I’ll Live My Second Life!

I’ll Live My Second Life!
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Fii was the first princess of the rural nation, Déman.
One day, she became engaged to King Roy; an icy king with both beauty and ability, whose management ability was perfect, and who would be perfect save for his coldness towards women.

The engagement was not really anything for her to celebrate though.
Why? Because her younger sister with both beauty and fame, whose personality was great, who held a mysterious power and who was a soothing miko had gotten into a marriage of love with said king. And Fii had just come along with her as a set bonus.

She was treated as a stain on the fairy tale, but after a certain event, Fii decided she didn’t care any more.
She didn’t care about this lifestyle where she never saw her husband even once, where she would spend the rest of her days rotting away in a royal villa.

She was going to live her second life!
That was the decision she came to.

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4 Months, 4 Weeks ago

I like this story alot! It’s wonderful! Actually, I cannot wait for . SPOILER . . . King Roy to find out Second Queen Fii is acrually his knight Heath. I hope it can be a little sad when he know Fii nearly starve because of him. . . . END SPOILER . something to happen, so I’m very zealously chasing updates! However, recently they have all been made with Google translate, and while I can understand it, it doesn’t make for a pleasant reading experience at all…. Please! Translators come baaack~

5 Months, 4 Weeks ago

The story is great, so far shoujo fantasyish but no romance (discounting Doug?) but I cant wait for the next chapter. The google translation though, was very hard for me to understand, I wish it’s not put up at all, because then I’d know the story partially because I cant help myself, but then I’m pretty sure what little I grasped of the story is completely wrong

2 Years, 6 Months ago

I enjoyed readin this very much! I can’t wait for new updates!

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