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Published at 14th of August 2019 08:56:43 AM

Chapter 24

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(2 days later)

It's finally been 2 weeks since I've ended up on this side of the world and things couldn't be getting any slower . Me getting sick has had a profound impact on my progress of finding a way back home, but I've met so many people .

There's Madelyn, 24 years old, another human like me, and she's the most mysterious of everyone . We asked her about how she came to this world but always avoids the question . I concluded that something horrible must've happened . Apparently, she's from Riverside, another city from my homeworld .

Young Mi, 885 years old, and the oldest of the group . A Wight that hasn't lost herself despite being through so much . Knowing the extinct element of Ice and a stoic, I'd say she'll surprise anyone she meets . I'm not sure where she's from or how she became a Wight, but Madelyn and I believe it's best to keep it that way for now .

Dai-tai, 22 years old, a Demon that's rather mischievous, yet her heart is set in the right place . She'll pass herself off as a simple girl from the country even though she's arguably the smartest, second to Young Mi . She also tried passing her off as a Succubus when I met her, and I actually believed her at first . Turned out it was a poor attempt at a joke .

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I've also heard that her home was taken and her parents killed, but I've yet to confirm it myself . She's from Zheng De Meinu, a hidden gem far in the east by the beaches . There's even talk of us going down there .

Niroja, 18 years old, a Goblin that's creative and curious . She handcrafted my necklace with a bit of Dai-tai's help . She worries but almost always has a smile on her face . From what I know, she's always been with Dai-tai since they were only children and was with her when they found Young Mi .

Lilith, 19 years old, a Demon of the Royal Family . Not the most popular because of it . I believe that if it weren't for Madelyn and Young Mi, she'd be tied up somewhere or even dead . She's essential in Madelyn's "big plan" to dethrone the Queen .

Zia, 15 years old, the youngest and an orphan . A very sweet Demon girl that's well known by everyone . As Nikita's granddaughter, she knows a lot about what's going on and is good for information . She doesn't get too involved with what we do, mainly because nobody wants her to get hurt . She's also risk-averse, avoiding danger as much as possible like she did when she stayed behind when we stole the medicine from the military .

Nikita, the leader of the village, though unofficially . If anyone will know how to get home, it'll either be him or Young Mi . He holds a grudge against the current government, especially the Queen, as he sees her as the one in charge . I asked Dai-tai and she said his hatred comes from having to witness the military "accidentally" killing his only child and making Zia an orphan .

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That should be everyone right now .

Closing the black-leathered journal Lilith gave me, I continue sitting outside my home enjoying the cool breeze of the village .

Madelyn: "Steven, you're actually writing in that journal?"

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She walks down the road with Lilith, intrigued by what I was writing . She tried to peek, but I was reluctant to let her see .

Steven: "I may as well have something to do while I wait in-between tasks . Where'd you 2 run off to?"

Lilith: "Miss Young Mi asked for our help . "

It took some convincing from Madelyn, and I'm not as paranoid like before, but I suppose it's possible to try and forgive Lilith .

Madelyn: "Everyone else is there, are you coming?"

Steven: "You came for me?"

Madelyn: "Yes, why else? You've been sick the past week and everyone wondered where you were . "

Steven: "Alright, lead the way!"

I should enjoy myself while I'm here . Madelyn supposedly now has a different plan for the Royal Family . She hasn't told me yet, but apparently, it'll bring a "peaceful end to the main quest . "

I know she has the right idea and would lead me back home quickly .

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