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Published at 21st of June 2017 11:08:15 AM

Chapter 3


I left the village after class with the old man was over, and walked over to the nearby forest . I waited a week before coming here because I didn’t know the area here very well, so I tried to avoid going to far into the forest’s interior . I came here to test my skills out of the discerning eyes of the public .

Because I seemed to have learned a new skill at every level, I decided to experiment to see what they actually did . Well, my Ninja level is 7 now, and Dragon is level 1? Here’s the skills learned from the Ninja job class;

Level 1 Stealthy Walk

Level 2 Shuriken Creation

Level 3 Caltrop Creation
Level 4 Ninjitsu Art of Smoke

Level 5 Stealthy Walk 2

Level 6 Clone Jitsu

Level 7 Firey Escape Jitsu

That’s the impression it gives . I tried them in the order that I learned them . I somehow knew how to use them because instructions appeared in my head on their use .

When using Stealthy Steps, my footfalls became much quieter . Ordinarily, my footsteps would create a noticable sound, but now I do not hear a thing even if I stomp heavily upon the ground .

But then I remembered that I had Stealthy Step 2, so I skipped a skill and tried the upgraded skill . It appeared that the upgraded version was even better at hiding the sound of my footfalls . Levelling up the skill has made it even better than before at quiet movement .

I tried the two weapon generating skills, shuriken and caltrops . Shuriken and caltrops appear in my hand when I use those skills . Both types are made of a proper iron .

However, after about ten seconds, the shuriken disappeared in a puff of smoke . While the shuriken were useful as weapons, the caltrops were not after ten seconds . Perhaps it would be better if it had a second level, which would improve its efficiency . I learned much from this trial run .

Smoke formed around me when I used the Ninjitsu Art of Smoke . Because the ninja skills have ranks, there’s a possibility that I may be able to fly or leap high when the smoke appears . The time allotted to escape with this skill is five seconds, and at this time is not usable . After all it is awaiting improvement .

The Clone Jitsu created a double of me in my opposite direction . The skill merely creates an unmoving doll, but it can be touched . Like the other skills, it disappeared after ten seconds as well . Though it did disappear, I got the feeling that this skill has potential to be highly useful depending on how it is used .

Finally I tried the Firey Escape Jitsu . Fire appeared when I used it . After performing a ninja seal with my hands, a flame of considerable force came out . It was very much like a flamethrower that I had seen on television in my past life . I aimed it at a tree stump to test it, and it quickly burst into flames .

……Awesome . What would happen if I combined this with the Ninjitsu Art of Smoke? This would be a lot of fun . With this, I was able to find out what my ninja skills actually did .

That can be reasonable, after all . When levels increase, the extent a skill increases can be considerably great . Going from Sneaky Steps to Sneaky Steps 2 suddenly, the skills are compatible, but with much stronger effects .

Should I start in a place like this? Then next is the dragon skill . At Dragon level 1, my skill was flame breath .

I’m curious as to how different this is from the Firey Art of Escape Jitsu . I somehow understood how to breath fire . Then, fire spewed froth from my mouth .

The flames were more than the Firey Art of Escape Jitsu . A dragon’s breath was more powerful than the small gouts of flame that a fire eater on the street might perform . Well, this blaze could be very bad . I made a mistake .

Dragon level 1 flame breath . This skill is much more powerful than the combined Art of Smoke and Firey Escape Jitsu from my level 7 Ninja job class . After all, the scale that the old man gave me wasn’t all that impressive .

  ☆  ☆  ☆

I met Claire when I returned to the village .

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“Ah, Callus-kun . ”

“Yo . ”

The conversation ended there . Claire fidgeted . Though it’s been over a week since I started attending classes with Claire, I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation with her . She’s very quiet, my impression is that she is very timid when she speaks .

Therefore, while there wasn’t a conversation going on here, it was a test of skill . I was concerned about Claire’s Job and skill .

“So Claire, what was the Job Class you received in your coming of age ceremony?”

“Ummm…” Claire fidgeted again . She answered after fidgeting considerably .

“A……hairy caterpillar . ”


“H-hairy caterpillar . ”

“… . a hairy caterpillar that is a small greenish bug that moves in a winding zigzag pattern?”

Claire nodded with teary eyes . I’m astounded that there’s such a job… . … . no wait, there is a dragon too, so a caterpillar may not be too farfetched .

“By the way, what sort of skill did you get?”

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“Munching… . . ”


“I eat a leaf, and the skill… . heals my wounds . ”

“O-oh . ”

“I-it happens quickly!? A papercut on my fingertip needs 20 leaves that I eat to heal injuries! It’s really effective!?”

Claire begins to cry even more .

It certainly is an effective skill . But twenty leaves to heal a papercut on a fingertip is a bit wasteful . Her eyes fill with even more tears . I feel really bad for her .

“Have you changed jobs?”


“But won’t it be hard to level if I change jobs? My options are limited if I change it too early . ”

“I’ll help you . ”

“Callus-kun? But Callus-kun just came of age a week ago . ”

I turned to the side and breathed out fire . It was roaring and blew out to an empty spot with nothing or nobody to damage .

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“Eeeeeehhh, H-how did you–”

“I have the ‘Dragon’ job . ”

“Amazing……good… . . ”

She was envious of me . The trap that is a hairy caterpillar had happened to her .

“Coincidentally, my Ninja level is 7 as well . ”

“…… . . Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh??”

At that moment, she was greatly surprised . “Liar! Your Total Level is 8, which normally takes many years to reach??”

I remembered that my mother was a Magician level 6 at her age too .

“Prove it, or it never happened . ”

I started off with Shuriken and Caltrop Generation, and moved onto Clone Jitsu . By using multiple skills, I was able to prove that I had accumulated many levels .

“Awesome… . . ”

“Is this unreasonable for using a job change item to go from Ninja level 7 to Dragon level 1?”

Claire shook her head heavily . Respect and expectations . That was what was reflected in her eyes at that time .

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