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Chapter 3

I Used To Be Alone Until I Meet You (我本爱孤独,直到有了你)by Ye Luo Wu Xin 叶落无心- [Chapter 3]

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“Ye Luo Wu Xin”’s Origin

During the university, my dorm mate always call me by my nickname — Little muddle-headed .

I am really a muddle-headed . When I’m going to the class, I will forget to bring my book . When I finish the class, I will forget to bring my bag . When I want to eat lunch in dining hall, I forget to bring my card . Just let these all be . The most tragic is —— I couldn’t remember all the Arabic numerals .

Action 1


I always couldn’t remember all kinds of anniversaries . I forget the proposal day, wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day . It doesn’t matter, anyway, the annoying person is usually busy with work . He would join the business social gathering and has no time to accompany me . But I always forget the annoying person’s birthday .

So during our first year dating, he frequently says to me: “You forget about my birthday . ”

The second year of our relationship, he said: “You have forgotten my birthday twice . ”

Our third year, he frequently said: “You already forget about my birthday for three years . ”

After the fourth year, he finally turned to be smart . He doesn’t wait stupidly for a surprise . When it was September, he started to grumble:

“Twenty more days then it would be my birthday . ”

“Tomorrow it’s my birthday . ”

“Today is my birthday… . ”

I finally couldn’t endure it: “Could you not bother me anymore?!”

Annoying person: “……”

He is really a bothersome one! I already bought a new lingerie, I want to give him a nice surprise !

Action 2


According to my experienced friend: “Economic life should be controlled firmly to hold man’s life, and break the existence of “mistresses” . ”

I thought about that deeply .

The first day, the annoying person got his salary, I immediately asked him for the card and todl him: “I want to manage the money . ”

The annoying person: “Are you sure you can manage it?”

I patted my chest: “Yes . ”

The annoying person asked: “Then how much did you spend last night to buy a potato chip?”

I: “He . . ”

The annoying person asked: “Last week how much did you spend to buy a skirt?”

I: “A… . . ”

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Once again the annoying person asked: “How much is our mortgage?”

I: “Em… . I return it to you . ”

The annoying person was satisfied: “You finally realize that you are not suitable to manage the money?”

I shook my head: “I am afraid that everyday you will ask me how much is the money in the card, I need to check it . It’s supposed to be so troublesome . ”

Action 3


The QQ password of annoying person was especially complicated, it consisted of alphabets and numbers . Every time I wanted to log in to his account, I needed to ask him: “What is your password?”

The N times I asked, finally the annoying person couldn’t endure it anymore: “You can check and investigate my chat history, but could you not let me know? You need to consider my feeling!”

I understood it, I said lowly: “But I just check it once a year, of course I will forget it . ”

Annoying person: “Then take a notebook and note it down!”

“Good idea!”

…………… .

After period of time, I asked him cautiously: “What is your QQ password?”

“It’s still the same as the one you remember . ” He said impatiently .

“But, I couldn’t find my notebook…”

“You… . . wait . ”


After ten minutes, the annoying person told me: “I changed my password to be the same as your QQ’s password . ”

I immediately threw my body to him: “I love you so much!”

Later on, the annoying person with so much understanding also changed his phone’s password to be the same as mine .

Action 4


I and annoying person wanted to take care of the certificate for the little annoying person that was about to be born . The auntie working there asked for our marriage certificate . I wiped my sweat: “Sorry, I forget to bring it . ”

The annoying person tried to be calm and communicate calmly to the auntie . The auntie once again asked: “Okay, then tell me about the your marriage certificate information . When is the date of issue?”

“Date of issue?”

“When did you register your marriage?”

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“Is it 2008 or 2007?” I looked at the annoying person for help, “which day is it?”

The annoying person looked so serious and scolded me: “You don’t even remember our wedding anniversary? Can you be more serious?”

“We will solve this later . Darling, let’s tell auntie first when we got married . ”

The annoying person was silent for second ago, then he turned his body to go out .

“Hey, where are you going?”

“Go home and take the marriage certificate!”

“……… . ”

You! You unexpectedly also forget about our wedding anniversary . Don’t you think you can solve it by run away . Look at how I teach you when we are home!

Action 5


One day, I forgot my phone when I was at work .

I wanted to go home and took it . But I was busy and couldn’t go anywhere . When I was in the middle of my work, I saw that annoying person got inside my office . He was calm and placed the phone, that I kept on thinking of, on the table .

“I love you so much!” I hurriedly said on his ear, then I immediately took my phone and looked at the missed call .

The phone showed there were twenty one missed call, it was all from “Annoying person” .

I took and saw it silently .

“What thing that you couldn’t forget?” He said helplessly .

I looked at him and answered softly: “…………… . . Loving you . ”

His gloomy face turned bright .

He left my office with a shinning smile .


Action 6


I didn’t remember when it was started . Every morning, before we go to work together, he will always be annoying and reminded me:

“Don’t forget your phone . ”

“Don’t forget to bring your keys . ”

“Today is a bit cold, remember to bring one jacket… . ”

One day, I couldn’t endure my curiosity and asked him: “Why recently you don’t lecture me again to be a muddle-headed?”

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He smiled and stroked my head: “These little things just pass it to me to remember! You just need to remember —— loving me, it’s enough!”

Action 7


My good big baby girl “Little annoying person” was in her three months . I took her to have a vaccination .

At last accidentally, I lost my phone and wallet . I didn’t have any money!

I was very sad and used another man’s phone to call annoying person: “I am too stupid, I lost my phone and wallet . ”

The annoying person had been transformed into a calm person after several years of our interaction, he asked calmly: “…… Did you lose the kid?”

“No . ”

“Okay, now I will pick you guys up . No need to be too anxious if you lose anything, it’s good that you and kid can go home!”

My heart was warmed .

Action 8


Don’t look at my inability to memorize Arabic numeral, I also have time to look down at annoying person .

The time annoying person watches TV dramas, even he watches it all, he will forget all the about it, he even couldn’t remember the title of the dramas . But me, with watching one time, I immediately easily recognize and remember its name, actors, storyline and also the key scripts of the movie clearly .

As a result I finally believe that : “When God closes a door for you, He definitely will open a window for you . ”

I was excited and decided that I wanted to begin my literature profession .

The time I decided to write a novel in Jin Jiang online, I want some pen name that suit me — Ye Luo You Xin .

I smiled and went to ask for his opinion . The annoying person said; “Although it’s only a pen name, you need to also consider the truth . Tell me, have you ever be considerate?”

I was silent, then I changed the name: “Ye Luo Wu Xin” .

Although until now I feel —- it’s not a clear picture of my style .

Action 9


According to a Vietnam editor, my novels are very popular in Vietnam and fans in Vietnam are eager to meet me once . In fact I also want to meet them .

The first time I suggested to the annoying person: “I want to go to Vietnam . ”

The annoying person just simply said: “No . ”


“I just have a wife . If you lost, then it will be a big trouble for me!”

I: “………”

Okay, I accept it .

After a year of a numerous ineffective requests, my friend’s wife, Dan Dan, couldn’t help it anymore . She said: “You also are too chauvinistic, it is just going abroad? It will be no big problem, she couldn’t come home? If you are worry, then I will accompany her!”

The annoying person looked at me and finally agreed for Dan Dan to accompany me .

Before boarding, the annoying person kept on telling Dan Dan: “Please watch out for her, don’t let her leave your sight . She doesn’t have a sense of direction, she easily get lost… . . ”

She said: “Don’t talk too much . She is a big woman, she will not be lost!”

Finally when the plane was about to take off, I yelled: “Ya! My suitcase? It seems that I lost it!”

Dan Dan was speechless and looked at me for awhile . She sighed: “He is right, you are possibly not going home!”

I looked at her tearily: “Please don’t tell the annoying person that I lost my suitcase… if he knows, then in the future, he will not let me go travel . ”

Until now the annoying person also don’t know that I lost my suitcase .

Action 10


Even it was at home, I always being disliked by the annoying person for several reasons . He dislikes me to have no heart, no have good memory, dislikes me to not loving him when I write my novel . But I don’t know why, all the annoying person’s friends are especially kind to me .

One day at eleven o’clock, the annoying person called me . He said that there was a friend that I never met, he wanted to know me .

He asked me to dress myself up, then he will pick me up .

For respecting him, I got up from my warm bed . I drank a cup of coffee and came down .

The time his friend me me, he immediately served a beer and sat down by my side . He said: “Every time he mentions you, he always praises you, praises you that we all are very jealous . ”

I was surprised and looked the annoying person: “You also praise people behind their back?”

“I just praise you on your back . ” He whispered to my ear, “Even I have a bad taste, but I couldn’t let other people now!”

I was a bit mad: “Is it so hard to praise me in front of me?”

“You will be arrogant . ” He said, “I am afraid that you will be too proud . Then you will bully me, like I bully you . ”

I slapped his thigh angrily and asked loudly: “Since you see me that way, then you think I will be like you! You are too much!”

The annoying person rubbed his thigh and glared at me: “You already hit me, you also want to scold me!”

He still could recognize my anger, it seemed that he hadn’t drunk too much .

That night, I understand something: “If a man really dislikes you, he will never take you out at night to let his friends know you . ”

Since that night, I have been unscrupulously muddle-headed . Anyway there will always be someone that clean up the mess and will not abandon me .