I Shall Survive Using Potions! - Chapter Prologue

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Chapter Prologue


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Kaoru Nagase, 22 years old . With wavy shoulder-length black hair, and a height of 1 . 58 meters, she’s a typical office worker . She’s an engineering major graduate from a national university, who managed to find a job half a year ago at a local company close to home, and is living comfortably with her parents on her salary .

Her family consists of her parents, a brother who’s two years older than her, a sister that’s three years younger, and she has a good family relationship . Although, the older sister Kaoru is a little disappointed that her younger sister Yuki could now monopolize their shared room whenever she’s at work…

Just after she had started getting used to her job, on a day when she had worked overtime for an hour and a half, Kaoru was on her way home when she missed her step while her consciousness was away somewhere else .

“How close, that was dangerous, could have been really bad, it would have been terrible if I tripped and hit my head! Falling is no good, I should walk slower…”

However, that feeling disappeared instantly, just as Kaoru was shaking her head thinking it was a temporary dizzy spell… she froze in her steps .

“What, on earth…”

In front of Kaoru was nothing but a wide, empty pure white space . Kaoru remained frozen at this incomprehensible situation, until a voice spoke up from behind her .

“You are Nagase-san, correct?”

Kaoru looked back behind her in surprise, and saw a blonde-haired, blue-eyed handsome man in his mid-twenties standing there, who had an ideal appearance that many women would want in their boyfriend, wearing white clothes that seemed like they came from ancient Rome .

“Ah~, this, it’s no good, I don’t want it……”

Kaoru who was a novel enthusiast, felt like this situation was somewhat familiar .

As she expected, the man turned out to be “the administrator of this world . ” To put it simply in terms humans can understand, apparently he was someone that humans would call a “god . ” And, according to this god, what happened to Kaoru was something like an accident .

There are many time-space continuums in the world, meaning there are other dimensions out there that exist, in a multi-dimensional universe, normally each world will exist without interfering with other worlds, but on occasion it seems that spatiotemporal energy distortions will occur when two dimensions get too close to each other .

And, tiny holes in the space-time continuum must be quickly taken care of, or else it will become some sort of major disaster . Therefore, in order to prevent that from happening, there’s a race that’s in charge of protecting the space-time continuum, which humans can only comprehend as gods, that maintains the balance between dimensions . Before any major disasters occur, they close the space-time continuum distortions .

And this time, just as the administrator was closing a small distortion like usual, unluckily Kaoru seems to have been caught up in it . Her body was greatly damaged, and although the administrator hurriedly collected her consciousness and soul, on earth Kaoru was already being treated as having died .

“My apologies . I’m really sorry! Such an accident, it’s never happened before even after several thousand years…”

The man seemed like he was truly sorry as he was even bowing down to Kaoru, so she smiled wryly as if to say there was no helping it .

“No, well, it’s fine . Er, it’s not really good, but there was no helping it, right? Just a mistake that happened while you were doing your work to protect the world . Well, I was just, unlucky……”

There wasn’t even any pain, and all humans die someday anyways, Kaoru laughed lightly as she said so, while the god made a pained expression .

“Even if you say so… However, as the administrator, I must make it up to you somehow . Fortunately, I was able to recover your consciousness and soul, and I can create a new body for you and give you a new life, that’s something I can do . ”

“Eh, I can be alive again? Then, can I go back to my original life?”

Kaoru was surprised to hear that and made a request, but the god shook his head saying unfortunately it couldn’t be done .

“My apologies . Your body has already been processed as dead in your original world . That world is running along in an orderly manner, and if I unreasonably use my power to change things, it will cause its balance to break down and a huge distortion would appear……”

Ahh, so I’m already dead there, and if he forcibly puts me back on earth, everyone would surely get confused .

“So, my recommendation is, you should start a new life in another world! In a more disorderly world, even if I inject my power into it, it wouldn’t cause a huge impact . Luckily, among the disorderly worlds, there’s worlds that are quite similar to your Earth… Perhaps the same world diverged somewhere after a large spatial distortion, there’s a large amount of plants and animals in common, and although the names of continents and various places are different, there are humans there as well . The culture is quite a bit behind your world though, it’s similar to medieval European culture, but it’s a wonderful world where you can live as a human again!”

It seemed that the god was desperate to convince Kaoru to go to another world . Well, there’s no other good methods, and the god really wanted to make it up to Kaoru somehow, but…

Kaoru also knew that there was no other way, so she could only nod .

“Got it . Since there’s no other way, then, I’ll take it, please . ”

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“Ahh, I’m so glad that you accept! Then, I’ll make the preparations immediately…”

“Ah, please wait a moment!”

Kaoru stopped the relieved god who was about to hurriedly make his preparations .

“If it’s a world with a western European culture, wouldn’t it be quite dangerous? Injuries, diseases, crimes, war… Placing a woman that doesn’t know anything about it there, I don’t think I can live properly like that! I don’t want to end up as a slave or in a brothel, and in the worst-case scenario, I could even die on my first day there…”


The god was sweating profusely . It was probably a psychological phenomenon, as his body didn’t seem like it was one that should be prone to sweating .

“So, please give me cheat abilities!!”

Kaoru pointed directly at the god with her index finger .

“C, cheat abilities?”

The god was looking at Kaoru with a blank look that said he didn’t understand what that meant .

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“Yes, cheat abilities! For a young woman who doesn’t know right from left to live alone, she definitely needs some special talents, right? Ah, um, first I must know how to speak the languages and read the words there . And, if their civilization is behind earth’s, I’d like to become a little younger . After all, I won’t be able to live a happy life unless I’m a little younger than the marriageable age there…”

Her life was hanging in the balance, so Kaoru kept up her attacks .

“Ah, ah~, I don’t completely understand everything, but I think I got most of it . Since the reconstruction of your body and giving you abilities is the task of the administrator of that world, I’ll make a request to that person, and you’ll have to figure out the details yourself . ”

“I’ll be in your care . Oh, there are two more things that I would like to request while I’m here, is that alright?’

“Yes, as long as it doesn’t cause a huge problem, you can request anything you want . It’s within your right . ”

The god nodded, acquiescing to Kaoru’s request .

“Then… since the people over in the other world aren’t much different from earth, first, I would like to have the younger version of my own body . After all, it’s the least I can do to repay my unpaid debt to my parents for raising me, I’d still like to have my own body in the other world… Well, maybe I can marry and have children, something like that…”

As Kaoru laughed while saying so, the god was wide-eyed in amazement at hearing something he didn’t expect to hear .

“My other request is, I’d like to be able to say goodbye to my family and friends . Because it seems like such a tragic, mysterious accident, I’m sure it will be hard on them… That’s why, I’d like to let them know I’m fine, so they can send me off with a smile . Ah, of course, I won’t say something unreasonable like I want to meet them in person . It’s enough if I have one or two minutes in their dreams . Even if they don’t think it’s real, that it’s only a dream, I want to make them happier…”

The god nodded, and promised to fulfill all of her requests .