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Chapter 4

I Used To Be Alone Until I Meet You (我本爱孤独,直到有了你)by Ye Luo Wu Xin 叶落无心- [Chapter 4]

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After writing romance novels, my greatest achievement is to get to know about love gimmick and also meet a lot of people who share the same interest as me . I also find a friend to share my bitterness, my best friend and partner, Wei Wei .

I am an insensitive person . Only those who are particularly patient to wait for my reaction that could have a long-lasting relation with me . For example my annoying person and Ms Wei Wei .

Action 1

The first time I knew Wei Wei, she was an editor of K company . After she read my mafia type romance, she took initiative to add my QQ account and chatted with me .

The first time we chatted, she told me frankly: [“Xin Xin, I am K editor, I really likes your books, I want to get to know you . ”]

The first time I saw her message, I firmly believed: She personally wants to recruit me to sign with K company . As a result, she says that she likes my mafia romance novel . Of course it is for eliminate a distance between us .

After a month, Editor Wei Wei didn’t say anything about K company, she just expressed her feeling after reading my novel .

I think this editor is really patience and an expert .

After a year, Editor Wei Wei still didn’t mention about joining K company, yet she asked about the theme of my new novel .

I think, this editor is really a stubborn one .

After two years, Editor Wei Wei still be a friendly and discussed about my new book and our daily life . She never talked about K company’s matter .

I finally got enough with her patience, and took initiative to ask her: [“Do you think K company will fit me?”]

I didn’t expect her to be so honest and answered: [“ I think Jin Jiang is more suitable for you . ”]

I think she is still waiting for me to end my contract with Jin Jiang and I will come to her .

Knowing her for five years, she left the K company . As before she keeps in touch with me, we chat about novels, life, feeling, future .

One day, she said that she really like [[“Yi Yue Lei Chi”]] and wanted to turn it into a radio drama .

I couldn’t help but to ask: [[“Are you radio editor?”]]

She answered: [[ “No, but I like this one . I want to make it to a radio drama and let more people to hear it . ”]]

I asked again: [“ Hey, do you really like my literature? That time did you chat with me for the first time, for liking my novel? Or is it for making me join K company?”]]

Wei Wei was confused and was silent . After a while she replied: [[Do you always think that I keep in touch with you because I want you to join K company?”]]

I wiped my sweat: [[ “I just know it today, you really love me!”]]

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Wei Wei sent a sweating emoji: [[“I finally understand how could you have a crush for annoying person for two years without even noticing that he likes you too . It was because you are too insensitive . The one that can treat you patiently and wait for your response, it should be someone that loves you sincerely . ”]]

I think it was not because I’m insensitive but because I didn’t have the confidence to believe that around me, there will be someone that loves me unconditionally .

Action 2

For compensating the heartache that I made for Wei Wei, I without slightest hesitant gave the right for her to make the radio drama .

At first I thought it was for her hobby and playing around . I didn’t think that she will waste a year to work out the script bits by bits, writes the lyrics, choosing CV, made the editing . It could be seen as a terribly more work than mine .

When she was done, she sent it to me . I listened for it for three times .

She asked me: [[“How does it feel?”]]

I wiped my tears and told her: [[“It’s too abusive, how can you change my words to be that melancholy?”]]

She sent me a black face expression [[“I absolutely respect the original version, I didn’t change the dialogue . ”]]

I immediately turned over the original text . After three hours, I realized the fact that my novel [[Yue Yue Chi]] is not a romantic and warm story, but it complete an abusive and melancholy story .

Wei Wei told me again: [[ “I’ll start the radio drama of [[ Hong Chen Du]], remember to prepare some tissues before you hear it . ]]

I was puzzled: [[“Why are you asking me to prepare some tissue? Is [[Hong Chen Du]] also very abusive and melancholy? It is clearly a warm and sweet romantic novel!”]

Wei Wei sent a chain of black face emojis: [[“Wait until you hear it!”]]

[[“Okay, I will wait for it!”]] I once again added: [[“I swear, my new novel [[I’m used to be alone, until I meet you]] definitely will not a melancholy one . It’s sweet and innocent . I will make it so sweet that everyone feel it cheesy!”]]

Wei Wei replied quickly: [[“Okay, I will wait for it!”]]

……… .

After three months, Wei Wei told me: [[ [[I’m used to be alone until I meet you]] make me teary it when I read it . ”]]

I sent a full page of black face emojis .

Action 3

At some point, Wei Wei frequently complained me: [[“Why do you always write your novel, but don’t market your own publication . ”]]

I told her: [[“It’s not that I don’t want, but I don’t have time . The annoying person is focus on his work . I need to take care of my house, work, and write…… I rather use the time for marketing, to consider how should I write to get readers’ attention . ]]

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Wei Wei immediately said: [[“I have time, I will help you . ”]]

[[“Okay, from now on I depend on you!”]]

Since that day, Wei Wei helped me to look for publisher, movie’s company or any publishing business . When I have any copyright issue, I will look for her to help me evaluate .

When I can’t write something, I will look for her for idea .

When I have typo, I will search for her to proofread for me .

When my novel has no cover, again I look for her to design the cover .

Even if I couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night, I will look for her and talked about how to change my writings… . .

She never tells me “no . ”

I was so moved that I told annoying person: “If I can choose once again, I will choose an Aries husband . It is more dependable . ”

The annoying person immediately protested: “Who said it? I’m more dependable, if you don’t believe me you could pound yourself to me to try . ”

I looked at the sofa and his hot gaze: “Annoying… . I will not be fooled!”

Action 4

The sixth year I know Wei Wei, she came to S City to play . We made an appointment to meet .

The annoying person heard that I want to meet her, he immediately persistently refused: “No! You are not going! What if she lies to you, and has a bad intention toward you?”

“We’ve known each other for six years, we are sincere toward each other “Loving each other” .

When the annoying person heard it, he was even more resistant: “Then you couldn’t go, you have been chatting with her for six years, interacting for six years . What if it is a man, you possibly will run away with him . ”

“Am I that kind of person?!”

The annoying person: “………Yes!”

“I promise, she is a woman . ”

“I will go with you . ”

I opposed it: “No, what if she is a beautiful woman, it’s possible you will run away with her . ”

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The annoying person: “Am I that kind of person?!”

I: “…… . . Yes!”

Finally after ineffective discussion, I asked this annoying person: “Do you feel that both of us are a bit… . . insecure about each other?”

The annoying person nodded: “I think so . ”

“Isn’t it bad?”

The annoying person shook his head: “It’s very good . It proves that we care about each other and afraid to lose each other . ”

“It’s reasonable . Let us keep on disbelief attitude toward each other!”

…… . .

At last, I still went to meet this Wei Wei . Moreover per se of annoying person’s request, the first time I met her I took our photo and sent it to him .

Action 5

Based on our conversation, I thought Wei Wei is a particularly savvy and a capable royal sister . When I met this little Aries girl, she is a petite one with long hair . She is sweet and pleasant .

I chatted with Wei Wei about our own life, and we couldn’t avoid to talk about love concept

She asked me: “ Do you believe in love?”

As a writer and supporter of romance novel, without having any doubt I answered: “I believe! But I don’t believe Cinderella type of love story . ”

“But most of the stories you wrote were the love story of Cinderella!”

“But, it’s not exactly . ” I told her, “Before I was 18 years old I read a lot of romance novels, then I conclude that —- No one in this world will love you for nothing . If you want to marry to a wealthy family, at least you need to be a superstar; if you want marry to a college professor, at least you need to study for your bachelor degree; if you want to marry military chief that study in Japan, you must go to Japan to get an excellent result, it’s the best if you live in the next door… . If you are Cinderella, you need to just squat down in the kitchen to cook, and made your face to be full of ashes . You can only meet a prince in the fairy tale… . . ”

Wei Wei nodded to show her approval: “I will go home and study well, I will go to Japan to look for military chief in Japan . ”

Listening to her words, let me remember myself during senior high school .

That time for able to look for a good man, I studied really hard…… remembered the innocent self, I couldn’t help but to laugh .

“What are you laughing at, are you laughing at me?”

I shook my head hurriedly: “NO, No, I remembered myself during I was eighteen years old . I also had a dream like you to find a good man . ”

“Then? Did you find it?”

“Of course I found it . I found the annoying person! I think the righteous decision of my life is being able to enter T university… . ”

At T University, I spent ten years . Since nineteen to twenty nine years old .

That fine memory, is our best moment… .

Action 6

I still remember of that year, I entered T university .

I had that great dream, it was not because of my admiration of the rigorous educational philosophy of T university, but because my cousin told me that: “The ratio of male to female is seriously out of tune . The beautiful woman there is not looking for a lantern, but a good man who is worthy of life for a lifetime . They could find it just with their eyes closed there . ”

That time, I was an ignorant girl who obsessed with romance novels . When I heard of “good men”, I immediately thought of the infinite heroine and loves like in the romance novel .

I asked my cousin with a shinning eyes: “A fat girl like me, will there be a good man be attracted to me?” My cousin glanced at my body that is really seriously too over-nutrition . She hesitated and encouraged me: “You can dress yourself up and find it . ”

Since then I worked very hard for my dream . I begged my Pa Ma to send me to a “hell” boarding high school that is one thousand five hundred meter far from my house to study . Although my Pa Ma were distressed about my condition, but since I made up my mind . With tears, they sent me away .

Being in the boarding school for a year, I didn’t have relatives to take care of me, I didn’t have any friends, no my romance novels . Even I didn’t have any reliance… . .

My Mama called me several times: “If you couldn’t bare it, then just go home . ”

I wiped my tears and said: “I will bare it . ”

A whole year, for going to T university and found a good man, I persisted . Everyday I would wake up at four o’clock in the morning and slept in the midnight . I ate all my meals in the canteen .

Finally, my sacrifice lead to my twenty kilogram weight loss . From a fat dumpling face, I turned to a melon face . Finally I got a paper of T university’s admission notice .

Someone said imagination is very grand, but fact is really the opposite one .

But all the time I believe when you work hard for pursuing your dream, the time you are tired and look at the fact . Even you don’t hold a satisfying imagination, but for real you are not really that far away……

So, comparing “the fact is really far away from imagination”, I much prefer what the annoying person said: “Working hard for your imagination, even though you are failing . But you could frankly say to yourself — “I have worked hard, I have no regret, no regret!”

——- <<Love cheat>> The Second lesson

Love is not everything for a woman, but if there’s no love, for a woman, there will be something missing . No matter how old are you, starting today, you need to let yourselves to be better . Then you will have a chance to encounter someone better than you .

If you are now in your high school, then give up of what the novel said, what the drama showed, just study well . Enter a good university, get a good job, because —— that is the most place that with lots of good man!

If you are in your university, then switch off your computer, put down your phone, dress up beautifully when you go to the classroom and sit down . Examining your surrounding carefully, is there any single man around