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Published at 30th of October 2019 05:30:07 PM

Chapter 336: 336

Mile Chapter 336: Earth-Dragon Subjugation 3

(T . N: Look like I make a mistake last chapter . The name of the dragon is a little different . It should be “Soil-Dragon” instead of “Earth-Dragon”, MTL gave the same word “Earth-Dragon” results, but as I check the Kanji it was different . I already fixed the last chapter as well)

Zun! (SFX)

“Mithril’s Roar” and Mile’s group were stunned looking at the arm of the Soil-Dragon swung down at the children .

…and Maevis, who block the Soil-Dragon’s arm with her left arm .


Maevis tells the children while blocking the Soil-Dragon .

『……Do you know it?
As long as hot blood is flowing through the hunter’s body, I’m invincible!

With a loud cry, Maevis put back the Soil-Dragon’s arm and draw out her sword .

『True Godspeed Sword!』(Maevis)

Doshu~! (SFX)

Don~! (SFX)

Gusari~! (SFX)

Maevis cut the lower abdomen of the Soil-Dragon into the “number 1” horizontal letter due to the difference in height .

T . N:

Immediately after that, Rena’s Fireball and Pauline’s Icicle Javelin flew at the Soil-Dragon .

Although Maevis’ cut makes the internal organs protrude from the lower abdomen, the magic attacks seem to be less effective (it’s not very effective) .

Because it’s the magic that skips cast time for an emergency, it cannot be helped .

However, thanks to that, the vanguards of 『Mithril’s Roar』could rush in and dragged their children out .

Yes, that attack was successful enough to achieve its purpose .

『Why… why …』(Mile)

It’s against the laws of physics .

Nanomachines then spoke to the stunned Mile by directly vibrating the eardrum .

『…Well, we don’t even need 10 seconds to make such an average prosthesis, you know?』(Nano)

Instead of explaining, it seems like they just want to brag about it .

『Inertial neutralization device (inertial canceller), kinetic energy phase transition system, energy subspace diffusion system, lastly Maevis-sama’s whole body strengthening and articulation subsystem …』(Nano)

(I don’t want to hear!) (Mile)

The angry Soil-Dragon tried to attack everyone, but “Mithril’s Roar” and “Red Oath” have evacuated the children to the back and recovered from confusion . They attacked all at once .

『I can’t let it end without a turn! Uoooooooh!』(Glen)

『Ice Spear!』(Magicians)

『Ice javelin!』(Pauline)

『Ice Arrow!』(Rena)

『Death Blow, God Slaying Slash!』(Maevis)

Unlike Mile who is busy talking with Nano, Glen and three magicians of Mythril’s Roar started attacking .
Rena, Pauline, and Maevis also attacked again .

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The reason why ice attacks are common is to prevent the material value from deteriorating by not damaging the fur .

…Rena’s fireball just fore was inevitable . Because it was to protect Maevis and the children, it was natural to use the magic she is best at, and that much scorch is acceptable .

In the first place, there is no such thing as intact skin . Especially in the case of dragon species, they cannot be defeated with no damage to the skin .

After evacuating the children, the other two vanguards of Mythril’s Roar came back in a hurry, but the Soil-Dragon had already fallen to the ground . They shrugged their shoulders .

Mile also had a sad face looking at it .

(Ah~, I wanted to participate with at least one slash, because it’s a rare dragon species subjugation…) (Mile)


『The information is wrong!』(Rena)

After that, Mile stored the Soil-Dragon in the item box and prepared for the camp . And, as usual, the meal prepared by Mile’s group and everyone held today’s reflection meeting .

Apparently, Mithril’s Roar knew about the Mile’s Item Box .

…Glen was really surprised when Mile put the Soil-Dragon in her storage and pulled out a large tent, but then he was just “Well, it’s you after all…”

And now, Rena is trying to make a claim to the guild about the trap of the request .

『The witness was a villager who had never seen a dragon species .
Even if he should report as “a big lizard has come out of the ground”, he usually judged it as an Earth Dragon .
There are almost no examples of Earth Dragons (picture?) reaching the village after all .
…Well, it’s just a mistake』(Glen)

Glen explained so . But because they heard that it was an Earth Dragon, they didn’t expect to be ambushed . If they did it badly, they may have been annihilated .

『Speaking of that, back then, at the excavation site of the beastkin, when we first saw an Ancient Dragon came out of the underground, Rena also said that he was an “Earth Dragon” until he spoke…』(Mile)

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There was certainly such a thing . Rena remembered that and became silent .

『Although it wasn’t unreasonable in this case, there was certainly a deficiency in the content of the request, which was a mistake in the target of subjugation .
That’s why we were in a pretty crazy situation .
On the other hand, even though the danger of a surprise attack was great, the fighting power of the Soil-Dragon was much lower than the Earth-Dragon .
Soil-Dragon can’t be compared with the Earth-Dragon, neither attack power nor defense power .
So, although the target of subjugation was inferior, the request fee will remain the same .
If we sue them, we might get compensation . But the guild branch didn’t intend to trick us .
The witness villager, the lord who asked the guild for this request, and the guild member who arranged this request, weren’t all negligent or malicious .
…How’s about we let it go (forgive them)?』(Glen)

“Mithril’s Roar” is in the middle of “Thank-giving-trip”, they aren’t thinking about making money . They don’t mind forgive the guild . And “Red Oath” isn’t troubled with money, they are in the middle of a journey to train and spread their names . They don’t want to be petty about something like this .

『…Well, that’s okay』(Rena)

『…the leader… is… me …』(Maevis)

Maevis murmurs with a sad face while Rena decides for the whole party .

No, Maevis agrees with that decision . However, as a leader, she just wants to join in and discuss it with everyone . She wants to declare herself as the party representative .

『That’s right, Maevis, you…』(Glen)

Glenn suddenly talked to Mavis if she heard Mavis’ whisper .

『You “were” a decent human, I thought you are on the human’s side, but to think you are on Mile’s side…』(Glen)

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Maevis screamed out to Glen as he told her so .

『Wha…a…What’s with that?!』(Mile)

Mile got angry when she heard it .

Yes, she was pretty mad .

And eight eyes that shine brightly to stare at Maevis .

It was the eyes directed toward the heroes in the fairy tales and the legendary heroes .

((Ah, again …)) (Rena + Pauline)

Boys and girls were captured .

Rena and Pauline looked at Maevis with amused eyes .


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