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Chapter 24

「Where is it headed?」 (Quina)

Quina said, looking at the Goblin 20m ahead .

「I wonder if it’s the Goblin’s country……」 (Reefa)

「What’s with that maiden-like kind of expectation?」 (Jinta)

「S, shut up . It’s not maiden-like or something like that . 」 (Reefa)

Having a great deal of temper, the Goblin does not look back and continues to move its short legs .

「Gigi, gigi」 (Goblin)

As the Goblin sees the forest at the end, it began to ran even faster .

「Could it be, that their lair is over there?」 (Jinta)

「The Goblin itself can live anywhere, unless there was some kind of special circumstances……so there is that possibility . Particularly, the forest doesn’t have a name, and there are not that many people passing along this highway since nobody likes to approach it, hence, a lot of demons reside there . 」 (Quina)

「So, they might have made a nest there . 」 (Jinta)

It is quite far away from the town . While searching yesterday for about 2 hours, I can agree to that, I didn’t try to bother searching here at all .

The Goblin went into the forest without hesitation .

I felt a completely different impression as to when I visited Quina’s hometown, the Forest of Lake Elm . The forest was densely thick and dim, and was also slightly creepy even though it’s still daytime .

The Goblin was stomping on the weeds, there was no way that a road has been prepared for easy walking .

The visibility was getting bad, and I can’t see the Goblin’s back anymore .

「It seems a little spooky……」 (Reefa)

「I agree……」 (Quina)

Reefa and Quina murmured, looking at the appearance of the forest .

I was in the lead, and I led them through the trackless path .

「I wish I should’ve brought a bentou . 」 (Jinta)

「Why is Jinta in a picnic-like mood……」 (Reefa)

「No, it’s bad if you get hungry on the way, right?」 (Jinta)

GAUGAU……」 (Hicchan)

『I’m hungry, too!』, is probably what she said .

I took Paingo from the Item Box, and


Hicchan let out a cheerful voice .

「How easygoing……」 (Reefa?)

To begin with, I don’t how big the nest is . Because it’s in a forest, it will probably not end in just 10 to 20 bodies .

「Reefa, how big is this place?」 (Jinta)

「Let’s see……I think it’s approximately the size of a small village」 (Reefa)

「If that’s the case, if we are to come across something unlikely, we can just go back to prepare and investigate again . 」 (Quina)

「Is that so, we should do that . If we know where the nest is, we can go back anytime . 」 (Jinta)

The quest period was set to 10 days, and only 4 more was needed to be hunted . It should be finished soon .

A road that was blocked by trees from left to right continued for a while . It got cut off soon, and led to an open clearing .

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There, multiple Goblins were gathered .

「「「Gya, gyagya!」」」 (Goblins)

Noticing us, they prepared their small swords .

Ah . These fellows were stronger than the ones in the plains!

Race : Goblin (Elite)
Strength :47
Intelligence :8
Endurance :44
Speed :21
Luck :11

What’s more, these guys were bigger than the ordinary ones . The one who we were chasing was only about a knee tall, but these guys are at least a waist tall .

To make matters worse, they were wearing armor . Although they were only to a certain extent . The one who is not equipped with anything is no doubt the one we tracked .

There are 6 of them all .

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I pulled out the Demon Flame Sword (魔焔剣) .

「Reefa, support us in the rear . If someone is injured, heal them . 」 (Jinta)

「Un! I understand!」 (Reefa)

「Quina, I request you to be Reefa’s support . 」 (Jinta)

「I understand!」 (Quina)

GAU? GAU?」 (Hicchan)

「For Hicchan……let’s see……I particularly don’t have any instructions . 」 (Jinta)

GARUU……」 (Hicchan)

Don’t be so down that much . It would be enough for Hicchan if she moved freely .

「「「Gi, gyagya! Gyagi!」」」 (Goblin)

A Goblin was approaching with a sword in it’s hand .

Kyuun! An arrow of wind pierces through the first Goblin .

Subsequently, I cut into it .

Slashing from the eye and then down, the second blow throws the Goblin downーaah, they’re too slow!

「【Embers (Kaijin, 【灰燼)】!」

A jet-black flame was clinging to the sword, and I saw that the Goblins were frozen in fright .

A chanceー

I mowed the sword to the nearby Goblins, blowing them far away in an instant . Consequently, dozens of trees were also cut in the vicinity .

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Zuuun, the trees fell, and the ground shook for a moment .

I think, I should practice going easy on someone a bit more……anyway, the Goblins who were blown seemed to be defeated, none of them was moving .

「W, ,w, w, wーwhat is with that technique……」 (Reefa)

「I, am a bit scared……」 (Quina)

When turned towards the voices, they pointed at the sword .

「Ah . That’s right, it was the first I was showing that properly . 」 (Jinta)

The thundering black flames were still raging brightly .

The two took a distance from, rather than the sword .

GAUGAU~♪」 (Hicchan)

『As expected from my master!』, is what I think she’s trying to say . She looks happy somehow .

「The Goblins were cut into two, weren’t they……」 (Reefa)

「Ah, that’s right . 」 (Jinta)

「What’s with matter-of-factly remark……」 (Quina)

「Because originally, even the ground will be split . 」 (Jinta)

「「Eeeeeh?!」」 (Reefa and Quina)

「Don’t shout too much . Enemies may come out again . 」 (Jinta)

By the way, it seems that if there is a strong Goblin, it has to be in the nest after all .