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Chapter 14

[Chapter 14]

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In this world there’s a kind of man . He is very annoying one, but also especially cute; He never says “I love you”, but he knows the way to pamper you to be happy; He always despises you, loathes you; but he never gives up on you; He likes to bull you, but he never let anyone bully you… .

People call this type of man to be a proud man, I call him —— Annoying person!

The reality proves that dating this kind of man, you should have more ignorant and persistent heart, if not every minutes and hours you want to give him up!

Action 1


We graduated from university, our previous dorm was empty, our class rooms were now occupied by other people . But I didn’t feel really sad because of it because the my most important person stays behind for me .

The new academic year started, I and Xiao Cheng were in official dating period .

Dating with proud man, don’t you dream that you will hear even half of sweet talks from his mouth, but I kept on making my heart to dream on .

During my self-review time, I suddenly wanted to hear a sweet talk from him, I pointed at a young beautiful girl and asked Xiao Cheng: “Look there, that beautiful woman, is she beautiful?”

He put down his book and glanced at her: “I don’t like that kind of woman, she doesn’t look very warm . ”

“Warm? Then which one looks warm then?”

He went through my bag and took out a mirror and passed it to me: “Look it by yourselves . ”

I pouted: “Is complementing me a bit will make you be so tired?”

He pointed at the seat behind him: “Move back, I come here to study not for looking at beautiful woman . ”

Where was the beautiful woman?

Action 2


There’s a day, I wanted to hear a sweet talk again . I turned my head and snatched Xiao Cheng’s book and very quietly asked him: “Do you love me?”

“Didn’t you just ask it yesterday?”

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I pouted: “But you didn’t answer me yesterday!”

“It’s because two days ago you also asked the same question, three days ago too, everyday you ask it . ”

I pouted my lips even harder: “But everyday you never answers me . ”

He sighed helplessly and asked me: “What do you want to eat today? What about hotpot? Didn’t you say you want to eat it yesterday?”

“Okay, now let’s go now . ”

“Let’s go . ”

What did I say before?

Action 3


Several days later, I turned my head back and was about to say something to him . Xiao Cheng directly asked me: “What do you want again today?”

I suggested a new idea: “Today I will cook for you, go to your house!”

“A? You also can cook?” He looked disbelief at me and examined me .

I laughed and nodded: “I can . ”

During our way of buying ingredient, I told him that my Ma is someone that really could teach a good child . From my memory, my Ma always says:

“Xin Xin, wash and brush the bowl . If you cannot do it, then in the future when you marry out . Your husband will dislike you . ”

“Xin Xin, you need to make your own breakfast . If you cannot, then when you marry, your husband will look down on you . ”

“Xin Xin, study well, if you study badly, when you marry in the future, your husband will dislike your… . ”

He patiently heard me out said it for half hours, then he seriously said: “…… . She’s really your Ma!”

I deeply doubted!

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For his compliment, I kept myself busy for half day . I bought cutlery, bought ingredient, vegetables . Then I was busy around the kitchen until the sky was dark… . .

Finally, I served out the tomato scramble egg and black pepper beef from the kitchen . My heart was waiting for the compliment .

But the reality always the opposite .

He ate a scoop of rice: “This rice is too soft, you put too much water . ”

He tasted the tomato scramble egg: “I really hate tomato, it’s too sour . ”

He once again tasted the beef: “This is quite good, but it’s too bland . ”

I felt miserable and tasted it, it’s salty and spicy: “Your taste is too thick!”

Action 4


Three days after being nitpicked by Xiao Cheng, I finally couldn’t endure it anymore: “How could you be this annoying person . I tried to cook for you hardly, but you kept on nitpicking me . ”

He pulled me to sit down beside him and asked me: “You cooked for me, is it for me to feel satisfied and happy?”


“Then if I don’t say it, how could you know what I like? What flavor I like?”

“…… . . ” This was quite reasonable .

“If I just want to eat for once, then of course I could lie and compliment you . But I prepare to eat it forever, you couldn’t let me to endure it forever right?”

“Eh… . . ” Looking at his plan to eat it forever, I endured it: “Okay! Keep on analyzing it!”

Action 5


After a week of hard practice, my cooking skill improved, or perhaps it was getting closer to Xiao Cheng’s preference taste .

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In the beginning Autumn night, the leaves turned yellow .

Xiao Cheng picked me up after my class then told me: “I’m hungry, I want to eat fine dining . ”

“Then where do you want to eat? Lan Zhou noddle?”

He hugged my shoulder tenderly: “I want to eat your homemade ribs . ”

“But aren’t you hungry? To do the ribs I need to stew it first at least two hours!”

“ I need to bear it . Except your dishes, I don’t really like anything…” He imitated my tone and said: “My appetite is being spoilt by you, you need to take responsbility . ”

“Eh… . let’s go buy pork ribs . ”

That day, I finally realized that as long Xiao Cheng begs me, he would say those words that I like to make me do it .

So this lifetime, I should be in his hand!

Action 6


After we were full, Xiao Cheng sent me back to the dorm . We were together without realizing it’s time to separate .

Looking at the broken door of female dorm, I was getting even and even reluctant to g home . I really wanted to be together with him for longer time .

“The door will close soon, hurry up go inside . ” He reminded me .

I suggested: “If not let’s look for another place to sit down?”

Xiao Cheng thought about it: “If not let’s go to Lun Hui Bar and sit down, it’s been a long time since the last time we go there . ”

“Okay . ”

That night, I and Xiao Cheng in private room were drinking and chatting . Just a cup, then suddenly I was drunk .

The alcohol numbed my rational mind . My little love complex couldn’t be restrained . I sat next to him and leaned on his shoulder and asked me: “Do you believe that loving a woman, you could love forever?”

He said: “I don’t know . I just know that people will change . When we are kids, we like to watch cartoon, now we don’t like it . ”

I shook my head, I smelt his scent and hugged his waist: “When I was a kid, I loved to watch movie . Now I didn’t like it . But the person that I love, it’s not a cartoon . He also will change, but he will change to be cuter… . . ”

He got into a deep thinking .

I kept on talking: “I love you, it will not change… . . ”

He suddenly hugged me powerfully . I couldn’t bare that much strength so carelessly I pushed down on the long chair .

Kisses fell on my face, lips… . .

Afterwards, I just remembered that my mind was blurry . Xiao Cheng asked me: “This time the dorm’s door is locked . Tonight stay in my room, okay?”

I nodded .

He carried her behind me then he walked home .

His back was very warm, his scent was refreshing . It let me felt very safe .

I slept .

Action 7


Then I was woke up by something cool, I noticed I was on Xiao Cheng’s bed . He took a wet towel and wiped my face . The light was dim . I couldn’t clearly see his expression but I felt his action was very warm .

The time I saw that person is someone that I’ve crushed for along time, I suddenly cried . Because I was having two years of hard time of having crush to him, also because this time I finally could reach my happiness .

“What happened?” He hugged me worriedly . He used his palm to wipe my tears .

I buried my head on his chest and hugged his chest, I asked him: “I love you… . . Do you love him?”

I couldn’t wait for the answer, I just got his hot kiss… . .

The passion made me feel overwhelmed and could only respond by hugging her shoulder… .

Then I lost my memory .