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Chapter 42

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Chapter 42 – A Lynette Attack!


The next 10-ish chapters are all really good, so my apologies to people waiting on Reika, Tilea and Milfiria.

During one of her days off, Fii had been taking a stroll in the castle when she suddenly heard the sound of an argument.
It was coming from the direction of her villa.

“Why will you not let me see Fii-sama!”

“Because His Majesty, the King, ordered us not to…”

“Why did he order such a thing!!”

“If you do not ask him that yourself, I cannot really…”

Realising that she knew this voice, Fii hid in the shade of a tree. When she took a peek, she found a maid girl with a bob cut furiously glaring at the guard to Fii’s villa.

(Ly-… Lynette…!?)

Fii almost jumped up in surprise.
Lynette was a maid who had served Fiiru for a long time, and she was also Fii’s friend.
She should have been busy serving Fiiru after she had become a Queen. So then why was Lynette arguing with the guard to the villa Fii was supposed to be living in?
Or rather, it was only Lynette who was doing any arguing; the guard was simply flinching at her.

“A-, Anyway, I’m sorry but we cannot let you pass, so…”

(This is bad… This is so baddd…)

Fii had to cover her mouth from the shock.
If Lynette entered the villa, they would realise that Fii had escaped.
She had spent so much time gaining her current lifestyle too…
This was bad… This was very bad…

As she watched the proceedings in fear, Lynette finally sighed as though she had given up.

“I understand…”

(Thank gooodness…)

Both Fii and the guard were visibly relieved.
But in the next moment, Lynette glared at the guard again and declared,

“Tomorrow I will ask for His Majesty’s permission and return here! The next time I come here, I’ll have you get out of the way!”

With that, Lynette turned around and headed towards the palace with quick steps.
In the shade of the tree, Fii squatted and hugged her legs.

(She’s coming to the villa tomorrow!? What do I do. I’m going to be beaten if she finds out! Depending on the circumstances, they might even kick me out of the apprentice knights! I have to fool her somehow!)

Fii trembled at the thought of Lynette’s sudden visit.


The next day, Fii was in bed.

“Are you okay? Do you have a fever?”

“I might be a little sick… But I’m okay.”

Fii coughed away as Remié worriedly checked her face.
Next to her bed were a number of towels and a tub of water.

(I’m sorry for malingering…)

As she tried to look as red and sick as possible, Fii apologised to the worried Remié in her heart.

“I’ll tell the instructor, so get a good rest, okay? I’m heading off to training now.”

“Mn. Thanks, Remié.”

She apologised again in her heart, to Remié who had brought her cold medicine and a towel, as she watched him walk away.
Then, when she sensed that nobody was left in the dorm, she sprung out of bed.

“I have to hurry-! Before Lynette gets there!”

The dorm was a two story building.
Fixing the hook of her hook-rope to the window, she leapt out of the window as she held onto the rope. After maintaining her descent speed, she curbed the final impact with a break fall.

After that, she moved from the shade of tree to tree, making her way towards the villa unnoticed. It was a movement skill that Kain had taught her, but to be honest, it was a little much to be doing this on castle grounds…
The chance of her being discovered was low because she was keeping watch for people just like Kain taught her, but considering that she was an apprentice knight, being discovered moving about like this would be a lot more suspicious than had she walked out in the open…

As she soundlessly made her way from empty space to empty space, she got closer and closer to the villa.

The guards were already in front of the door. It meant that Fii couldn’t enter through the front, but she had already accounted for this in her plan.
These lazy guards would only guard the front.

Fii suppressed her presence and moved around the back, before tossing her grappling hook onto the roof. And then she climbed right to the top.
It had made a few sounds, but the guards showed no signs of noticing.

(They suure are lazy…)

Even Fii was shocked by their work ethic as she watched the carefree guards from above the wall.

Finally, using the same skills that she used at the dorm, she quietly landed inside the walls of the villa grounds, and successfully infiltrated the villa.