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Chapter 1

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She was sipping now-cold soup in a relatively small villa despite the excessive size of the royal palace. The Head Chef in this villa――’Head’ by merit of being the only chef――had just begged to resign. It was roughly at this moment that Fii truly realised it; her life was more-or-less over.

Outside, fireworks filled the skies, and the cries of celebration from the citizens reached even this lonely corner.

It seemed to be quite the festivity.

And rightfully so. Because today was the wedding day of King Roy of Orstoll, and Princess Fiiru of Déman.

King Roy was a man known for his shrewdness and political ability, capable of competing against the wily old kings of the other nations despite his youth. Additionally, he was famed as unparalleled in war, and was extolled as a Hero King who brought further prosperity to the already great Kingdom of Orstoll.

As though that were not enough, his looks and elegance were the desire of countless princesses, and yet there had been no mention of any romance. This was the only thing that the citizens of Orstoll were worried about.

His treatment of women was incredibly cold, and so he was nicknamed the Ice King.

And yet, a princess of a rural nation she might have been, King Roy had finally found a bride in her. Naturally everybody was excited.

Moreover, it was not some marriage forced onto him by worried retainers, nor was it some unwilling marriage born from his duties as a king; the man himself had declared that he wanted to marry Princess Fiiru.

Little wonder that this was cause for fireworks.

The bright fireworks filled the starry sky with absurd numbers. As Fii watched from the window, she noted that the cacophony sounded more like the roars of a bomb. This had definitely gone beyond the level you would use for celebration, she mused to herself…

Incidentally, though Fiiru was merely the princess of a weak, rural nation, she was known for her great potential, with both looks and wits, grace unthinkable from the princess of a minor country, as well as a mysterious healing power as a miko.

The perfect bride, one could say.

Which was why a painting of the married couple smiling together was now flying through the sky. Was this one of the few airships that the Kingdom of Orstoll was said to possess? It was Fii’s first time seeing it.

At any rate, it was a noisy day, filled with celebration.

As an extra, although nobody likely cared, it was also Fii’s wedding day with Roy. And though people cared even less, Fii was also a princess of Déman. She was Fiiru’s elder twin, after all.

So why, while one bride was met with cheers from across the nation, was the other sitting in the corner of a lonely villa, drinking unheated, pre-made soup? Why had the Head Chef responsible asked, “I’d like to quit my job…” and why had her reply been “Sure”?

Though it was just an insignificant matter, one that nobody likely cared nor had any interest in hearing about, there were a few little circumstances behind this.