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Published at 21st of June 2017 11:08:15 AM

Chapter 4


The next day I attended the cram school of the old man . After attendance was taken, my level rose once again . What to increase? Because it had floated up in my head first, I chose dragon .

Because I imagined it to be similar to the level 1 skill of flame breath, I put off confirmation for the time being .

“By the way, what should I teach today?”

“Wilf-sama . ”

“Oooh… . who are you again?”

“It’s Callus . Is there another job change item available?”




“How does one acquire an item to change jobs the most quickly?”

“One of us wants to change their job . ” I made some exchanges that had already become commonplace . Claire felt nervous to the side . I asked the old man who had returned to sanity about this information .

“After defeating a monster in cave, sometimes a job-change item will appear . ”

“A cave?”

“There is one located outside of this village . Because it is maintained by the guild, one cannot enter without permission . ”

“That is troublesome . ”

I want to give a job-change item to Claire .

“Since it’s the guild, who do we ask for permission?”

“To enter it?”

“Yes . ”

“Alright then . We are now going to have an extracurricular class . ”

     ☆  ☆  ☆

Accompanying the old man, we travelled to the cave that was quite a ways off from the village . A gate-keeper was present at the cave’s entrance .

“Well if it isn’t the sage . How are you doing today sir?”

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“I am needing to teach an extracurricular class in this cave . ”

“An extracurricular class? It’s a shame that I’m too old to be a student of his . ” said the gate-keeper as he let us pass .

“Please . While it may be unnecessary for the sage, but please take care of yourselves in there . ”

The three of us, Claire, myself, and the old man entered the cave . I’m in front, and am followed by Claire and the old man who is carrying a torch to the rear .

“Callus-kun, here… . . is it okay?” I understand Claire’s concern . In the dusky cave, I began to fell uneasy as well . This cave, I’ve never been in it before .

“Callus-kun! In front of you!” I advanced for awhile, and proceeded into an encounter . It was a short stocky little guy, who was about the size of a kindergartener .

In short, it’s a hairball with arms and legs coming out of it . It is carrying a club .

“Is that a monster?”

“Pillings are the weakest monsters in this cave . This monster has the highest population in here . There’s a chance that a job-change item will drop if you defeat it . ”

The old man has returned to teaching mode . The Pilling attacked suddenly . It rushed with incredible speed while waving its bludgeon . Claire protected the old man and lowered her body . This is bad . I’ll have to fight it . How will I do it? I have the skills . I remembered that I had them .

I vomited a gout of flame from mouth at it . The temperature in the cave increases suddenly . The Pilling flared up and struggled, but ultimately fell down to the ground before too long and stopped moving .

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“I did… . . it?” I was puzzled over exactly what I had plainly defeated . I didn’t think I’d be able to one-shot it so easily .

With this, my confidence rose . As I thought that, a scraggly sound could be heard . I turned and saw that Claire had pulled a large quantity of leaves from her pocket and began to eat .

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah……I can recover if I eat thirty leaves . ”

“30 leaves?”

“Yeah, I’ll do my best . ”

“… . . I see . ”

Said Claire as she ate the large amount of leaves with tears in her eyes . I felt a little sorry for her . We wandered through the cave and I quickly defeated any pillings that we came across . It was easy, but then I had the Dragon job .

Using the ninja skills, the shuriken were ineffective and because it took to long to defeat them with more than two shots that didn’t always hit, I tried using Stealthy Step and the Firey Escape Jitsu for easy wins . On the other hand, using the flame breath and the new skill freezing breath would take one down in a single blast .

On the other hand, Claire kept on getting injured when I tried out the ninja skills . Although she was injured, she was able to eat some leaves and heal up fairly quickly . Because I felt sorry for her, I decided to defeat pillings using only the dragon breath weapons .

Once I started doing that, it wasn’t as dangerous for her anymore . With that, we explored a great deal of the cave’s interior . Defeating pillings became an easy job .

“Callus-kun! Over there!”

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“Yeah?” Claire was pointing at the pilling that I had just turned into charcoal . In the ashes, I saw something sparkle .

“That’s it . ” said the old man . I went over and picked it up . Though it had the same shape as the club that it had carried, it was much smaller and had a silver color . While it was an ordinary sized bat before, it’s now half the size of a baseball bat . Perhaps it’s similar to the scale that I had received from the old man .

“Wilf-sama, what job does this change into?”

“Warrior . ” Though a warrior is pretty common, it is much better than a hairy caterpillar . I handed it over to Claire .

“Hey . ”

“Is, is it okay?”

“Here, you can have it . ”

“Thank you so much! Callus-kun!” I was thanked with all her might . I didn’t feel bad about it .

“By the way, if sold, the money would cover the cost of living for a single month . ”

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!? C-Callus-kun, It’s that expensive—–”

“I’m fine, you take it . ” Because I feel bad about her only being able to eat leaves to heal, I gave her the item .

“Thank you!” the more she thanked me, the better I felt .

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