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Published at 21st of June 2017 11:08:15 AM

Chapter 7


Claire was waiting for me when I arrived at the old man’s class in the morning .

“Good morning, Callus-kun!” “Morning . ”

“Callus-kun, this……” Claire holds out a square parcel with a bashful expression . It appears to be a box wrapped in cloth .

“What’s this?”
“L-lunch . ” she said with even more bashfulness .

“I made a lunchbox for you, it’s good, please eat it . ”
“Lunch . ” I looked at the bundle . It certainly does appear to be a lunchbox .

I remembered something and looked at Claire . Claire, a leaf-munching girl . At Hairy Caterpillar level 1, the leaf munching skill of her has left an impression on me . By any chance is this lunch— .

“I-it’s different?” Claire said in a loud voice . “Because it isn’t leaves!” Oh, it was said before .

“In the first place, the only reason I was using Munching was either to try to raise my level or to heal injuries . ”

“Is that so?” I decided to believe her .

I remember that smiling face that munched on leaves . I opened the parcel . This should let me know what’s inside . When the lid is opened, the contents were definitely not leaves It seems to be okay . There weren’t any…… .

“H-how is it?”

“It’s brown . ” My first impression was a very honest feedback .

The contents were deep fried meat and boiled vegetables that were seasoned . It was an experience to see that much brown colored food . I probably made too much of the munching skill, I think .

“The brown… . Is no good?”

“Uh, no?” Claire asked timidly while I shook my head .

It’s no problem . I rather like it . I loved the brown side dishes, and the amount of food is amazing . How did you manage to fit so much in here? It’s much better than a stylish lunch . I picked up a piece of fried chicken, and gave it a try .

“Yeah, it’s great . ”

“Really!?” a smile beamed on Claire’s face .

I ate it greedily, and finished it in no time at all . I closed the lid of the box, and returned it to Claire .

“Thank you for the food, it was delicious . ”

“May I make it you you again tomorrow, Callus-kun?”

“I’m looking forward to it . ” “Yeah!” [TN Note” He’s definitely raised a flag with her now . ]

     ☆  ☆  ☆

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After roll call, Dragon reached level 6 . I learned a new skill called Dragon Roar . Let’s try it out later . Just as the old man’s class ended, a knock was suddenly heard from the door . Claire and I turned around at once .

It’s a bit of a surprise, that after twelve days of classes, somebody visited the old man’s class .

“Hyes . ”

“Excuse me . ” The door opened, and a girl was standing there .

“Is this the class of the sage, Wilf-sama?” Though she was quite beautiful, and spoke in a very hot manner, she was still very polite . Claire and I looked at the old man .

“Dear me, who are you?” The two of us made a strained laugh in response to the old man’s sudden lapse into senility mode .

“I’m Charlotte, Charlotte Ada Margaret . ”

“Eh?” Is there something in that name that caused Claire to react in that manner?

“I am here to study with the sage Wilf-sama, thank you for having me . ” Charlotte lowered her head . Do you really want to enter this old man’s cram school?

“Do you wish to become a student of this cram school?” The old man revived miraculously, and the conversation was properly reestablished .

“Yes, please!”

“Class has ended for today . Please come back earlier tomorrow morning . ”

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“Thank you oh so very much!” Charlotte lowered her head again . And so we were joined by a hotblooded girl .

“Are you two the students of the sage?”

I nodded .

“Is that so? Then I am thanking you in advance senpai!”

“O-ooh . ”

“Senpai… . . ”

“By the way, my job is Villager, and my current level is 7 . ”

“Eeeeeeeeh, you’re level 7 !?” I understand Claire’s feeling . Because Charlotte is close to us in age, the fact that she’s reached level 7 is amazing .

Senpais, if it’s alright with you, could you tell me your names and levels?” She answered in an ardent manner that was a little disturbing .

“I’m Claire . I’m a level 1 Hairy Caterpillar, and a level 1 Warrior . ”

“I’m Callus . I’m a level 7 Ninja, and a level 6 Dragon . My Total level is 13 . ”

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh? Callus-kun went up again?” “It went up again . ” It was a little while ago, after roll call .

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“How did you get the legendary job of Dragon, and at level 6?! Furthermore, you also have the rare job of Ninja!” Charlotte was surprised . I remember hearing from the priest that Ninja was a rare job as well .

“As expected of senpai! As expected from a student of the sage’s cram school . ” Charlotte’s eyes sparkled .

“I will work hard to try to catch up to senpai starting tomorrow!” Charlotte kept talking at a stretch, and then left . It was as if a storm had passed through .

“Say Claire, when Charlotte introduced herself earlier, you seemed to recognise it . How do you know of her?”

“Umm… . It was when she gave her full name?” Yeah? If you say so .

Charlotte Ada Margaret . That was certainly her full name . In Japanese I feel like her name would have been something like Nozomi Kanae Tamae . It was certainly not something to say ‘Oh!’ over .

“In her case it’s different… . . ”


“Because I’ve heard that the royal family doesn’t have a surname . ”

“Eh? Royalty?” Claire’s ‘Oh’ suddenly made a lot more sense . I mean, that was a princess of the royal family? She wasn’t… . she wasn’t anything like how I expected a princess to me .

“Seventh Princess, Charlotte Ada Margaret . ” said the old man as he opened his mouth suddenly . It was tone he used when teaching and wasn’t senile . Though it really seems unbelievable…… she really was a princess . This princess… . . crashing our class and hoping to become a student . This old man, is he really that impressive?

“Grandmother, I’ve still not finished my rice . ” …… . . though it is hard to believe .

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