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Published at 8th of August 2020 10:22:14 AM

Chapter 424

Mile Chapter 424: Joint Request 3



「No… noway…」(Mile)


Not only Rena’s Trio was stunned but also Mile .

At the moment the orcs can be seen on sight, Wonder Three cast instant (skip-chant) magic with only the magic name .

The opponents aren’t humanoid who can know the attack pattern from the magic name, besides, it’s a surprise attack from a place far away, it wasn’t necessary to make it instant (skip-chant) which would lower the power .

Yes, if needed, magic can also be released completely uncasted (silent cast), the magic which was thrown out randomly .

… And the second magic that Monica shot, the interval from the first shot was too short . Way too short .

Well, if it was “Red Oath” attacking, the results would have been about the same .

Each of Rena and Pauline would shoot down one by one with their first magical attack, Maevis would damage the 3rd one with “Storm Blade”, rushed in and stab it with her sword or, Rena or Pauline would finish it with the second magic .

…Equivalent .

Pauline aside, Rena has been training with the “Red Lightning Bolt” for many years, worked as a solo hunter, and went through half a year at the training school, worked with Red Oath as a Rank C party for another year and a half .
Maevis has been training by a knight-based noble family, has the talent for sword skill, and worked harder than anyone .
However, they are pretty much the same as some lolis (young ladies) who only learned everything at school

(T . N: I think this is not even counted as the middle school on earth because they graduated at 13 years old)

No, Monika’s instant cast is definitely faster than Red Oath .




But now there is nothing to say .

Yes, this is the time to show in action and in results .


「Fu~fu~un, they did it quite flashy . Then it’s our turn (Watashi-tachi no ban ne)!」(Rena)


Saying so, Rena started out walking in front of “Wonder Three”, Maevis and Pauline also followed .
They tried to find the prey before the Marcella’s Trio and hunted it .


「…please wait!」(Mile)


However, they were immediately stopped by Mile .


「What’s that?!」(Rena)


Rena stopped and seemed to be a little moody…


「Do you plan to leave the hunted prey just like that!」(Mile)

「「「Ah…」」」(Red Oath)



It’s true, as hunter they should dismantle the orcs, collect as many highest-price parts as possible to bring home . Even the hunting this time’s purpose is “comparing power”, they can’t just bring back all the Orc meat that they hunted .

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By the way, regarding the hunted orcs, once the party deems they collect enough valuable parts, Mile will put the rest in storage .

That is the judge’s decision in the exercise .

Red Oath can’t make Marcella’s Trio leave the hunted Orcs behind (which is points of this competition) to go with them or rush them to dismantle the orcs halfway (which will be a tragedy of carrying a mess of bloody flesh)
So no one complained about Mile’s rule .


After a while, all of them continue to hunt again .

Red Oath skipped through the small animals, birds, plants that sell at a low price, and search for big ones .

And then…


「Target sighted! 4 Ogres」(Maevis)

「Alright, I got this cover」(Rena)


As usual, Maevis would be the first one to spot the prey when Mile didn’t use her searching/exploration magic .

Unlike the Orcs killed by Wonder Three, there are four stronger monsters, Ogres .
It was big enough prey to show the power of Red Oath .


「Pattern S-1 (EN)!」(Rena)


Rena issued the command .

Pattern S (EN) is the case that everyone can go all-out without worrying about the eyes of others .

Mile taught Wonder Three things that she didn’t teach them (Red Oath) .

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So they judged that there was no problem even if they used the “secret of Mile’s family” that Mile taught them .

No, maybe this was just to show off .
To show that Wonder Three isn’t the only one who Mile taught her secrets .

With the current strength of Rena’s Trio, it wouldn’t have been necessary to go all-out and use everything taught by Mile just to defeat 4 Ogres .

They could use exploration magic like Monica, so, the distance to the prey is much closer than with the Orcs last time .
However, it was also good for using Pauline’s deadly range attack magic, which has a short-range .

And unlike Wonder Three, Red Oath has a vanguard who can stop the enemy, so there’s no problem .


「Hot Tornado (EN)!」(Pauline)

「Icicle Darts (EN)!」(Rena)

「Wind Edge (EN)!」(Maevis)


Pauline, who is not good at ordinary attack spells, doesn’t hesitate to use hot magic, which is the worst (best) attack magic she can release .

Since Rena can’t use fire magic in the woods and there are many enemies, she chooses to use range magic like Pauline and cast 7-8 darts of ice to attack all enemies . Aim to reduce their combat power .

And Maevis isn’t so powerful enough to kill an Ogre head-on, that’s why she cast Wind Edge before rushing into the enemy .

However, the was another reason why Maevis couldn’t immediately rush into the enemy .

If she did that, she will receive Pauline’s magical after-effect and will be in agony together with the Ogres . So she is waiting a little longer .

The Ogres suffering from Pauline’s hot magic don’t seem to be able to attack, so Red Oath has plenty of time .

The Ogre which got pierced by several of Rena’s icicle darts and Maevis’ Wind Edge dead on the spot, while the other three were still standing but not in a very decent condition .
And there, the second version of the magician all-out-attack was released .


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「Icicle Javelin!」(Rena)


Rena’s single attack magic .


「Wind storm!」(Pauline)


Pauline then blew off the red air, the remnants of the hot tornado, using wind magic .

Rena took down another one, so there were only two remaining Ogres .

And Maevis plunges into the enemy without raising her voice .
Even if the enemies’ eyes and nose were severely damaged, she doesn’t need to bother shout out loud, give notice of the attack, and tell them where she is .

Since they were barely got attacked by magic other than Red Tornado, they didn’t suffer a lot of damage, but their eyes and nose wouldn’t work anymore . They are no match for Maevis with a Mile’s specially-made sword and left arm .

Maevis is careful getting in between the Ogres and Rena’s Duo so that Rena’s Duo won’t be in danger just in case the Orges run blindly toward Rena’s Duo, then she slashes them both at once

…Destroyed without danger . It was perfect .

Wonder Three defeated 3 Orcs with three attack spells, no, 2 plus a double .

Red Oath defeated 4 Ogres with 3 people, 5 magics, and 1 sword slash .

Somehow it seems like a draw, but in reality, it takes a lot of power to defeat an Ogre that is much stronger than an Orc with attack magic .
If they switch the opponent, Wonder Three might not be able to defeat the Ogre with a single blow .

However, Rena’s Trio can’t use “if” in competition .
So for now, it’s a draw .

It might be nice for Wonder Three to be evenly matched with Red Oath, but for Red Oath, to be evenly matched with Amateurs is depressed .

And after that, both parties simply hunted a few horned rabbits for dinner without encountering much prey .

Both parties seemed reluctant to cut the big Orc or Ogre for dinner…

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