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Chapter 104

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(Fiiru Pov)

Fiiru was present at the party.

Not only the aristocrats and royal families of the country but also the prince of other countries have become guests in the party in countries that are about two countries away from Dehman.

The reason is that the field comes.

A lot of guests are gathering around me.

Fiiru responded to when spoken to, otherwise, it left them to chat freely and was only depressed.

Among the many people who have such a feeling of me at the party venue, I caught the appearance of a silver hair youth.

(Ah …… Tomasz-sama … …)

Apparently, Prince Tomasz who seems to have participated in this party, unlike the apron appearance at that time, is looking like a neatly dressed formal prince. Such dress is also natural, but it suits you properly.

I look at Tomasz for a while.

Beyond that gaze, Prince Tomasz was talking happily with the participants at the party.

(After all, I have popularity … …)

Fiiru thinks by seeing its appearance.

Fiiru was always in the center of the party and was in a popular position where people crowd around.

But the fact is that the women and men who gather are those who are trying to profit from the name value of healing shrine maiden or those who are trying to profit from those gathering around that Fiiru like that There was not.

I want to make a healing shrine maiden a wife, want to know people with power, want to be at the center of a party, hold all that speculation, hide it and talk with a smile and talk.

But Prince Tomasz is different.

He is standing at the so-called flower of the party wall.

So I’m just talking to a small group of people.

But people are not interrupted.

Talking to someone happily and talking about it for a while, someone naturally talks to Prince Tomasz as soon as possible.

Everyone has a lively face and we talking happily with Prince Tomasz.

I really love being liked by everyone, so I act like that.

I looked enviously at Prince Tomasz ‘s envy.

Prince Tomasz will positively talk to him when someone is likely to be lonely at the party.

At first, the person who is spoken to Prince Tomasz is confused, but as eventually speaking, it becomes a happy smile, and there is also an acquaintance of Prince Tomasz there, and it will melt into the circle of parties unexpectedly.

(Oh no …)

I gazed at the person who was spoken to.

“Fiiru, that dress is very nice.” The pure white cloth … … Fiiru-sama …?

Finally, I noticed what was being spoken and made a smile in a hurry and responded while remembering the name of the opponent.

“Thank you, Mrs. Marchefa. Your dress is also very nice with a bright blue match with your eyes.”

“Well, I’m getting happy if I can say such a beautiful person like Fiiru like that”

It seems that there was nothing to be bothered by watching something.

Fiiru somehow relieved by that.

Mrs. Marchefa is the relative of the host country’s king. I have to answer properly.

Fiiru forced for a while to forced consciousness from Prince Tomasz and chatted with his wife.

And after the conversation with Mrs. Marchefa was over, the moment when I returned my eyes to Prince Tomasz, Fiiru seemed to have stopped my heart.

Prince Tomasz was talking happily with the lady.

Moreover, it is a woman who knows the field.

Beautifully long black hair, glossy red lips and deep blue eyes like night.

Renaissance daughter who floats in this region.

There is a rumor that it is a woman over the age three years from Fiiru, and he rumored to go with a prince and a nobleman of various countries, and there is a story that he was dating with five men at the same time for a while.

That Reneza* talks somewhat fun with Tomasz.

(Is this a boyfriend …?)

While not trying to understand the feeling around, I could no longer take my eyes.


* I don’t know who Reneza is.