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Chapter 78


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『Is the manager here?』(M.A.M / middle-aged man)

A middle-aged man a bit overweight went into the shop and said so.
If this is an ordinary customer, he will first ask what kind of items, where are the items display, the price, etc.

So this customer isn’t 【an average customer】

Also, he has a troublesome smell.
However, since he doesn’t look like a nobleman, it will not be a problem to deal with.

I wonder if he questions about special medicine?
Or is it another errand…


『Ah, yes, I am the shopkeeper…』(Kaoru)

『No, I would like to see management, not the hired owner.』(M.A.M)


Well, if he just looks at this for the first time, it will be easy to mistake the manager kid (who seems to be) is only employed as a salesperson and there should be another person who pays rent or purchases medicine
It would be normal to think so.


『…As I said, I am the owner, the owner.』(Kaoru)



Yeah, I got used to it.


『Then, are you paying the rent here, buying medicine and selling it?』(M.A.M)

『Ah, yes, that’s right』(Kaoru)

『… ….』(M.A.M)


Oh, what’s wrong, he is silent…


『Then, tell me the supplier』(M.A.M)


… Is this again?


『The merchant will not easily talk about suppliers or goods.
Do you think I’m stupid because I’m just a little girl?
So, which aristocrat are you from?』(Kaoru)


Since I’m getting angry, I’m not going to hold back.

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『I am not from any noble’s family, I am from the union.』(M.A.M)



There should not be any organizations across commercial and industrial sectors, such as commercial guilds…
Taxes are to be paid directly to the government office.
There are gatherings by occupation, but it’s an arbitrary organization.

It should be a group of volunteers, such as 【Blacksmith friends’ s party】 or 【Bakery technology training school】

And in this town, there are only 5 drugstores, other than 【Atelier Riette】


『What kind of organization, the size and how many stores are the members?』(Kaoru)



Hm… why was he silent?


『Drug Store Association!
The majority of drug stores other than this store are members!』(M.A.M)



Does that mean that there are three members?

If it is four stores, he would probably say 【All but one】 and if it’s five then it’s 【all the drugstores】




There is no need to listen to what rules the union has made without permission.
This one too.
Only the members can protect the rules of the association.

It does not matter to anyone else, and it has no binding power.


『What!? This is an official demand from the union…』(M.A.M)

『No, it’s only for the members, and what’s about the other two stores?
Oh, what if I joint-hand with the other 2 stores, the balance will be 3 and 3…』(Kaoru)

『What …!?』(M.A.M)


The middle-aged man was impatient.
No, in the first place, why is such a social gathering trying to force such a thing without permission?


『Well, of course, I also tell the other two stores all the suppliers, purchase price, the proportion of blending and secrets.』(Kaoru)

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『You! You cannot do such a thing!』(M.A.M)


After saying so, he noticed the gaze of Riette-chan, who looked at him like looked at the garbage. The man falls back a little.

Innocent (young lady) loli’s eyes seemed to be hurt.
Hmm, so he still had the concept of 【shame】…


『Then again, why…?
We do not have any medicine that will work for serious injuries or serious illness.
We only have some medicines for common diseases, anti-diarrhea or antiseptics,
These kinds of medicine exist anywhere…』(Kaoru)

『That medicine for military disease treatment is a big deal!
Normally, people won’t buy medicines unless they become injured or sick.
However, that medicine will sell well continuously.
Besides the army, hunters and field workers also want to buy it as well.
And in some case, some of the aristocrats can use it to build connections.
Other drugs can also be sold well.
In addition…』(M.A.M)


No, I don’t use it for connection or anything.
Oh, do we talk about doing that?


『Why are such ordinary medicines of your so effective?
When even our best medicines aren’t so effective.
I guess you sold it cheap now because you just tried to make us went out of business.
And when there aren’t any drug store rivals left, you will manipulate the price』(M.A.M)


That’s it, my medicines work however I want because it’s a cheat.

Even though I haven’t made medicine for severe injuries and serious illness such as 【tears of the goddess】 and potions.

But people can understand quickly if they use it many times or compare it with the medicine they bought at other shops, just a small amount of abdominal pain healed or the wound does not suppurate.

The difference in efficacy, certainty…
Uhm, uncle, what did you say a while ago?


Well, what should I do…
Of course, I can not teach suppliers and manufacturing methods.
…Or rather, it can not be done.
Both of them do not exist.

That’s it!


『I understand, I will do my best, please wait a few days』(Kaoru)

『Well, I understand! Get ready, quickly!』(M.A.M)

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『Yes, can you tell me the name of the stores that are the members of the drug shop union…?』(Kaoru)


After telling me the names of the three stores, the M.A.M from the 【drug store union】 also got back home fairly happy.

Perhaps, he imagines the profit he will make a few days later.


『…Kaoru-Onee-chan, is it all right?』(Riette)


Riette-chan knew that my potions were produced with ability, she said that with a worried face, but yes, no problem.

Oh, that reminds me, Roland and Francette didn’t come out this time.
Was it because it’s just a merchant-like uncle, they thought that he was an ordinary customer so they didn’t come out? or they went out on a date with two people…

No, no. It’s not.
Absolutely, they are looking at me from somewhere.
…I’m scared!


And then I went out of the store, looking at the signboarded.【Atelier Riette】
And under it, the letters of 【medicine…】

I re-wrote it and added something else.



***** AND A FEW DAYS LATER *****



『Hey, is the shopkeeper here?』(M.A.M)

『Oh, the uncle from before, the drug shop union…』(Kaoru)


Un. It’s the drug uncle from a few days ago. He is angry, I can see his veins pop out.


『Well, what in the world happened…, what is this?』(M.A.M)


Lunch boxes were arranged in the shop and I even increased other types more than before.

Besides, I added to the system that they can choose the side dishes they like.
Besides, I also prepared drinks, portable preservation foods such as dried meat and hard-baked bread, and confectionery such as cookies as well.

Everything wasn’t made out by ability but was ordinarily purchased from other shops or made by ourselves purchasing materials.
There are services that you can have drinks in a carry-in container.


『Well… the medicine! Where is the medicine!?』(M.A.M)

『Medicine? Please go out and watch the signs properly』(Kaoru)



And what came out in the eyes of the drug uncle who left the store to look up at the eaves.


【Atelier Riette】



The large sign 【Atelier Riette】 is still the same, but the small sign 【Medicine…】was changed.

And there’s the poster beside the entrance.




『… …』(M.A.M)


The uncle keeps his mouth wide open.


『I stopped selling medicine and narrowed it to lunch boxes so that the problem ceased!』(Kaoru)


As I smiled and saying so to him, the uncle’s face turned red and he yelled at me.


『There is a big deal!
There are complaints to our three stores, ruining our business.
And all the customers are flowing to two stores that are not in the union!』(M.A.M)


Eh? (あれ?are? )

Actually, I don’t have to run a drugstore.

I just wanted a place to interact with many people, easy to make money to live normally, without pulling out the money that I collected.
Therefore, even with just the lunchbox shop, an unexpected big hit, it’s already sufficient. It can be easily done by myself than a drugstore.

The medicine store had so many troubles, it became somewhat annoying and the lunchbox is happy because there is a direct response of the customer.

Even though the preparation is hard but I feel 【work】 is somewhat fun.

Besides, even at for lunchboxes, the ability that I got from Ceres properly is useful.
I’m not too busy to search for fresh, cheap ingredients every day because it’s only possible to store any amount in my item box without deterioration over time.

We used little by little from the item box and refilled it whenever I went to the market, so there’s almost no waste product.
And since all the products are handmade by ourselves, satisfactory achievement and satisfaction are obtained.

This is a heaven work!

I wonder why this father is annoying …?

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