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Chapter 17

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The next morning. I decided to have some armor made because the behemoth scales were supposed to be very durable. I’ve put the scales up for that purpose. According to the uncle at the armor shop, it should be ready in ten days.

Because I was able to, I paid for the entire thing in advance and left the shop.

“Shall we go to the adventurer’s guild, then? We could look for a new quest there.” Therefore, we went to the town’s branch of the adventurer’s guild. There’s a limit to quests by rank on the bulletin board, and because there’s more people looking, there weren’t that many quests to be taken.

“Perhaps you could find a good quest if you found someone to ask.” Saying that, Rifua walked into the guildhall to be followed by Quina and myself.

We located an empty counter and talked with the lady there. Her nametag on her chest reads [Anaya].

“Are there any ‘G’ rank quests available at this time….?”

“Mister Kazami, Your rank will increase with the number of successful achievements, is there a problem with that? After 14 successful quests, your rank will go up to ‘F’.”

In order to increase one’s ranking, they have to have two successful achievements. Simple and easy quests just won’t cut it.

For me, the pattern goes in the opposite direction. The Adventurer’s reliability is reliant on the number of successful quests they have completed. In order to gain confidence, the adventurer’s guild increases the number of people needed to complete the quests by difficulty and ranking. Therefore, the lower rank the quest is, the fewer adventurers are needed to complete it.

“Fourteen times…… that’s quite a lot……” “Here’s a ‘missing housecat’ quest, and doesn’t have a rank limit as well……. That is something, but I’d rather do something flashier and make more gold that way.

“Excuse me…….., but is there anything else?” “Well, here’s a ‘Five Types of Medicinal Herbs Collection’ quest that came in a while ago.” This is getting complicated.

“I recently defeated that behemoth, does that take anything into consideration?”


“Please take into consideration that we assign quests based on adventurer rank and degree of difficulty. We can’t be giving special treatment in favor of treating everyone equally.” So you’re saying you won’t help me……

“As to the extent of what methods the guild uses to accommodate the ease in increasing the frequency of successful achievements, here is what this office suggests you do.”

“It’s hopeless, because Jinta’s too shy to join someone else’s clan.” “Th-that’s another thing entirely…..”

“Poor, lonely master.” “Stop calling me strange names!”

In denial about crying sour grapes, but yeah, I am kinda wary of strangers……. How was Rifua aware of that? Oh right, she read my records in the afterlife office before my reincarnation.

“I’m interested in a quest involving fighting. Is there anything of that sort available?” And so Anaya went looking through her files to find a request form.

“How about this, a ‘goblin subjugation’?”


[F Rank Goblin Subjugation]

Location: Levon Plains

Success Condition: Subjugation of 20 more goblins on the Levon Plains within 10 days, and certification of their crystal cores.

Condition: Minimum of two ‘G’ rank adventurers required.

Sponsor: Roguro Trading Company

Reward: 50,000 rin

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“Here’s a request from this town’s commercial guild. There have been incidents of of goblin attacks during the transportation of goods, and they are troubled by the damages.” Oh. A proper quest for an adventurer has been found. The reward is 50,000 rin, which is good. But…. two or more people…..?

“Sorry, but I was looking for a solo quest.” “Oh, so your companions are not adventurers? I’m sorry about that.”

“Out of great gratitude for Jinta, then Quina, his slave/bride could also be an adventurer?” “Good? That’s actually helpful.”

“My pleasure. Leaving Rifua aside, the two of us could easily complete this quest.” “I-I also want to be an adventurer.”

“Rifua, you should quite while you’re ahead. Your stats are too low.” “But with your help I can improve! Besides, I don’t trust Quina to be alone with Jinta.”

Said Rifua in a low voice. Quina looked on with a stunned expression.

“Let’s get registered for whatever reason, Rifua-san.” The two of the registered to be adventurers like I did before, and received a registration document. Naturally, their rank is ‘G’. I was able to meet the minimum requirements of the goblin subjugation quest with this.

We decided to accept the quest at a later time, and left the adventurer’s guild.

“Rifua, will you be alright? You’ve lost most of your divine power.” I don’t want her doing anything expressly dangerous if she doesn’t have to.

“That’s true, but…..” by accident, Quina looked at Rifua.

“Rifua-san? I’m not burning out of any sense of rivalry with you, but, can you actually fight? Honestly, you don’t appear to have any ability in fighting or magical arts.” To Quina, Rifua looked like a rank amateur.

“T-to be able to fight, I can do it!” “Fighting isn’t child’s play, you know….”

“Now now Quina, we can follow through for her.” “Jinta, you’re being to soft and gentle with Rifua.”

“H-hey, don’t say that!” “But if Jinta-sama says so, I won’t argue any further.” “I-I’ll get stronger and won’t drag you down!”

“—- alright, let’s start getting ready.” “Preparations? Even though I’m fine as is, preparations are fine with me.”

“It isn’t preparations for Jinta and I, but rather for you, Rifua.”

Will the levelling of Rifua start at last or…..!?

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