you should be independent .

It was understandable, but I was a little surprised since I didn’t know anything about it .

At the old man’s house, just before class starts .

I was talking about being independent with Claire and Charlotte .

「I’m already living alone . A day before the adult ceremony . Sparta[1]-like, I was told, 『Do it all by yourself』, the previous day . 」 (Claire)

Come to think about it, when I first came to her house, she was the only one there .

「Me, too, senpai! Because I wanted to train in this place, I just got a tent and left the castle . 」[2](Charlotte)

That tent, was it any different?

Or rather……

「I’m the only who was still living with his family……?」 (Callus)

「It seems to be that way . 」 (Claire)

I’m somewhat embarrassed .

「What if senpai lives in a tent, too? With it, you can live anywhere!」[3] (Charlotte)

「Living in a tent is kinda……」 (Callus)

Because I can’t live in a tent, I want to immediately rent a place, and leave the house right away .

The Dragon leveled up to Level 15 after the class ended, and I proceeded to the Guild in Gordon .

I wanted to rent a place, I heard a lot stories from the Priest and the Village Chief, but apparently I still have to earn money first .

All I have now, is the 10,000 Bonds I got from the previous caravan escort job .

It was not enough for me to rent a place .

So I came to the Guild to look for a job .

「Welcome . 」 (Anette)

The usual receptionist, Anette (アネット), was there .

I approached her and went straight to the point .

「Are there any jobs? I need a fast-paying one . 」 (Callus)

「Fast-paying job?」 (Anette)

「Yes, I need a bit of money right now . 」 (Callus)

「Let’s see……ah, there was exactly one for a party . 」 (Anette)

Anette said so, and took out a piece of paper .

「Do you know the castle called Daiseeji[4] (ダイセージ) not far away from here?」 (Anette)

「Daiseeji (ダイセージ)? Old castle? Is that the one occupied by bandits?」 (Callus)

「Yes, it’s good that know it……wait, it was occupied?」 (Anette)

「It was . 」 (Callus)

「Why the past tense?」 (Anette)

「We came to the village yesterday, and we were attacked by men with pompadour-like hairstyles, so we went and annihilated them . 」 (Callus)

「……eeehhh . 」 (Anette)

Anette was greatly surprised . She was surprised to the point that she almost toppled over .

「Wait, is that the truth?」 (Anette)

「Ah . 」 (Callus)

I used the Dragon Skill Wrath II, and I rampaged, so they were all burned cleanly .

Most of the building was burned out, the only remains were the moat and the wall, and maybe the castle where the lord lived .

「You’re joking, aren’t you . 」 (Anette)

「I’m not? You can go and check it out . There’s no one there anymore, so it’s a safe zone . 」 (Callus)

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「It’s a lie……even if you they’re bandits, they were the collapsed Anton Mercenary Group, you know? That sort of thing……」 (Anette)

「Hee, so they were former mercenaries . 」 (Callus)

「Wait, I’ll confirm it now . 」 (Anette)

「Ah . 」 (Callus)

I waited a bit inside the Guild .

About half an hour later, a man sent by Anette to confirm it came back .

The report was almost the same as what I said .

Anette was even more surprised, but she believed me .

「So it was really true . 」 (Anette)

「You really didn’t have to send someone over to confirm it . 」 (Callus)

「Still……it’s really hard to say if it was the truth . 」 (Anette)

「Un?」 (Callus)

「That said, I can’t really put out a reward . The request, if you didn’t receive, I can’t give out the reward . 」 (Anette)

「Oh, yeah, there was that . 」 (Callus)

It’s normal, of course . I can’t get a reward, even if I defeat a monster, without receiving the quest .

「What’s the matter?」(Anette)

「I wish I had the proof that I didn’t do it . 」 (Callus)

「Yeah, I don’t think so . After all, they were all burned . The evidence was still recognizable . 」 (Anette)

「Is that so……」 (Callus)

Anette looked apologetic .

「Oh well, can you look for other jobs like that? I have to go in a minute . 」 (Callus)

「Are you in a hurry? Why is that?」 (Anette)

I told Anette that I needed money to rent a place .

「Is that so . Then how about this ー wait, never mind . 」 (Anette)

Anette took out something, then shook her head .

「You want a place to live, right?」 (Anette)

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「Ah . 」 (Callus)

「That old castle ー Daiseeiji (ダイセージ), you should claim it . It is an abandoned castle without an owner . Isn’t it fine to live there?」 (Anette)

「……ah . 」 (Callus)

「In a place without an owner, only those who has power can occupy it . Like the ones the knocked out . That’s why, the loser can’t complain if you were to the next owner, right?」 (Anette)

Anette’s suggestion, it sounded like an interesting proposition .

I came to Daiseeji (ダイセージ) .

There was a moat encircling the place, a wall that’s slightly taller than a human, and castle in the center to be resided by the owner .

The rest was just an empty plot of land .

I remember that when I came to raid, there were many other buildings, but they all disappeared without a trace .

I don’t remember much while using Wrath II, apart from using the Flame Breath .

So, I’ll be staying here……

I went around the inside the castle and its premises .

I think this might be nice .

「Callus-kun」 (Claire)

「Senpai!」 (Charlotte)

I heard Claire’s and Charlotte’s voices .

I saw the appearance of the two entering the castle .

They approached, and listened .

「How’d you know I was here?」 (Callus)

「Anette-san told us you’d be here when I went to the Guild . 」 (Claire)

「I also heard from that person! Senpai, you’re going to stay here?」 (Charlotte)

「Ah, I think it be good as well . 」 (Callus)

「If that’s the case!」 (Charlotte)

Charlotte shouted .

She was always enthusiastic, but this was the most enthusiastic she had been so far .

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「Do you mind if I also live here?」 (Charlotte)

「You, too」 (Callus)

「Yes! If you lend me some space somewhere, I’ll lay my tent there!」 (Charlotte)

「Ah, that’s right, it’s tent, so you can always move it freely . 」 (Callus)

「That’s right! Please! I want to be near senpai!」[5] (Charlotte)

I thought for a moment .

Just then, Claire spoke .

「Callus-kun, I……can I also move here?」 (Claire)

「Claire, too?」 (Callus)

「Yes, can I?」 (Claire)

I though a bit further .

There’s a whole lot of land . Even if there’s a fence surrounding it, it’s still as big as a soccer court .

It’s perfectly fine for them to live here .

Rather, isn’t it more enjoyable?

……un, it might be so .

In my castle, two more people would live here .

I have never imagined it before, and I can’t put it into words, but I feel that this might be fun .

「Alright, you two could move here . 」 (Callus)

「Thank you!」 (Claire)

「Thank you so much!」 (Charlotte)

They both thanked me with a smile .

Thus, a new life where I obtained a castle begins .

[1] It said Sparta in the raws, but how did she know about Sparta? Isn’t this a different world?
[2] Badass Charlotte
[3] Lol, economic
[4] I think this was previously Ajido/Azide as previously narrated by the bandit who escaped . Now it’s Daiseeji…I hate this place, translation-wise .
[5] Bst gril

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