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Chapter 2

Fighting for Little Things

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In life there is nothing that will run smoothly continuously, as for love there is never always be so sweet .

The annoying person is a Virgo, Du Niang said that Virgo is the most perfect and most stressful type of person .

I solemnly declare: “It’s not me who says it!”

And I am a gemini, a typical silly and sweet one . I am simple- minded and stupid . The annoying person tells me that my strong point is I can improvise in a bad situation and my weakest is I do it too much .

It can be imagined the first time we date, two of us liked being slammed by thunder, we fought like like a dog and cat . Over time annoying person found out that he couldn’t change anything by himself, but we need to change our attitudes . In tireless practices and probes, he summed up a set of strategies and tactics to calm every minutes battle between us and win .

Action 1

The annoying person went home five minutes after midnights, I hurriedly finished up the important part of my novel, and pretended to be half-awake and asleep . I blamed him: “Look at the clock, what time is it? Didn’t I tell you to that you should be home before twelve o’clock?”

Annoying person: “At first I could arrive home before twelve o’clock, but the taxi driver took a wrong road! Next time I promise I will not find a bad quality of driver . ”

I: “It seems that it’s not really completely your fault… . . go take a bath and sleep . ”

Action 2

Four days after, it was ten minutes after midnight . The annoying person just came home . Once again I was furious: “Except going to business meeting, you always went to business social gathering outside . These days you always goes home after midnight, what do you see me as? A hotel waiter?”

The annoying person immediately protested: “Everyday? Your description is not really accurate! Yesterday I went home as soon as I got off the work, two days ago I came home ten o’clock, three days ago, I came inside this door before twelve o’clock . ”

“O, really…”

It seemed that it was not everyday, I had wronged him .

As for three days ago, I couldn’t remember it, it was way passed my own memory skills .

Action 3

A month after, once again we were in fight for a small matters .

I was so furious, I tidied up things and wanted to leave .

The annoying person quickly stopped me: “Where are you going?”

“I don’t want to see you, I will go . ”

He immediately stood in front of the door and didn’t want to move away .

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I just immediately threw away his clothes over: “Then you can go, don’t let me see you . ”

“I’m not that stupid . ”

Eh, who was stupid?

I was about to explode, he pointed at the clock on the wall: “It’s already eight o’clock if you don’t renew a chapter of your novel, the reader will be anxious . Because of the private matter, it delays a big matter . It’s not your style . ”

“You…… . ” It’s quite reasonable, “Okay, wait for me . When I finished to write a new chapter, I will look for you to settle this matter!”

When I finished and swiped over various of good comments, I throughly forgot what we fought before!

Action 4

One more time, I couldn’t remember why I was so angry . I just remember that I was very very angry, and it was very serious .

“This time I will not forgive you, I will not . ” I said .

He said: “Let me treat you a bbq then . ”

I howled: “Don’t you think bbq could solve this problem!”

“Two portions . Between us is two portion of bbq couldn’t solve our problem?”

“This matter couldn’t be solved . ”

He immediately turned serious, then he went by side with a smile . His hand hugged me: “Then I will solve it by myself . ”

“You… you why every time we fight you couldn’t be serious even for a bit?”

After XX minutes, I completely forgot the reason I was angry . I just felt that I need a bbq to recover my energ: “Go, go, let’s go! Let’s eat bbq!”

Action 5

I remembered when I wrote a part of the novel, I was so deeply infatuated with “Leader Ye” . I was so immersed in the novel that I couldn’t extricate myself . I locked the annoying person outside of the study room . To avoid him to influence my love for Senior Ye . Finally the annoying person couldn’t bear it anymore, he exploded .

I already forgot completely about the process of our fight . Anyway the result was: He admitted his wrong, and also promised that he will not just explode his anger toward me . I was still very angry that I locked myself in the study room . I didn’t want to come out .

It was until three in the morning, he stubbornly kept on knocking the door .

I yelled at him: “Aren’t you done! Why you are not like a man, you should do whatever you want?”

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He said: “I cannot . Because you said in the past, if you are angry, you couldn’t sleep . I am afraid that you will lose your sleep… . ”

My eyes immediately be teary .

With my swollen eyes, I opened the door: “Go, let us sleep . I’m so sleepy . ”

Action 6

The annoying person had a lot of business gathering even in the holiday . I tried to endure it . But that day unexpectedly he ate alone with a beautiful woman . Moreover she was the beautiful woman that had pursued him from senior high school to college . He went home drunk, and the most important thing ——— he hid it from me .

If it was not that woman that called him to know whether he was home safely I or not, I would think that he had a business dinner with a client . I was really stupid that I prepared a tea for him!

I was so furious, I clutched his collar and asked: “What is your relationship with her?”

The annoying person swore: “We are old classmates, we don’t have anything special . She comes to S city and calls me to have a small gathering . So I should treat her a meal right?”

“Just a dinner? Then why don’t you dare to tell me?”

“I’m just afraid that you will think negatively . If you don’t mind, tomorrow she wants to met you, and know you . ”

I held my anger and snorted: “I mind, I am very mind about it!”

“Okay, ok, ok! Then you don’t need to meet her . ”

“I also don’t allow you to have dinner alone again with her . ”

“Okay! I promise!” Looking at how my expression was, the annoying person tried to calm me down by hugging me: “I have nothing special with her . Think about it carefully . If I have something special with her, It will be me who makes her drunk and I will not be drunk right?”

His words seemed to be reasonable if we used a common logic . If a man wants to do something bad, he will definitely will make a woman to be drunk, he will not let himself to be drunk .

Then that woman, what was your intention to make my husband drunk?

“Wife, today I drink too much . My brain is not clear . Let’s sleep first and talk tomorrow . ”

“O, okay . ”

Tomorrow morning when we woke up, I already forgot that unhappy thing . I was brushing my teeth happily, and that annoying person smiled happily in front of the bathroom’s door . He said to me: “Actually yesterday I wanted to make her drunk, but it’s a pity that her alcohol tolerance is high, I hadn’t drink her… . ”

I: “………”

It’s all because I have a good temper right?

Action 7

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One time, this annoying person touched my bottom line . I was so angry and decided to abandon him .

Annoying person said: “If you want to give me up, okay I agree . But tell me first, in your social circle, who is the one that could be a great match for you more than me? Is it Mr A?”

I thought about Mr A’s face, “No, he is too ugly . ”

Annoying person: “Mr B?”

I shook my head: “He is too stingy, I couldn’t live with a stingy man . ”

Annoying person: “Mr C?”

I tried to imagine it for awhile, I was shivering: “He is too boring, being with him will make my life gloomy . ”

As a result we discussed until Mr Z, and when I thought about it . I gave up and sat by his side: “Forget it, let it be . It’s better that I try to settle myself with you . ”

The annoying person smiled: “Right, settle with me . ”

“But I still want to fix you from head to toe!”

“Okay, as long you don’t refund me, you can fix me as many times as you want!”

Ha! Although, this person doesn’t have a good material, but the service is good .

Action 8

I frequently complains to him: “Definitely it is because I am to easy to be pampered that you easily and recklessly provokes me . ”

The annoying person showed me a completely disagreement: “Forget it! Tell me when is it . I always pamper you until my tongue is dry . I am more easily pampered than you . When I am angry, as long as you pamper me lightly, I definitely calm my anger down . ”

In the beginning I didn’t trust him, but afterwards I got a chance to experience it, and noticed he is someone that easily pampered .

One night, annoying person went downstair to get a thing from our car . My brain was a bit muddled . I left both of keys locked inside the house . I and he, who was wearing his leisure clothes, was locked outside of the house .

The annoying person was really mad, he scolded me . He asked me: “Tell me, from your whole body, what is your excellent thing within you?”

I blinked my eyes innocently: “There is! My taste in choosing my husband is really good . ”

The annoying person laughed: “It’s right… . okay . Go and stay somewhere for a while . I will go to Brother Ma to take the spare key . ”

I went to the office . I looked at Wei Bo and whispered happily —— annoying person doesn’t lie to me, he is really someone that could be pampered easily .

Action 9

The other time I took initiative to pamper annoying person . It was several years before .

That time I rushed to Japan to study abroad and the annoying person stayed at home .

A day during my holiday, the annoying person was watching the TV leisurely and I was beside him and happily chatted using QQ .

My Japanese person who I had a good relationship with, asked me: [“Xin Xin, when will you get back?”]

I answered: [“Next week I will be back . Do you want me to bring anything?”]

He answered: [“I am happy that you will be back, (^ ____^) . ]

I: …………

I swear, our relationship is really pure .

The annoying person, who was clearly so focus in watching television, suddenly stood up . His anger was so raging .

I was surprised and explained hurriedly . But he didn’t believe me . He said that I played around with that man, if not how could he reply that way!

I was speechless . In the end, I just pulled his sleeve and shook my head with full sincerity: “You know me so well . In my heart there is only you alone… . if you don’t believe me, then think about it . You are handsome, so humorous, so smart, so caring, so cute, has a good prospect . The most important thing you treat me so well . How could my heart move when I see anyone else . It’s illogical!”

After ten second silence, the annoying person nodded: “It’s reasonable . ”

I: “…… . . ”

This person never has a self-knowledge .

I just released my heavy breath, then that annoying person said: “Currently I believe you . When I find the opportunity to know this deeper, I will let you be responsible of this . ”

………… .

Nowadays, time has smoothed each of our differences . It is a heavy work that takes up a lot of our time . We both have already lose our heart to fight with each other . Even when it’s not really pleasant as long we think about those years of the storm, we believe that we are in each other’s heart . Believe that each of us are doing our best for our future that those trivial things aren’t that important .

In this life there is no prince charming, there is no snow white who can’t lose her hair .

Covering the drunk him lightly the blanket, and smiled .

The time he put the pillow under my messy hair, without saying any negative words .

It is life .