Chapter 7.2

Chapter 7 part 2, start!

“Scene S20, take one, start!”

The clapperboard was sounded, and the next scene began. The protagonist and Nana embraced, and, then, Nana separated from him and handed him the old smartphone.

He operated the smartphone with trembling hands, and he pressed send. The protagonist looked at Nana who was smiling quietly.

The sun slowly sinks as they stared at each other. Twilight. Nana’s face that was dyed by the sunset orange turned dark violet.

“See you again, papa.”


“If papa and mama get married, we can meet again.”

“…That… No. See you again.”

The protagonist relaxed his face that was distorted from crying, and smiled while still shedding tears. Even if he marries the heroine, the possibility that the same child will be born is virtually zero. Yes, they both understood that they were words of farewell.

…Wait, these lines weren’t in the script. An ad-lib? I didn’t hear a cut from the director, so I guess it’ll continue as is.

The protagonist sent the mail.

If I wait for a few seconds, it’ll become a cut, and the next scene will be without Nana as the CG will process Nana disappearing into particles of light.

And, Nana disappears… Although it looks like she’s not there, it’s just her presence completely not existing…… Eh, what’s happening?


The protagonist reached out to Nana and called out her name. At the moment when the sun gave off its last shine, Nana swayed unnaturally. The sway ended, like a mirage, Nana disappeared. The protagonist’s hand that was stretched out reached to the sky.

Na-Nana disappeared…?

“Kuu… Himari… Himariiiiii!!”

On the roof, covered in the darkness of twilight, the protagonist fell to his knees, broke into tears, and cried.

I suppressed my voice as hard as I could. He could continue acting even if the person actually disappeared before his eyes… What a fierce actor’s soul.

Nana didn’t say anything. She learned such a thing from her Shindou teacher.

The lamentation of the protagonist continued for a while continued for a little while.


“Start the cheeck!”

The director did the cut and started the check. As the scene needs a moment when the sun sets, if it’s NG, (1) this will have to be taken the next day, but it should be okay…?

“How is it?”

“It was awesome! But, how did you disappear?”

When the director and Nana talked, I also looked at the monitor. Even though Nana’s presence becomes thinner, it looks like she isn’t there at all. A lens flare occurred at that time, and, when Nana suddenly swayed, she disappeared hazily.

When the director rewound the scene in slow motion, it was shown that Nana jumped in the blink of an eye under the cover of the lens flare. We finally understood what happened by looking at it frame-by-frame.

“Well, since it’s only in a few frames, it’s a simple process to delete.”

“Then, okay! Nana-chan’s over with this, she’s tired.”

“Okaay! Withdraw and head to the next site!”

After the CG staff answered, an OK came out. Instructions for withdrawal were instructed quickly, and the staff got busy getting the site clean.

The next shooting will only be with the protagonist; the shooting of the last scene. Since the world line came back, it became possible to time leap, so it’ll be a scene that’ll tell the watchers of the past.

Anyways, when she actually disappeared during the performance, I think that everyone’s reaction was too light.

Thinking about it, the staff here is the same staff in the movie, “Akane.” (1)

That’s the movie with the ninjas. The setting was that the children from the same village would fight and the one who won would become an official shinobi. “For now, I want to see how much I can do,” said Nana as she jumped from tree to tree with Kuroya.

“As expected, children’s bodies move well. So, are you going to go?” the director said that without meaning anything, but the children’s teacher really stopped appearing the next day.

Because of that, there was no CG, and, when the children grew, people said things like, “The CG was better in childhood,” and, “Isn’t the wire completely visible?”

Since then, they shot several things together, so they had a lot of practice. Practice is scary.

“Ah, Nana-chaan. After today’s last scene, I’ll launch a crank up (2), want to join?”

A voice from the director told us that just when we went to return. Nana might be okay with that, but Natsumi-san told us to get back early.

“…I’ll ask Natsumi.”

“Yay! Thanks, Shinosaki-san♪”

“If it’s not good, then give up.”

When I contacted Natsumi-san, she allowed us to stay as long as we’re back by 22 o’clock.

Since the mansion is 30 minutes from here, I wonder if we’ll even do anything. Well, there’s meaning to it even if you only show your face.

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