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Published at 16th of January 2020 06:20:48 AM

Chapter 357

Mile Chapter 357: Silent Story Mile’s Seven Deadly Moves

(T . N: Hope you see why I use “Deadly” instead of “Killing” or “Finishing”)


【Mile-sama, about the “Deadly Moves” …】(Nano)


Suddenly, Nano-chan started saying that .


「”Deadly Moves”? What is it?」(Mile)


Mile didn’t know what that means .


【Come on, you used it before,
“Single-eyed monocular” …】(Nano)



Speaking of which, there was such a thing,
*Pon*, Mile hit her palm .


【At that time, You said that was “one of the seven deadly moves”, right?
I wondered what happened to the remaining six …】(Nano)


Certainly, Mile remembered saying that in small talk with Nano-chan .
However, even if Mile thought later that it’s just a joke, so Mile wasn’t not really thinking about it later .

It is the same as Kinnikuman’s “48 murder techniques” or “Superhuman 102 arts” .


「No, I just said that because it’s cool . I didn’t think of anything else …」(Mile)


「Gyyyaaa! What’s that?」(Mile)

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Even the Nanomachines didn’t actually use voice, but having a conversation by directly vibrating the eardrum, Mile couldn’t stand being shouted at the same time .
Unintentionally, she screamed .


【Tha… that… is a problem 】(Nano)

「Eh… problem… what?」(Mile)

【We’re already preparing for an audition of Mile-sama’s Deadly Moves effect specialist,
Next week we will have a tape audition!
What would we do?!】(Nano)

「I don’t know!!」(Mile)

(T . N: 知らないよ, Shira~nai~yo, literal means “I don’t know” but a closer translation for this case should be “Not my problem” in English . But that tone doesn’t suit Mile so I keep the original)


For some reason, the story is proceeding on its own to where she doesn’t know, Mile is panic .


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【We are still… able to make it in time!】(Nano)

「Ah, what…
Then, immediately arrange for cancellation…」(Mile)

【We think about the remaining six special moves…】(Nano)

「How did it come to that?」(Mile)

【This is a derivative technique of “Single-eyed monocular” .
Blazing “Evil God Eye” Beam】(Nano 1)

(Isn’t it just kind of Phase Ray Beam…) (Mile)

{Maser killing ray!} (Nano 2)

《Stupid power!》 (Nano 3)

[Ninja throwing kiss!] (Nano 4)

≪Exposed skin breaker!≫ (Nano 5)

<Bombshell, “pearl of tear Floating”!> (Nano 6)

「Why do you shift toward sex appeal?」(Mile)

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【… Sex appeal?】(Nano 1)

(…………) (Mile)

{…………}(Nano 2)

《…………》(Nano 3)

[…………](Nano 4)

≪…………≫ (Nano 5)

〈…………〉(Nano 6)

「What is that silence?
And why are you talking with the eardrum vibration, be able to express silence? !」(Mile)

【Everyone is a little bit recognizing about… “suitable”“Miscast” or
“If you don’t have something, it’s useless . ”】(Nano)

「Urusaidesu yo~ (Be quiet)」(Mile)


After that, Mile was mad, she didn’t respond to the talk with the nanomachine for about a week .

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