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Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Thoroughly Offended

Elder Jing secretly thought to himself that it was time he arrange several blind dates for Jing Hao . The woman not only should be able to support, she should also be someone who wouldn’t embarrass him in front of others .

But dealing with this matter can be postponed for later . The most urgent task right now is to compensate Mu Mingcheng for their faults and to obtain his forgiveness .

Elder Jing said a few words to disperse the crowd . As the most senior person in the event, people listened to his words and were polite to him .

Not everyone was able to witness the joke that just happened between the Jings and Mu Mingcheng . The onlookers dispersed one after the other and continued to converse with their business associates and friends .

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The banquet was heated and noisey, but people’s eyes would dart to that one spot consciously or inadvertently .

Once the crowd had dispersed, Master Jing ordered the waiter to bring a few more drinks . He held up his glass and said with a smile, “Mr . Mu, my grandson’s eyes don’t know the height of Mount Tai, and had offended you . Please consider this elder’s reputation and forgive him this one time . ”

After saying so, the elder winked at Jing Hao, signaling him to give a toast of apology .


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Master Jing thought: ‘Everyone says that Mu Mingcheng is a benevolent man, but who knows whether it’s true or just a pretense . ’ Still, this old man in his seventies was taking the initiative to ask for his forgiveness under the public eye . If Mu Mingcheng wants to maintain his reputation, he must accept this cup of wine . Whether his benevolence is true or not will be exposed by his acceptance .

But after some time, Jing Hao still didn’t move . The old man turned and glared at Jing Hao coldly .

Jing Hao was raised by this elder since childhood . The two of them had tacit understanding, so he perfectly understood the meaning within the old man’s stare .

However, Jing Hao had always been a proud young master . Ever since he took over the Jing company, he became even more arrogant . Others can only apologize to him, so why should he bow to another person?

Right now, having him apologize to another man his age left a bad taste in his mouth; it would be humiliating .

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Jing Hao pursed his lips . Under the threatening gaze of his elder, he finally had to suppress his pride .


He grabbed a wine cup from the waiter’s tray and walked up to Mu Mingcheng with some effort . Jing Hao calmly said, “Mr . Mu, I wasn’t able to recognize you earlier . It was disrespectful of me . ”

It was obvious to see how uncomfortable he felt, and he had to apologize because of his lower identity .

Gu Jin raised a brow when she noticed the blue veins bulging on the back of Jing Hao’s hand . Power was indeed a desirable thing; no wonder so many people were attracted to it .

“I dare not accept it,” Mu Mingcheng replied without a glance at Jing Hao . His eyes turned to the glass of wine offered to him and calmly said with a smile, “If you want to make amends, you might as well say it to my girlfriend . ”

He turned to Gu Jin with a deep, gentle gaze and said, “My girlfriend is also used to being spoiled . She shouldn’t serve others nor follow them around . ”

Gu Jin tilted her head and stared at Jing Hao’s dark expression . She pushed back the impulse to massage her brows in exasperation, and instead, took a deep breath and smiled back at him .

She sighed to herself internally . Now that she had thoroughly offended the male protagonist, just let the storm come more fiercely .