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Chapter 15


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Signora’s new products, the sales of high heel were promising .

Similar to the occasion with the slippers, Okaa-sama has kindly wore them at the evening parties and has steadily been permeating among the noble ladies .


The slippers with the Queen(Ouhi-sama) effect had fully gained citizenship(taken root) and has yet to be successful in driving out the slippers . It will not be long before high heels adorn the feet of many noble ladies .


By the way, the balance shoes are not sold at all .

Because the intended use is unknown, that is the greatest reason .

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I do not mind this as it was something constructed for my own diet .


However I think it is a wonderーーーーful product!

I am not disappointed!


Fuu . Thus the balance shoes diet is also going favourably .

There is no scale in this world therefore it is unfortunate that I do not know an accurate weight but it can not be helped, from my bodily sensations I feel that it is considerably lighter .


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Apparently, from the starting super heavyweight sumo wrestler physique, slightly plump…… It varies, it is not a daikon(radish) but the bottom structural component, the change is about that extent I guess .

Coupled with fair skin it was just like a snowman if you think about it, presently I think it should have become something around a charming white pig .


I believe half a year has passed since I started dieting, the season is changing from autumn to spring .

Being a child means the stature is still growing and by nature the original metabolism is high, I have the feeling diet results will come quickly .


Nowadays I am able to crouch, and is even able run around the garden!

I did not do so . Although recently it is forgotten, I am a young lady(reijou) .

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Thanks to spring time drawing closer the days recently continue to get warmer . Gradually tea parties and socializing invitations increase around this time of year .


I am looking forward to the day I can show off New Cosette reborn from the diet . Most recently it is a pleasure to tend to the skin and hair as a daily routine .


“Ojou-sama, is in very high spirits . Something good happened or something?”


While gently combing out my hair Sisie enquired .


“Because Sisie . Please look at this hair . Thanks to Sisie it has become so beautiful . I cannot wait for a tea party to show off this beautiful hair”


“Well…… Ufufu, now that you mentioned it surprisingly the hair quality has changed . Is it because the excess meat eaten has been reduced?”


“Really huh! Deep fried and fatty foods are a powerful enemy of the chubby”


We kyaikyai and became lively with beauty discussions .