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Published at 5th of August 2017 03:26:51 PM

Chapter 14

After the class ended, my Total Level went up to 23, and I went back to the castle .

It is a castle where I will live so from now on, so I’d like to expand variously and arrange facilities .

For that, I wanted to summarize what I wanted to do and what I needed .

That’s what I thought, but there was an unthinkable sight right before my eyes as soon as I came back .

Even though I just woke up in the morning and went to the old man’s class for only a few hours, the inside of the castle was teeming with monsters .

Starting with the frequently-seen pillings, then slime mollusks, zombie crows with a protruding eyeball, and huge frog that squirts fire from its mouth somehow .

A lot of monsters were overflowing from the castle .

If you describe it in one word ー pandemonium, it’s that sort of feeling .

Seriously, for only a couple of hours……I’ve only been away for the morning classes .

Nevertheless, I wonder how this happened .

「Kaa, kaa!」 (Zombie Crow)

「Punyuyiii!」 (Frog?)

The monsters noticed me and attacked .

I’ll think about it later, let’s get rid of these guys first .

I used the Flame Breath I and burned the first group .

There were the improved skills, but since it was sufficient enough for firepower, I used it .

I burn the monsters that attack one after another .

The numbers were great, but they were no threat at all .

While 「cleaning」 them out, I was thinking about something else .

At today’s attendance, the Total Level was 23, and Dragon leveled up to Level 16 .

I learned a skill called 「True・Freeze Breath」 .

Then I noticed something .

Seven different kinds of skill were learned at the current Dragon’s Level right now .

The skills I learned from Level 1 to 7 had evolved to 「2」 from Level 8 to 14 .

At Level 15, I learned 「True・Flame Breath」, while Level 16 was 「True・Freeze Breath」 .

If the pattern will continue as before, these 「True」 skills will continue until Level 21 .

At the same time, it is possible that the Dragon’s Level will stop at Level 21 .

Every time I attend the old man’s class, my Level goes up .

I heard from the old man that the Level will not rise anymore when the counter is reached, so I need to prepare other Jobs that I could raise .

There is the Ninja that hasn’t been leveled up yet, but I’d like to prepare several different Jobs in order to not waste the attendance .

……in the worst case, a warrior .

Claire, after a continuous hunting of pillings using a stick, obtained the Warrior Job .

However, I have other things I want .

I should not forget about this matter .

I was wiping out the monsters while I thought of such .

Although it’s 「enjoyable」 if it was together with Claire and Charlotte, fighting alone seems to be more comfortable .

With this, I can beat them without being so reserved .

Well, even if I say so, I’m firing a suppressed Flame Breath I .

「You there, human-san . 」 (???)

I heard a woman’s voice .

It seems to be the whispering-type of girl .

As I turned around, I could see a small figure at the entrance of the castle .

Although she had a small figure that was hidden by a full-bodied cloak, she had a mace-like weapon which seemed to be three times her size .

「What is it?」 (Callus)

「Human-san, are you the owner here?」 (Mysterious Girl)

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「Un? Ah, that’s right . 」 (Callus)

Particularly, this was a castle without an owner, but since Anette said that people who had the power can claim it, there was no problem in me using it .

What could have happened?

「Then, I don’t need to hesitate . 」 (Mysterious Woman)

She uttered quietly ー then she began to attack!

The large mace was heavily swung with great force, so I retreated in a moment .

「Uo!」 (Callus)

I hurried away .

I avoided the large mace which subsequently hit the ground .

A light explosion shook the ground, throwing up dust .

「You dodged? But, not yet . 」 (Mysterious Woman)

She brandished the large mace around then jumped .

I don’t know why she attacked, but I have to retaliate .

In addition to avoiding it, I breathed out flames simultaneously .

The flame wrapped around her .

In the meantime, I took distance .

「Damn, I let out a Dragon Skill . Did I overdo it?」 (Callus)

None have endured the Flame Breath until now .

I used it without hesitation on the bandits, but I must control it carefully around this girl .

The next moment, I was shocked .

Somehow, the small figure of the girl dragging the mace came out of the flames .

She walked, not minding the flames around her .

「I have seen this attack a while ago . 」 (Mysterious Woman)

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The girl said .

「The offensive ability is as it seems . I can tolerate it to this degree . 」 (Mysterious Woman)

……priceless .

「My turn is next, prepare bad human-san . 」 (Mysterious Woman)

Again, I breathed out flames towards who was preparing the mace .

Because she said she can tolerate up to that degree, I used Flame Breath II this time .

Compared to the other one, it was a rank higher .

The flame wraps the girl .

「It’s only up to that degree ー wait, hot! Hot, hot, hot!」 (Mysterious Woman)

The girl who was wrapped in flames rolled around .

After a while, the flames disappeared and the girl fainted, falling down to the ground .

I approached her and looked from above .

As the cloak and the hood were burned halfway, I could white things from the gaps .

When I tried to raise the hood, a sheet of paper fell from there .

It was paper with a Guild’s watermark . Are you a Guild member?

While I was thinking such things, something different was caught in my vision .

When I pulled down the hood, what I saw was a girl with white ears, like a rabbit’s, on her head .

I took the fainted girl, and came to the city of Gordon, specifically, the Guild .

Anette saw the girl, and 「Oh」, raised a voice .

「Sorry, sorry, I’ve completely forgotten . 」 (Anette)

「Forgotten?」 (Callus)

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「I told the story of the bandit subjugation to this girl before you . I thought it was better to send more people to the castle, better to have more people fighting against the collapsed group . 」 (Anette)

「I see . 」 (Callus)

「After that, this girl did not return to the Guild, so I haven’t informed her that it was over . My bad . 」 (Anette)

「No, I don’t mind . It was just a mistake . 」 (Callus)

「I’ll be saved from troubles if you say so . However, you seemed to have defeated this child . This girl, despite her cute looks due to her race, she’s a skilled person whose Level is over 20 after considerable training . Individuals like that can be counted on three fingers, you know . 」 (Anette)

「Hee . 」 (Callus)

How amazing, I thought .

I think of people whose numbers I knew clearly .

Claire is 4, Charlotte is 7 . Mother is 6 and Bram is 15 . I don’t remember his name, but the guy who came along the caravan escort has a Level of 16 .

In other words, this is the highest Level I’ve ever encountered .

And she said that they can only be counted on three fingers .

「By the way, what if you were Level 25?」 (Callus)

「Un? In that case, 25 would be the highest, but what of it?」 (Anette)

It seems that I became the strongest without knowing so .

「No way……」 (Anette)

Anette seemed to have noticed it .

Her face looked mortified .

「At that age, 25? It’s impossible……but……」 (Anette)

Anette alternately compares me with the rabbit-eared girl .

She has a face that says she can’t believe it, but has no choice but to believe it, since there was the fact that I knocked her down .

「You……what kind of person are you?」 (Anette)

That was quite the pleasant surprise .

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