Published at 14th of April 2016 12:43:52 PM

Chapter 11

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After that, Crow carried her to the infirmary, and after receiving treatment for her legs, Fii’s examination was over.

Luckily her legs hadn’t been seriously injured, so she could walk on her own after being treated.
Crow had left after bringing her here due to still having work, so Fii found a corner somewhere to cry by herself.

(Luckily? It’s all meaningless…)

Even if she couldn’t walk properly any more, it wouldn’t matter in that tiny villa. Whether her legs were injured or not, it wouldn’t change a thing.

(It’s over…)

Fii’s struggle was over. Her dreams were over. Her hopes.

“Haha, crying about losing?”

A voice came from above. Raising her head, she found Crow there.
She never said where she would be going. Apparently he looked for and found her.

“Did you come here to console me…?”

Seeing Heath reject him darkly despite the sniffling, Crow could only give a troubled smile.
Even though just a few hours ago, this Heath kid had been so attached to him…

“What’s wrong. Don’t suddenly act so cold.”

“I don’t need anybody’s consolation…”

She didn’t want any consolation.
After all, it would probably be stuff like ‘you’ll get another chance’ or ‘try hard at the next exam’.

She didn’t know how often the exams happened, but she was dubious that she would have another chance like this next year.
It was doubtful that the guards assigned to her villa would stay lazy. If they were just slightly more motivated, something like today would be impossible.
It was plausible that she wouldn’t be able to take a single step out of her villa tomorrow.
That’s why today was her last chance.

“Things are… over for me…”

“Hahh… Why are you acting like your life is over just because you lost?”

(Because it is. It’s over… My life is over…)

“Just saying, but you passed, yanno.”