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Chapter 6

I Used To Be Alone Until I Meet You (我本爱孤独,直到有了你)by Ye Luo Wu Xin 叶落无心- [Chapter 6]

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The First “Date”

The busy life of the first year university was quickly passed by the exams .

In a year, I finally understand the reason why in T university there is less woman, because it is basically a place for training “workers” .

The first year, the old professor would fill in the absence of every class without any trouble . As long you are absent for more than three times, even you get a hundred percent mark in the exam, it will be useless . As a result, everyone will go to the class on time and doesn’t dare to skip the class .

When I was a freshman, the exams are always be especially hard . No matter how serious you are in the class . As long you don’t fight for your life in reviewing the exam, you would definitely fail so I got used to study in the study room .

During the first year, it was also difficult to find a self-study room —— except the school’s library . But if you want to go there, you need to line up in front of door since five thirty to get a seat . If not you will definitely not get any seat . So everyday in my sleepiness, I would get off my bed, washed my face and ran away to the library to line up .

During my freshman year, T university had a lot of classroom, but it always be so hectic . For one class to other class, we needed to walk around 100,000 miles in just ten minutes . We needed to run to not be late so I got used to walk fast .

Because of these good habits, I frequently encountered that Xiao Cheng, but never took initiative to chat with him .

I was not worried about what he degraded my IQ, I just felt that we were not familiar with each other so there was no point of say hello .

Action 1


On July 2000, after the last examination in the first year, it was the first time for me to being able to get on my bed and sleep . This time I have a full day sleep .

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I slept soundly until the annoying phone rang up . I opened my eyes to see it . The room was dark, everyone was still asleep . Fei Fei was disturbed by the phone and cursed it . She flipped her body and continued her sleep .

I raised up then answered the phone: “Hi, who are you looking for ?”

The other person on the phone was silent . Then it said: “Excuse me, is Zhang Meng Zhuo there?”

I raised my head and looked at Zhuo Zhuo’s bed . It was empty . Supposedly after the exam she just went home . Her house was in T city so it’s convenient for her to go home .

With a full resentment, I said to him: “She is not here . ”

I was just about to hung up the phone, then that man suddenly asked: “You are Ning Xin?”

“Em, yes, you are?” Actually from the start, I already recognized this voice was Xiao Cheng, but I just wanted to confirm it .

“I am Cheng Ze . ”

“O!” I was not close to him, so I waited for his next word . ”

“Can you help me?”


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“I lost when I played the card . The punishment is I should give a call to the female dorm and ask one of them out for watch a movie . ”

I tried to look at the watch, it was passed eleven o’clock . Those men were really too strong .

“What if you are unable to ask?” I asked .

“Then I will keep on calling the dorm until I find a nice and helpful one . ”

When I heard this word, I was thinking how could it sounds that if I rejected him, then it showed that I am not helpful and kind girl . He could despise my IQ, but he couldn’t and shouldn’t deny my character!

As result my brain was hot and asked: “Is it really because you lost in playing card and should ask a female out for movie . Are you sure you don’t have any intention?”

He said: “Yes . ”

“Okay, I will go . ”

He seemed to be unsurprised and said calmly: “Thank you! Then tomorrow six o’clock in the afternoon, let’s meet at the cinema near the school . See you!”

“Okay! O, right I don’t have a really good memory . If you see that I’m not coming, please remind me . I will not deliberately forget it . My phone is XXXXXXX . ”

He said: “Okay . ” Then he hung up .

In silent night, the wind blew the curtain . I looked around and lost my sleepiness .

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Supposedly I slept too much during the afternoon!

Action 2


The next day, my forgetting habit seemed to be gone away . Unexpectedly the whole day I could remember that I need to go to cinema .

Before the ten minutes of our appointment, I already arrived there . Xiao Cheng also waited there . He wore a clean and neat white t-shirt and jeans . He held two drinks .

He and drinks, it created a fresh feeling in the summer time .

As a food lover, I naturally without any embarrassment took a bottle of my favorite orange juice: “Let’s go, let’s get inside . ”

The show today was <<Titanic>>, my favorite movie .

In the past, I already watched this one . I was being possessed by Jack . I was shocked by the tragic scene of wrecking ship, also being moved by the fierce love between leads . So when the movie and the song started, I felt so sad .

Even in the most romantic and emotional moments between the main leads, I cried sadly .

I used up all my tissues and Xiao Cheng went out and bought another big pack of tissue and passed it to me . I hugged that pack of tissues and watched it till the end .

Action 3

After the movie ended, it was just me and Xiao Cheng inside the large theater that could hold hundreds people . I hugged my paper and kept on wiping my nose and eyes . He sat down beside me and accompanied me silently . It was a long, long time, until the cleaner came inside and we left . The moonlight shone the little path of the school’s garden . He slowly walked beside me, while I walked with my head low to see at his unclear silhouette .

Under the light, his face was felt somewhat like Jack . I persistently believed that because I was so immersed in Titanic .

He asked me: “Is this movie too moving to watch? it let you to cry from the beginning till the end . ” I stopped my step then raised my head to see him: “I am easily laugh and cry . When I was little and watched “The Journey to the West” I would cry, looked “Meng Hu Xiong Di” I would cry, even when I watched “Dong Wu Shi Jie”, I could cry until my eyes swollen…”

He examined me and looked the light around, he said to me: “Let me tell you a story . ”

I nodded and waited for his story .

“A fish said: “I open my eyes every moment, because I am not willing to leave your side”

A water said: “I keep on flowing without tiredness is because I want to surround you and hug you tight . ”

A pot said: “It’s all cooked, what a nonsense you guys say!””

I finally couldn’t hold my laughter .

“You indeed are easily laugh . ” He said, he also laughed .

Under the moonlight, his laughter was especially warmed .

I remember since that time we laughed together, for me he is not a stranger anymore .