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Chapter 3


I walked over to the entrance of the shop. A sign listing the premiums was set just inside the doorway.

The names listed here seem to be unusual tools or items with strong names and a notation of their rarity. Then, could this be a gacha shop?

“Rifua, is once okay with you?” “No!! Also, it costs 1,000 Rin to play!? and it’s fixed so that it’s hard to get a good item.”

“But there’s a chance that something good will come out, yes?” “I guess. But it would be an extremely rare chance to do so.”

Looking around inside, I can see that the clientele are young and old alike. Fidgeting, I reached for my wallet while wishing to make sure.

The lottery device was not unlike the well-known hand-cranked capsule toy machines from Japan, in which it held a number of capsules simultaneously.

“You can do it once, and only once. Ok?” “Then… I’ll just do it one time only.”

I entered the shop and waited in line. Three people at the head of the line handed their money to the shopgirl in order to gain tokens to turn the cranks.

“Stop you! That’s this month’s living expenses–”

With a shrill voice and appearance, there’s too much about the woman who complained at the man in tears.

“Oh come on! I’ll absolutely leave after one more turn!”

The shopgirl smiles while watching the fierce exchange.

The man gave the money to the shopgirl and turned a crank. Turn turn turn—-

The man walked out with 33 capsules in total. He confirmed the contents of the last capsule, and bowed his head in preparation of ‘orz’. (TN Note: That guy is getting ready to apologise on his hands and knees.)

“In this world, Gacha is a scary thing…….”

You feel like seeing a sea of gatcha. It is almost my turn. I rub my hands together to warm them up.

There is a person who makes a triumphant pose, and does ‘orz’, and people becoming absentminded appear one after another. This Gacha shop is full of pandemonium.
My turn finally arrived at last. I pulled my walled out of the item box, and pulled out a 1,000 rin bill and handed it over.

“What do you want to know?” “Would be alright to turn it 11 times with 10,000 rin?”

The shopgirl went to find out. Will I actually have to spend 10,000 rin?

I felt something behind me, and Rifua grunted with a garururururu.

“You promised! You said you’d only do it one time.”

We really don’t know what’s going on here, and I shouldn’t waste any money today.

I handed over 1,000 rin, and gripped the handle of the gacha.

“Please.” “……Let it be good!”

I turned the handle clockwise. GOTON—- a capsule fell out.

I swallowed my saliva and opened the capsule, which had a rainbow colored stone inside.

Wait, what? Is this even a prize?

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The entirety of the Gacha shop made a stir.

“Eh. what, what? What is is it?” “You hit the jackpot, bro!” The old man from before clapped my shoulder.

“I…did it? Just what exactly did I do? What do you mean…..?”

The man pointed with his thumb at the sign with the premium list. Rainbow color….. ….rainbow color…. There, at the top?

Rainbow Color Stone: Grand Prize, magic flame sword Laevateinn


I did it! It looks like I was successful and got a sword!

Eyes filled with mixed envy and jealousy are directed towards me who has just drawn the grand prize.

“–– Fuuu. Fuhahahahahaha! How much did you spend, eh, eh?”

“How much did you spend to get that grand prize? We really wanna know– for reference.”

“How much did you spend to get that grand prize? We really wanna know– for reference.”(TN Note: This is actually repeated in the raw for some reason.)

Rifua jumps outside the group with an expectant face.

“What did you win?” “I got the grand prize!” “Liar! Awesome! Jinta is amazing!”

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The source of the sound is the smiling shopgirl. That… Did you just click your tongue at me?

“Customer, please come this way. I will award the premium there.”

I followed the shopgirl, who walked away and entered the backroom. In an office-like room, she took a sword out of a black case.

“You can equip or sell it. Ownership of this sword has been transferred to you.”

I received a sword wrapped in a dark red sheath. Just gripping it by the handle a noticeable heat can be felt.

“Thank you.” “….Please note that any troubles after leaving this [Item Gambling Shop] are not our concern. Thank you for your understanding.”

“Trouble?” “Yes. Or stolen prizes focusing on it. Especially many people trying this time, there are many thieves aiming for this gacha. Please be alert.”

There are those who might come to take it by force….?

Accompanying the shopgirl, I passed through an underground passage out of the Gacha shop. The reason I make this detour is that there would be a lot of trouble had I exited from the main entrance.
“Please exit this way.”Thanks to this Flame Sword, my stats have considerably improved. Truly an awesome sword.Fuu, I’ll have to be prepared against would-be killers. Danger could come from anywhere.

I rejoin Rifua who was waiting just inside the shop, and walk the town aimlessly.

“Jinta. What do you plan on doing with that? We could easily make a hundred million rin from selling it.”

[SSSR Magic Flame Sword– Laeveteinn] One of a pair of magic swords that burnt a demon god to death.

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HP: +4000 MP: +3000 Strength: +2000 Intelligence: +1500

Skill: [Black Flame Dark Filament] 1/10 MP Cost – (A kind of lost magic. Small blasts of magical fire able to strike from a long range. Power will increase with MP consumption)

I could sell this for 100,000,000 rin, and I begin to shake. But doing so would be a waste.

“Because it’s my money, I’ve decided to manage it.” “I wonder if Jinta can handle it….” “What’s so difficult about this sword?”

“Because it’s a very famous sword that a hero used a long time ago. Most are unable to use it, and it winds up being resold a lot.”

“Sword— of a hero?” “Yes. Though because it isn’t usable anyway, you should sell it.” “I haven’t decided to sell it yet.”

Well, if I can’t use it, I can always sell it at a later date. Let’s think about what to do with a sword in the meantime.

“I looked at its status, and it was labelled as [SSSR].”
“Well, it’s an indicator of how rare it is.”

Rifua says that the rarity scale, from highest to lowest goes like this, [SSSR], [SSR], [SR], [R], [N]. This seems to be the ranking scale for items.

“It’s like I’m in a smartphone game.” “That’s an easy to understand game, right?” “Yep.

“You see, the [R] is the best, but [SSSR], ultra rare? Those are super rares, and come in single, double, and triple.” “Ah, I have an extremely rare item. What does the 1/10 numerical value mean??”

“Ah, that’s the skill’s proficiency. It can level all the way up to MAX. When that happens, the skill can be used without the weapon.” “I see. Understood.”

We walked around until we found an affordable inn, and decided to stay there.