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Published at 1st of August 2020 01:39:23 PM

Chapter 416

Mile Chapter 416: Imouto 7



「…So what would you do, Mile…」(Maevis)


Maevis asks with a calm voice.
Although people often forget, Maevis is the oldest and party leader of Red Oath


「Yes, just in case these guys appear again in this state, in order to protect Merlina-chan…
I will…」

「You will?」

「Yes, I’m thinking of giving her an Omamori (Guardian Charm)…」

「Omamori? “Amulets, Charms, Talismans (all in EN)”?」


The “Amulet(EN)” is close to the “Mayoke (Exorcism charm)” in Japan.
The “Charm(EN)” is a “Good luck charm” and is equivalent to a four-leaf clover or a rabbit’s foot.


( Omamori)

And “Talisman(EN)” means “something contains power”.
It is also like “Amulet and Charm (EN)”.

In this world where everyone believes in God, even if it doesn’t do anything, it still will be useful for children as much as peace of mind.


「Yes. I have prepared for something like this」(Mile)


While saying so, miles taken out of the item box.


「Omamori Doll, “Misato Mk-II”!」(Mile)

(Marcella and Mile’s Doll)


Yes, it was a plush toy that mimicked Misato, Mile’s previous life.

In this area, dolls are carved wood or solidified soil, and stuffed animals are not popular.



(Recruit nanomachines stationing in this doll with the mission protecting Merlina-chan. You will eliminate all dangers to Melilena and her parents. The term is the rest of these three’s lives.) (Mile)

【【【【【【WE WILL RECEIVE IT!! 】】】】】】(A lot of Nanomachines)



Too many nanomachines vibrated Mile’s tympanic membranes all at once, so Mile screamed and crouched with ear pain from a loud volume that echoed in her head.


「What’s wrong, Mile?」(Maevis?)

「Pauline, healing magic!
Maevis, prepare for ranged attacks!!」(Rena)




Rena immediately responds to Mile’s scream and considering the possibility of a remote attack by magic.


「Sorry. I’m sorry, it’s nothing!
Just tinnitus and lightheadedness…」(Mile)


Rena’s group looked at Mile suspiciously as she stood up.


「…For real? Ain’t you over-react? Stop worrying us!」(Rena)

「It’s true! Look, I can even jump」(Mile)


Miles jumped to appeal to Rena’s group’s suspicion.


「Hmm, apparently you seem to be okay…
Okay, when you’re not feeling well, please tell us!
Otherwise, if you are in bad shape and lose consciousness in the middle of a fight, you will endanger other members!

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You can’t do it alone!」(Rena)

「Ye… yes. I understand」(Mile)


Yes, Mile well understood that she should not overdo it.

She vaguely remembered her father in her past life.

His subordinates went to work even when he was sick due to the flu, so he got worse and was hospitalized.
Moreover, the workplace was a mess because he infected people in the workplace.

Misato’s father insisted that those who were sick and forced to go to work were malicious terrorists and should have a minimum work rating.

Certainly, if there are elderly people, pregnant women, infants, and examinees in their homes.
They can also affect many people’s lives.
That would be the same as criminal activity.


(Person selection…
No, “Nano-selection”, Nano-chan…
Yes, Nano-chan who always responds to me…
Please select the appropriate number of people… a number of “Nano”) (Mile)

【It will be done!】(Nano-chan)


All she has to do is give this (Guardian) Omamori Doll, Misato Mk-II, to Merlina.


「Melilena-chan, this doll is an Omamori Doll that protects Merlina-chan and your parents.
Please cherish it!」 (Mile)


When Miley said so and offered “Misato Mk-II”, Merlina-chan received it with great joy.

A child in such a rural village cannot have a decent doll or toy.
It would be natural to be pleased.
And also what she will cherish…

And she doesn’t have to worry about being robbed by other children.

… After all, this doll can “self-defense”

It can sob in the middle of the night or mutters the curse at the bedside.

If it’s stolen, it will surely be returned to her the next day.

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「Thank you very much, Onee-chan」(Merlina-chan)

「Good. Please get along with your dad and mom. See you!」(Mile)


And Mile waved her hand as she left.

Maevis’ group was pulling the bandits who were tied up together by their neck.

Maevis was pulling the rope at the top, Rena kept watch from the back and releases a fireball as soon as a bandit stopped walking. And Pauline walked by their side with a black smile to those who were about to make suspicious movements.

Mile, after catching up, replaced Maevis with the pulling role.
The bandits are tied at their neck, they have no choice but to walk if they don’t want to be dragged on the ground.

In the first place, even if all of them combine their power, there’s no way they can win a tug of war against Mile.


“Pauline Shibari/Bondage (ポーリン縛り)” is perfect」(Mile)

「No, as I said, that’s not the name!!」(Pauline)


And Red Oath left the village while keeping an eye on the bandits.

The family she left behind when she died as Misato.

Even Merlina-chan reminds her of her Imouto but she can’t give Merlina-chan too much.

If she gives the preferential treatment only to the Merlina-chan’s family, other villagers might get jealous later, she should refrain from doing more.
Or so Mile thought…


【Yay (Yatta~na)!
With this, we can enjoy ourselves for a while!】(Nano)

【Ah, how lucky of you, I’m envious】(Nano)


After Mile’s group left, the nanomachines who got selected for this escort mission shared joy.

For them, the life of a human being is but a moment.

They live for millions or tens of millions of years, and most of them are just waiting or mechanically doing what the indigenous organisms thought.


They can’t even die at their own will, they can’t go crazy, long long activity period.

Then the said, “interesting days” were brought to them.

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It’s no wonder that they were overjoyed.


【Does this mean we can act on our own to protect this family?】(Nano)

Moreover, we were given the body of a doll as the station.
In other words, we can do more than just the pseudo-magical effect from wave thoughts but more actively, “we can act as the doll’s will”  
In other words, it may be possible to judge that completely free movement is allowed, like an autonomous robot with personality.】(Nano)

【What! Ain’t that “overstep your boundaries”?
Who decides that such a thing is allowed?!】(Nano)

【【【【【【……We are! 】】】】】】(Nanos)


【【Tch~hhhh……】】(2 Nano)

【【【【【【U~hahahaha 】】】】】】(Nanos)

【That seems fun, you guys】(Nano)


And then…


【The thieves are here!
Launching “Misato Mk-II”!】(Nano)


【The young people in the neighboring village came over with hoes to disturb the water supply!
Launching “Misato Mk-II”!】(Nano)


【The crop is likely to be poor this season!
To protect your family from the crisis of food shortage,
I acknowledge that there is a need for interference with the fields.
Launching “Misato Mk-II”!】(Nano)

【Hai Hai Sir(EN)!】(Nano)

【…You guys seem to have fun…】(Nano)


And then, Merlina-chan reigned over the neighboring villages as the youngest female village chief in history…

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