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Published at 6th of August 2019 04:25:04 PM

Chapter 280: 280

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After finishing eating lily drove them back to the boss's residence .

"Thank you for today ," Lily said as she pulled out a key car to Andy .

"No, you saved it . You just bring the car, "said the boss, seeing Lily will hand over the car key to Andy .

Lily was surprised to hear that and immediately shook her head . "No, no," said Lily, rejecting that .

"I'm afraid if I make the car scratched . I will cry blood later, "Lily said with a laugh and handed the key to Andy .

"Then how are you going to go back to the hotel?" Asked Andy .

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"I'll take a taxi online," Lily said as she pulled out her cellphone .

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"You don't want to have dinner?" Asked Andy . "Our dinner today is steak" said Andy before Lily and the boss had a frown .

"No thanks" refused lily, breakfast she had breakfast at her boss's place and the afternoon was paid by the boss . It was a shame if she also had dinner to eat at her boss's place again .

Just now Lily wanted to step away, a shadow was in front of Lily looking at her . Lily's eyes accidentally stared directly at the figure in front of the door, for a second the lily's back was like a drop of very cold snow water .

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Lily had seen strange creatures since she died, whether it was Sean (in its original form), a crow woman who was like a woman with a crow's wings, Lily had seen that figure on television, Lily also worried Marie was not too scared and considered it's a make up artist .

Sean black creature, because there are randy and kai . Lily was not too scared after all, Lily only saw bright red eyes and black shadows after all she saw it in a rather dark place .

Then the figure in the basement .

Ok that one is too scary to explain and Lily has forgotten the figure . so we let that go .

then lily had seen a huge dragon that was very large . Not to mention the figure of a snake with a woman's head who manita who appeared in front of the car this afternoon, and another stealth army . So many lily see it like a zoo with strange looks .

Lily brought them all with a very large dimension to the ravine that was in the world, the lily almost fell with them if only the sword was not firmly fixed on the edge of the cliff . After removing them all into the abyss, Lily returns to the boss and andy office building and waits in the car .

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Lily could not fight with the entire zoo, lily could do magic tricks, instead of fighting barbarians with two humans beside her against that strange zoo . and even though there are some zoos that can fly, lily burns them, because the car smells of smoke burning .

Lily thought she would calm down in a few days, but just now she wanted to go home and step out there was a shadow like waiting for Lily to get out of the house . and it was a wrinkled woman with black hair like black water flowing on the ground, eyes full of shiny black with a grinning mouth filled with sharp teeth, with her hands along her body and sharp long black nails .

Even though it's scary, Lily might be able to kill directly with her sword . But after Lily realized for some reason the street in front of her boss's house looked very black and their figure began to emerge from their heads in the streets like bubbles . So much exceeded the number of zoo that appeared, until Lily backed back .

They all looked at the lily with black eyes looking waiting for the lily to come out, they did not enter the door, even the tip of their hair did not touch the wall that surrounded the house .


Why are they after me?

Lily wondered what she was doing?

And what sin has she done, why are there as many terrifying creatures that appear her continuously .

At times like this, Lily misses Sean very much! oh, sean where are you?

Boss and Andy saw Lily not moving from the door, Lily's eyes seemed to look around outside the house .

"What's wrong?" Asked Andy, then Lily turned around with a pale face .

[you read : i still love you my dear brother in law, from stevenkai 6/8/2019]

"Is the offer of dinner still valid?" Asked Lily to Andy with a thin smile on her face .

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