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Chapter 105

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There was a break in the evening party, and the I was resting in a given room.

 I got tired a little.

 It was because of the relationship between Prince Tomasz and Reneza ‘s daughter during the party.

 I was trying not to understand around, but Linett seemed to have noticed that the feel of the field was strange somehow.

“Did you do something, Fiiru?”

 It has been four years since Lynette became served.

 For me, Lynette had become a trusted opponent like Nei-sama.

 When I told the situation, Lynette looked surprised, but eventually he showed a serious look and nodded.

“I understand, I will show it.”

 Then 20 minutes later.

 Fiiru was guided by Lynette and was secretly in front of a room.

 When he knocks reservedly, he hears “Yes” from the inside and the voice of the man. It is the voice of Prince Tomasz.

 Fiiru’s chest rang every day.

 I heard that from Linet this is a rest room of Prince Tomasz, but when I hear a voice, I get nervous.

“That feeling is … ….”

“Oh, Fiiru. Long time no see”

 The door opened quickly and the door opened, and the face of Prince Tomasz peeked. There was no one with it, he seems to have opened himself.

 Fiiru was about to jump up to the unexpected early face-to-face.

 Fiiru that is said to be able to do anything from the surroundings, but only the principal knew that there was not such a thing. Especially exercise is useless. Occasionally it seems likely to come off only by walking fast. Running can not be tolerated.

 Fiiru thinks it was because it was brought up in boxes.

 Such a very excellent motor nerve of Fiiru did not realize even the movement of the mind trying to jump up quickly this time, and Feil was able to avoid being exposed to behavior suspicious behavior in front of Prince Tomaszu.

 Fiiru relaxes softly.

 And then I noticed that I was not breathing when I was relieved. I was in a conversation with Prince Tomasz.

“Oh … … that … ….”

 In the end, it feels disturbed.

“In the meantime go inside and have a story”

 Prince Tomasz looked at the feeling in a hurry while what she saw as a wonder smiled with a calm smile.

 And Fiiru was sitting on the sofa in a room with two friends with Prince Tomasz.

 Prince Tomasz put in the tea.

 Fiiru ashore sitting on the sofa.

“So what are you doing today?”

 On the other side smiling like a usual smile, Prince Tomasz asked for a case in Fiiru.

“Um … …. Re, Reneza-sama … ….”

 That’s why Fiiru is afraid.

(What exactly is going on !?) I suddenly heard such a thing suddenly I’m too suspicious!

 As usual, greetings between aristocrats and the necessary conversation at parties come out fairly, somehow today I can not speak well.

 Although he feels impatient, Prince Tomasz is a very relaxed face, returning a reply in a slow tone of voice while feeding a cup of tea.

“Oh, Reneza … That girl, it seems to be tough now. When you shook the prince who came up to me, it seems that a bad rumor has been thrown out, I can see it with strange eyes from the circumference, I can not quite talk with a party even at a party You know.

 So when you see it at a party, I try to speak positively. It certainly is a bit stronger to hit people, but it’s a really good girl. “

 As soon as I heard the words, Fiiru received a big shock at Zaguan on his head.

(I … … It is the lowest … Just judge people by selfish rumors … … What a disgusting man … …)

 I feel unbearably furious.

 I think Prince Tomasz is a really gentle and respectable person. It was embarrassing that a man like me stood in front of Prince Tomasz.

“Oh …… Wat … …. Wat … … I will return …”

 Blushing and falling into tears, Fiiru told me to return.

 I wanted to get out of sight of Prince Tomasz as soon as possible. But saddening I had to leave like that was sad.

 In the first place I think I think I will came in abruptly and go home.

 As a fairly strange child surely, Prince Tomasz will be engraved in the memory.

 But that’s fine. I want to disappear quickly.

 Fiiru tried to rush to the door as it was, but his hand was grasped by Prince Tomasz.

 When I saw it, I felt eccentric with Prince Tomasz who was gentle but still looking seriously.

 The voice of Prince Tomasz speaking to the feel was gentle and calm.

“There seems to be a habit of swallowing what you really want to say. Do not do it as long as you do not say it properly.”

 Fiiru a breath in that word.

 Prince Tomasz said with a gentle smile on such a feel.

“Hey, are you sure, please say.

 Fiiru’s mouth is frustrating, but as I can catch on that smile, I will stop talking.

“Hey … … I …”

 No words came from my mouth successfully. My heart is pounding, it is likely to burst, and it seems to be broken.

“Well …………”

 Even if Fiiru’s words caught Tomasz will wait with a friendly smile.

 Fiiru closed her eyes tightly and squeezed out his own words with his head still white.

“Thanks to Tama’s ………… I want to be your friend …!!”

 Fiiruing blushing while blushing.

 Before waiting for a reaction while frightening after Fiiru said.

 Tomash immediately handed him out and told me while shaking hands with Fiiru.

“Okay, see you now, Fiiru.”