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Published at 21st of June 2017 11:08:15 AM

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Level 13 ~ Physical Recovery (体力回復)

TN: So, I decided to pick up a novel again . I wanted to translate this one since it has been over a year that Penguin Overlord Translation have updated this . Anyhow, feel free to comment any suggestions and mistakes . Peace .

I kept defeating Pillings together with Charlotte and Claire .

I had to follow-up Claire with my Ninja skills, but Charlotte seems to be used to fighting, so I left her as she was .

By the way, Charlotte and I both use long swords, though Claire’s is a simple one while Charlotte’s was a highly decorated one .

Her credibility as a princess rose up a bit .

「Charlotte……are you okay?」

Claire suddenly began to say such things after hitting down about 10 Pillings .

Now that I look at it, Charlotte’s complexion seem to be pale . Somehow she feels sick .

「It’s all right, this much is nothing . 」

Nope, you’re not okay at all . I can’t feel the heat she had when we first met[1] .

「What’s wrong all of a sudden?」

「Sorry, senpai . I got a bit tired . 」


「I’ve been here since yesterday, except when I went to the Wise Man’s place . 」

「All the time?」

「Yes . 」

Doesn’t she sleep? Has it always been like this? Was that the reason why she had such a high level?

「Sorry, can I take a moment to rest?」

Charlotte asks me with half-shut eyes .

I can’t continue seeing such an appearance .

「It’s okay to rest, rather, isn’t it better to go back to the tent?」

「No, I’ll be fine here……」

After saying such, Charlotte collapsed to the ground .

Or rather, she lied down . She fell down like a broken doll, but I smoothly caught her and laid her down, and used my arms as a pillow .

Perhaps I’m what you could call, a smooth guy[2]?

「Something like this, are you used to it?」

「It seems so . 」

「How child-like . Frolicking for a bit, then fall asleep all of a sudden . 」

「It certainly is childish . But what should I do? I can not leave it as it is . 」

「Should we accompany her to the tent?」

Claire asked, and I agreed .

Though the person herself said it’s alright, I’m hesitant just leaving her here .

I extended my hand, gave her a piggyback ride, and took her outside .


Charlotte’s eyes opened suddenly . Widely opened, she looked at my direction .

「Good morning! Senpai!」


「I was able to sleep soundly thanks to you . Now I’m full of energy!」

「Slept soundly……didn’t you sleep for only a moment?」

Claire was surprised . Makes sense, as only 3 minutes had passed .

There’s a limit to being a short sleeper .

「Are you sure you’re okay?」

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「Yes! I’m alright!」

Charlotte made a victory pose, full of vigor .

Even without the pose, she is completely different than before . Her heat is clearly back[3] .

Did you really recover? In that three minute sleep?

「Was that a villager’s skill?」

「No, this is like my special constitution . A villager’s skills is really just being a villager . 」

「A villager? For example?」

「Villager Level 1 makes it easy to know the name of the village no matter where you go . If a person travelling with me asks, 『Where are we?』, even if do not know, my mouth will just answer it . 」

「On it’s own?」

「Yes . Here is village of such and such . 」

……Is that so, a villager indeed .

「There are many other things, but now I’m aiming for Level 10 . When you reach Level 10, it seems that even rumors will be understood in that village . Things that you’re embarrassed with, it seems that you can even secrets strangers can’t talk about . 」

「Oi oi, the villagers are actually pretty powerful, aren’t they?」

I was thinking it was shabby because of the name, but it does not seem to be so .

「But it’s not useful at all in caves or outdoors . Because it’s a villager!」

Charlotte emphasizes . Though the contents may not be amusing, she clenches her fist to brag[4] .

Definitely fired up .

Anyway, since Charlotte recovered, we resumed hunting the Pillings .

Inside a narrow cave, together with my companions .

Since I can’t use Dragon’s Breath (ドラゴンの息) System Skill can’t be used, I was devoted to supporting with my Ninja Skills .

「Senpai, is that leaf delicious?」

「Tasty! Because I’m only eating this because of my occupation Hairy Caterpillar!」

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「Is that so? Can I have one……*pe* *pe*[5], it has a terribly unpleasant taste unlike what you said senpai!」

「……I did not say it had an unpleasant taste . 」

Somewhat, it was unexpectedly fun .

I enjoyed watching them talk while supporting them .

I was glad to be relied upon .

「Thank you, senpai! Thanks to senpai, it was three times easier than usual!」

「Me, too . I might not have been able to do anything if Callus-kun wasn’t there . 」

I was flattered and got conceited .

Therefore, I let my guard down .

Then all of a sudden, Pillings appeared .

There are four of them, too . It was the most that had gathered so far .


Claire is suddenly knocked off her feet, and was flung back against the wall .

Then, the four of them attacked Charlotte at once .

I took out a shuriken for protection and threw it .

But the numbers were too many, the damage was dispersed and it was not enough to knock them down .

Charlotte is having a hard fight . She stopped an incoming blow with her sword, but the head, the arm, and the foot were hit simultaneously .

She drew back and knelt on the ground .

I must help her .

Breathing in ー I roared!

I used the Dragon’s Roar (龍の咆哮) .

The roar rumbles the ground and stops the movement of the hairballs .

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「Charlotte, can you move?」


「Then get away immediately!」


Charlotte obediently withdrew as she was told .

I swept away the the hairballs who were still standing upright on the spot with Flame Breath (火炎の息) .


「Thank you, Callus-kun . 」

「That’s senpai for you! He defeated four in an instant!」

「That’s good . More importantly, are you both okay?」

「Yes, I was only struck for a moment . 」

「I’m okay, too! See ー aitatata[6] . 」

Charlotte was going to do a guts pose, but the part that was hit earlier still hurt .

「Don’t overdo it . That’s it for today . 」

「It’s okay! If I just sleep this, it’ll be cured . 」


「I’ll be sleeping for a while!」

Charlotte says so, and her arm, which was also used as a pillow, was laid to the ground to recover, then fell asleep .

Meanwhile, Claire began to take out leaves and munch on it for recovery .

Such things are happening around me .

……well, it should be fine .

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