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Chapter 75

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The rest of the day was nothing more labor . At least for me, the SDF left all the furniture that was given to us and left it in the entrance hall . I had half a mind to just set up in the hall but everyone wanted their own room as soon as possible .

Since I was the only guy, I was the one that did almost all of the work . The others did pitch in and switched out with one another when they started feeling sore . Young Mi and Dai-tai were the strongest and helped immensely .

It wasn't something that could be easily done either . Moving almost 100 pounds for a dresser easily wore me down and the distance wasn't short even after deciding to move into the closest and smallest rooms we had .

After that, we pretty much retired into our respective rooms . We finally got our rooms! Most of us did, anyway . I'm the only one sharing a room and it's with Kanna . Not that it was forced, I kinda wanted it this way .

Our room was the first on the right after entering the Royal Apartments . It was, of course, small and had a nice bay window that looked out towards the isle of Sefre . Though, the window had to be opened because it was an old stained glass that wasn't very transparent .

Young Mi and Rayna were the ones that cooked tonight . They brought our food in which was just chicken . No seasoning, marinating or anything . I didn't mind and Kanna was too hungry to care . She devoured hers and went after mine too . Soon after, she lays down on our bed and falls into a food coma .

Steven: "Kanna?"

She's unresponsive .

Deciding to leave her alone, I went back to my plate and finished what I had left before placing the dishes on a dresser near the door . I sit back down next to Kanna and gently stroke her hair for a while .

I hear the wooden door open and turn to see Young Mi quietly step in .

Young Mi: "Did you catch her up on what's been going on with us?"

Steven: "I don't know if I did a good job, but she listened to the very end . Is that why you came?"

Young Mi: "Actually, I came to pick up your dishes . "

We whispered .

Steven: "They're right there . "

I point over to the dresser .

Steven: "How was that kitchen? Was it a nice setup?"

Young Mi: "We cooked in the entrance hall using magic . There was no kitchen… yet . "

Steven: "How did that even work?

Young Mi: "Rayna's very resourceful . "

She collects the dishes and prepares to leave the room .

Steven: "Do you need help with anything?"

Young Mi: "No, you, Kanna and Madelyn deserve to relax . We're doing everything tonight . "

Steven: "They're just dishes . Not like we're going to have a near-death experience by touching a bit of soap . "

Young Mi: "At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if that happened . "

Steven: "What about Joan? How is she?"

Young Mi: "She's doing well . Ecstatic to have her own room and she's with my girls . "

Steven: "Ah . "

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Dai-tai and Niroja are naturals when it comes to kids . Maybe they won't mind that I chose to be with Kanna the whole day .

The gravity of being a dad didn't settle in until much later after signing the paperwork . I don't regret it and I feel confident that I can raise Joan right .

Steven: "I'll be sure to spend time with her tomorrow . "

Young Mi: "Good . She deserves a loving family . "

After she leaves Kanna springs up from the bed and we lock eyes .

Steven: "You're awake?"

Kanna: "I faked it…"

Steven: "Oh… so you heard me and her talking?"

She nods .

Kanna: "But not all of it . "

Steven: "How does Young Mi make you feel? Can you be friends with her?"

Kanna: "I think so…"

Steven: "Then can you also get along with her daughters? Dai-tai and Niroja?"

She nods again .

Steven: "Good . I want you to be friends with all my friends too . It doesn't have to be instantly, but you'll get there . I know I did . "

She crawls to my side and leans on me . Her hands were around my arms and her head started to rest on my shoulder .

Kanna: "I want to be with you tonight . Everything else can wait . "

She lays down, grabs my wrists and pulls me with her . I ended up on my hands and knees right on top of her . Her face was flushed and eyes glistening against the candlelit room .

Steven: "…so… is this what I think it is?"

Kanna: "What do you think it is?"

Steven: "We're going to… y'know?"

She looks around me and notices how lewd we looked .

Kanna: "We should… wait before doing that . "

Of course, we're only just reunited . There's no way she could've predicted any of this and be ready for it .

Steven: "I… understand, master . "

Kanna: "Kanna…"

I lay down on my side of the bed and face Kanna . She scoots over to me and raises her head to rest on her palm . Her head was higher than mine and she looked back down at me, slightly annoyed .

Kanna: "Hey… why do you always call me master when I keep telling you to call me by name?"

Steven: "You are my master… and, well… it's stuck in my head . You don't like it?"

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Kanna: "I'm sometimes fine with it but you get annoying after a while . "

Steven: "Really?"

Kanna: "It does! I want you to be mine and vice versa . It feels like a job when you call me master . "

Steven: "Job? I never thought of it like that . "

Kanna: "Then what?"

Steven: "It—feels like banter with my best friend . "

She lowers her head and rests it on my arm .

It never felt like it was that much of an issue . Maybe I was being oblivious?

Steven: "I'm sorry, I thought you liked it . "

Kanna: "And if I called you a servant? How would that make you feel?"

Steven: "I certainly don't mind . "

She pauses momentarily, slowly rubbing her head on my shoulder, thinking .

I don't know if she's doing it on purpose but since she's part cat, I can't help but feel that she's marking her territory .

Steven: "If you're serious then I'll stop for good . "

Kanna: "No, I—say it's fine . If you want to call me master… just stop when I ask . "

This won't work .

I like calling her master but if she's not enjoying it like I am, there shouldn't be any reason to keep it going .

If anything, I'll just tone it down .

Kanna: "Could you cast Candlelight?"

I cast it like I always do but once it left my hand, the little white light faded to a bright blue, a color I never managed to cast before .

Steven: "Huh… it's blue this time . What could it mean?"

Kanna: "It's considered good luck . "

Steven: "So… do I make a wish?"

Kanna: "No, it just means that good things will happen from now on . That's how we perceive it on Feles Isle . "

Of all the times I've seen Candlelight cast, it's always between red and white . If it's good luck and fortune, I should be sure not to squander it!

I was so drawn in by the little blue light as Kanna did her own thing . She was undressing and I didn't realize until much later when I looked down .

Steven: "Uhh… shit . Do you want me to leave the room?"

Kanna: "No, stay . "

After she gets into just her underwear, she nearly holds her dress on top of the dresser and unhooks her bra . Leaving it on top of her dress, exposing herself to me .

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Steven: "Y-you're sleeping topless?!"
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Kanna: "Yeah… it's more comfortable this way . "

Steven: "But naked? With me?"

She covers her breasts with her arms and shyly looks away .

Kanna: "You're my boyfriend now, aren't you? I thought this would be okay…"

I shouldn't be getting flustered!

This simply isn't the kind of rush I was expecting! My heart feels like it's going to escape my chest!

Her petite body is right in front of me but there's nothing I can do about it!

I have to control myself .

I slowly control my breathing and try to act natural .

Steven: "I am… I wasn't expecting it, is all . "

She slowly nods and drops her arms .

Kanna: "Are we sleeping together?"

Steven: "Of course we are . "

I sit on my side of the bed and undress down to my trousers, throwing my clothes onto the cold stone floor .

I laid down on my bed and waited for Kanna to fall asleep so I could follow soon after, undisturbed .

However, instead of sleeping, her hand meets mine and she grabs ahold of it .

Steven: "Are you alright?"

Kanna: "You… you talked a lot about getting into fights and getting hurt so I thought you'd have like a scar or something . "

Steven: "That? Well, I have good healers in my group . "

Kanna: "That's perfect then . I don't want to see scars on you . "

Steven: "Why not?"

Kanna: "Because… I don't want to see you hurting . "

Her other hand traces across my arm and she eventually sees the small scar on my arm .

Kanna: "Ohh~ how did that get there?"

Steven: "I cut myself on a tree . "

I wouldn't say it was a scar, just a fresh, pale, thin line of skin that goes from my shoulder to my wrist . It can be unnoticeable unless someone has a good eye like Kanna .

Kanna: "Is that the truth?"

Steven: "No . "

Kanna: "No?"

Steven: "It's the scar I got from Touma . "

Her ears droop .

Seeing that this topic is making her feel down, I knew it had to change .

Steven: "Do you have clean clothes?"

She shakes her head .

Kanna: "No, I didn't bring anything . "

Steven: "You'll have to live in those for a while . "

Kanna: "Even my underwear?"

Steven: "Unfortunately so . "

Kanna: "I'm going to feel icky . "

Steven: "I think I've been wearing my tunic for 2 weeks, but I was unconscious for 10 days… so~ if you feel icky just know I'm worse off . "

Kanna: "But I want to change into something clean and be able to take a bath!"

Steven: "You can take a bath . This castle has to have one but for the clothes, you'll have to tough it out . Or… In the morning, you can wear my tunic while I clean your dress . "

Kanna: "How long are we going to be here?"

Steven: "9th of Dyo . That's four days from now . "

Kanna: "Okay, you can clean my clothes . "

She sighs and we get into bed together . The blue Candlelight hovered above us and naturally dims . It became dark and I waited for Kanna to fall asleep so I could follow but I felt her tossing and turning . I figured that she'd tire herself out until she spoke .

Kanna: "Steven?"

Steven: "Yeah?"

Kanna: "Do you remember my birthday?"

Her birthday…

It so happens that we both share the same birthday and it's about a week away . I looked forward to getting her something nice for a present back then but given the circumstances, I'm lucky I could see her again .

Steven: "Yeah . I'm sorry . I wanted to give you a present but I don't have one . "

I turn my head to her and see her on her side facing me .

Kanna: "That's fine . "

She pulls the blanket up to her nose .

Kanna: "I don't need one . "

But I want to give her one .

Hopefully, by the time we reach Everhand, I could use the time in between to quickly find one by then .