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Chapter 5


“Jinta, I want to help you!”                                

“……Alright then . Just sit down then . Everyone’s watching us . ”

Is what I told Rifua when she suddenly stood up at breakfast and made that announcement .

Everyone, I’m sorry for the disturbance to your morning meal .

“Help me with what, pray tell?”

Is it possible… . that she wants to become the first member of my harem!?

“I want to assist you with your adventuring, is that alright?”

“Oh, I guess that’s fine . ”


Both Rifua and I drift in and out of awareness, by getting up and lying down again .

Rifua’s information is quite useful . In addition, learning it from such a pretty gal is a bonus . I’m perfectly happy to have her assistance .

“Please, give me your hand . I want to thank you!”

Rifua tightly grasped my proffered hand .

“Yes, thank you . ”

Even though it’s just a handshake, because I’m holding a girl’s hand, it’s still kind of embarrassing .

When we finished our breakfast and checked out of the inn, we decided to head to the curio dealer .

“Oh, we’re selling a crystal core? When did you defeat a monster?”                                

“Oh, last night when I went out for a little bit . Remember that behemoth we saw on the way to town?”    

“There? A behemoth? Jinta by his lonesome?”                                                                

“Yes . ”                                                                          

“Again with the lies . It’s impossible for you to beat something of that size . ”          

“Whoops . ”

I pull a tusk and a scale out of the item box .

“I’mnot lyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyying!?”

Rifua was so astonished that she fell onto her back .

That’s quite the reaction .

“Remember the sword I won at the Gatcha store yesterday? I shot the dragon with it . ”                                                                

“Okay, this is the genuine article . But something that big? That’s incredible, but did you really defeat the behemoth?”

“Hey, I’m not lying here . I used one of the sword’s skills on it . Seriously”                        

“Seriously? I can understand knocking down, but burning it? That’s a little farfetched . ”

It’s not a lie— In fact, I couldn’t have done it without the sword .

Even if it was me, I couldn’t have defeated a behemoth on my own . It does appear that from an outside viewpoint that I am awesome… . . Am I?…… No, I can’t be .

We arrived at the same dealer as yesterday .

Inside the shop are a variety of medicines and various goods . Daily necessities are displayed on shelves around the room .

“Thank you for coming . ”

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I return a simple nod to the storekeeper sitting behind the counter .

She has pierced ears and shortish hair . Though it’s hard to tell, I think that this is a rather mannish-looking woman .

“Excuse me, Ma’am, but I have some things to sell . Would you care to look at them?”                                                                       

“Is that so? Then, by all means, show me . ”

I take out the set of behemoth drops from the item box and set them on the counter .

“Where did you pull these from?”                 

“Eh? Oh that, it’s a sort of magic . ”

“It’s a very convenient magic, then . –– Are these the scales of the rumored behemoth?”

There was a rumor?

Since we came to this world yesterday, we would not have known . I did hear the story of the group that failed to subjugate it, however .

“What rumors? The two us have only arrived in this town yesterday . ”

“Oh my, is that so? …… . Where was the behemoth?”

“It was in the plain just outside of the gates of town . ”

“You mean, you didn’t accept the quest? I didn’t think that the two of you were the adventuring types, but I thought you would have heard about that . ”

Is that so?

“I was aware of it . Wasn’t it the quest in the higher SS tier?”                                                

……Are you serious? To have it be such a huge monster, and that it was so strong as to have a fearful atmosphere about it as well .

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“Does this mean I should turn in the quest for this instead of selling it? … . even though I hadn’t technically accepted the quest in the first place?”

“Yes . ”

“Don’t you think so? A quest that requires forty adventurers to undertake it . ”


40 people……?

Well there were certainly that many people fighting it when we saw the behemoth for the first time yesterday .

“Go ahead and take it to the Adventurer’s Guild for more elabouration”                               “That makes sense . Anyway, I’d like to buy some clothes . ”

“Oh my . Here, take a look at this selection of high quality items . ”                                            “Not too high . How about some Yu** Cloth–”

Oh wait . That brand doesn’t exist in this world . I’d forgotten where I was for a moment .

“That’s not a good choice, to choose Yu** clothes . ”

Of course it is!

“Jinta, Since when are you aware of clothes in an alternate universe?”

Yes? Unive… . ? Wait, what?

“Recently a certain clothing guild became famous for clothing with partially omitted names . ”

In this world there are uni–*?The Shopkeeper said something, and went into the back of the shop, where they collected several items .

“I wonder if it’ll be alright? She didn’t seem to be too pleased . ”                                                     “No, Rifua! I think I messed up… . ”

Are you looking at me like that? I’m so embarrassed .

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When the recommended clothing is brought to me, I went and tried them on in the changing room . The fit was just right .

There’s a jacket and a collared shirt . Below that is boot cut jeans fitting into boots . It’s informal, and comfortable on the shoulders and legs . The belt is pretty useful, as I can hang the sword on it .

I’m not sure how good I look . Originally I really didn’t have any interest in fashion . The price was 12,000 rin . Jacket, shirt, trousers, and shoes, this is rather inexpensive by my experience .

As I was purchasing the clothes, Rifua who had been wandering about the shop returned .

“Are you going to be much longer?”                    “No, I don’t think I took more than ten minutes . ”

Once again I was face to face with Rifua .

Are these clothes that strange… . ?

“What’s the matter? Are you okay?”

“Oh what’s that, Cool! How subtle–!”

I would like a response I thought . Rifua looked down at me, and then away as she were much smaller than she actually was .

“………… . . , It looks good on you . Really nice……”

Though it was said in a very low voice, I still managed to hear it .

Oh please stop! I’m not used to being called cool or nice .

Is that shopkeeper smirking while watching us? Hey, stop with that warm look!

“Hey— It’s nice to be young . And since you showed us some good things, I’ll lower the price down to 10,000 rin . ”

I don’t understand, but why not? It’s good because I got a discount .

“Are writing these absolutely necessary?” asked the lady as she wrote up certification for the set of Behemoth parts .

After converting the crystal core to cash, I thanked the lady, and we left the store .