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Chapter 84

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Chapter 84

Sorry about the translation slow-down again. I suddenly got called into a casual job with only 2 days notice, which I’ll be working until Christmas. I don’t spend that long each day on it but it forces me to wake up before 4AM meaning that I’m tired for the rest of the day which in turn makes it rather difficult for the right words to come to me when translating. I have trouble falling asleep early, you see.

That’s more or less what’s causing the slow-down – actually slow translating.

With the line-up decided, the boys moved onto the next issue.

It was time to discuss their order.

“Those guys have kindly told us the order they’re fighting in,” said Gorms as he held out a piece of paper.

Vanguard – Luca
Second – Jerid
Main – Kerio
Vice – Rizil
General – Percil

“Ahaha… They’re completely looking down on us…” Remié said with drooped shoulders.

“After seeing this I just want to show them what we’re made of.”

Slad folded his arms angrily instead.

For once, Fii really seemed to be thinking.

“Hmm,” she hummed, “Ideally Gorms and Doug would both win their matches, leaving the last victory up to us three…”

To be frank, that was their only real chance at victory.

Out of their remaining members, Fii had a record of 2 wins 10 losses and 33 draws, Remié sat at 22 wins 18 losses and 5 draws, while Slad had 23 wins 21 losses and 1 draw.

Even leaving aside Draw Maker Fii, their ability in combat wasn’t the greatest.

“Doug,” she asked. “Do you know how strong the enemy members are?”

He had come from the Eastern Dormitory, after all.

Doug nodded in reply.

“Percil is strong. Rizil and Luca are about the same. Perhaps Rizil is just the slightest bit stronger. Kerio was the substitute before I left, so Kerio might be the easiest to beat.”

In other words, the enemy team was set-up rather offensively.

“Kerio is still one of the champions of the entry exams though. And I’ve seen him take the top prize in competitions where the others didn’t compete,” mumbled Remié.

Indeed. Although Doug’s presence had forced him off the roster, that really wasn’t saying much. Kerio’s skill was undeniable.

“But all we can do is go for it,” argued Gorms. “Anyway, if Doug and I take out the first and second strongest guys, then you guys have a chance of winning one. More importantly you guys should choose who you’re fighting already so you can come up with individual strategies.”

“That makes sense.”

“A frontal attack for us too, then?”

Everyone nodded in agreement.
Gorms’ reasoning was sound. After all, there was a bigger difference between the weakest three in each team than the strongest two. If they couldn’t minimise this difference as much as possible then there wasn’t much chance for victory.

With that, it was decided.

General – Doug, Vice – Gorms

And then…

“Guess that makes me the Vanguard!” agreed Fii as she flexed her bicep. Well, whatever passed for her bicep at least.

Typically the position of Vanguard was an important one used to secure an early win. With such an important role, Fii was suddenly really fired up.

“Yeah… See, if we put you in the middle it’ll just screw up the atmosphere so we can only put you at the front.”

The real reason was revealed.

“What the heck! What do you mean!”

“If you have a complaint then show us what you have in the match.”

“Muu! Of course I will!”

There was another reason why Fii was so enthused.
Her opponent was Luca.

“That guy made fun of Doug! If I don’t greet his head with my sword I won’t be able to sleep properly!”

Despite what the rest of her team thought, Fii was actually seriously angry, for her at least.
Even with his position as her lackey, Doug was still Fii’s friend. As for whether her strange feelings of friendship for him were due to her upbringing as royalty, or simply a quirk of her own was unknown. Perhaps these were even the feelings one would have for their new pet dog.

“I don’t mind,” said a worried Doug.

“Well I do,” replied Fii.

“But Luca is still rather strong.”

“Don’t worry, Doug. Just focus on your own match. You’re fighting the strongest guy, right? I’ll try my best too,” she replied passionately.

Unfortunately his worries went unnoticed.

And that was how their preparations happened.

The Vanguards were Fii and Luca. Fii was determined to devastate him with her victory.

The Seconds were Slad and Jerid.

The Mains were Remié and Kerio.

Despite Fii’s enthusiasm, Gorms was realistically hoping for a victory from either Slad or Remié.

In the Vice match were Gorms and Rizil.

Their glaring from earlier had already determined their moods.

Finally, the Generals match was between Doug and Percil.