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Chapter 87

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Chapter 87

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I’ll Live My Second Life

Chapter 87

There are two weeks left until the Northern-Eastern Swordsmanship Competition.
The maids are doing their best with preparing for the competition. 
Hislo basically allowed everyone to have free time after the sword competition was announced. He also said that he would support us and that we could consult him.

The reason Hislo became an instructor for the Northern Dorms instead of the Eastern Dorms is because of difference in fighting strength. His philosophy is adversity builds character so to him there is more merit in training the weak to be strong then training those who are already strong. Because Fii asked for special instruction Hislo was giving her extra training. The training was severe but designed to help Fii.

Speaking of the Knight in charge of the Eastern Dorm, Fii only saw him a few times but she kinda remembered him. She remembered that he was a gentle knight who looked as thin as a stick with posture as straight as a line.

With such tough adversaries the apprentice knights from the northern dormitory were depressed.Even though all the team members were chosen, everyone walked around like soulless dolls with no purpose.1

As for Fii and the others they were practicing in secret.
Every day Fii is considering various strategies and investigating the enemy for any possible weaknesses.

After several days of considering various strategies, investigating the enemy for possible weaknesses, and training with Gorms, Fii started thinking that it was impossible to win the match against Luca.

Gorms and Doug’s main training method is to fight against each other.

Slad and Remié train by having two against one matches against Gorms or Doug.

To be honest, Fii was short of practice partners though.

From the Northern Dorms only Gorms and Doug were at the same level as the opponents.
Gorms and Doug wanted to do a few things with Fii, Slad and Remié to raise their abilities. They can’t afford to spend to much time working with them though because they have their own practice matches.
Slad and Remié are practicing with Gorms and Doug to help them get a bit more powerful. Unfortunately they are facing opponents who are not just powerful but are skilled as well. Then there was Fii whose battle pattern and physique were too unique so it was impossible for the others to train with her.

Even if Fii searched it would be impossible to find such a powerful person like Gorms, even though she really wanted a lot of practice partners.

At lunchtime, Fii decided to go to the library instead of practicing.
She figured that there was no point in looking at the rules anymore.

Fii couldn’t think of a strategy to win against Luca, so she was looking for a book to give her some idea’s.

Today Fii grabbed a suitable book and started returning to her seat. She almost made a surprised face when she noticed who was coming from the other direction.

“Hey, you are a boy from the Northern dormitory right?”

The person who was about to pass Fii was none other then her opponent Luca.

“Yes, I’m Heath.”

When Fii told him her name, he looked a little surprised.

“Oh, so you’re my opponent then?“

Both sides had decided their order of participation in within a week, and the opponents have already been confirmed. There doesn’t seem to be any fluctuating in either of the Dormitory’s decision.

Hearing Fii, Luca laughed at the absurdity of it.

“Man, it seems that the people in the northern dormitory are terribly frightened, since they have obviously abandoned the competition. It would be as easy as stealing candy from a baby to win against a kid like you.
“I am probably the same age as you, you never know I may even win.”

Fii glares at him.2

“Well, I thought something was wrong with a child coming in here, but guess your not a kid huh. Why are you doing coming to the library, when you should be practicing for the competition?”
“I came to look for ways to defeat you, why are you here?”

Fii honestly mentioned the reason why she came to the library, there was no point in hiding her motive.

“I hope that you can find it.”

Luca said that while looking down at his feet with a cheeky grin on his face, then he showed Fii the book in his arms. It was a dancing textbook called Dancing at Evening Parties.

“Because I have you as an opponent, I can only read books like this to kill time. Well, since I’m a son of a noble, this isn’t wasted time.
I envy Rizil and Percil who got a good opponents.”

This just went to show that Luca considered Fii’s match to be already won and out of the way.
Obviously, he didn’t consider Fii a threat at all.

“Well, I don’t think you will find a way to defeat me in here, but do your best. That way when you lose, you’ll have shown yourself doing your best. The captains may remember you a little better then.”

Luca then turned to leave.

However he paused for a second and turned back to say one final thing.

“Oh, but don’t try too hard on the actual day.”

In just a split second Luca had moved in front of Fii. He then lifted his face again to look Fii in the eyes and smiled at Fii’s look of surprise.3

“Even if you are a man, I’ll feel guilty if I mistakenly scratch your cute face.”

Luca whispered, chuckling as he left.

Fii stood frozen while looking at his back.
Suddenly in Fii’s head it was like a light turn on.

When Fii returned to the northern dormitory, there were a lot of apprentice knights with wooden swords gathered at the training center.
Last week, the boys who looked like soulless dolls would return to the dormitory after a minimum amount of training. Today though they looked alive and energetic.

“Everyone is helping us train.”

Remié happily told Fii who was returning from the library.

“I sorry, I was being miserable”
“We have also gotten over it. We may not be part of the team, but we have decided to help with everyone with practice!”

Fii said to the apprentices knights with a refreshing face.

“The team has decided to have closed door practices. I’ve also been told that I’m getting better, so there is no need for your help.”4
“Ugh … …”
“Well, don’t say that … ….”

The teenage apprentice who was appointed to talk for the others, sat down discouraged.
Fii laughed.

“It’s a joke … Thanks for offering your cooperation, it will be a great help!”
“Oh, oh … … Please tell me if there’s anything, I want to help! I will help with anything I can!”

All the apprentice knights in the Northern dormitory began to in practicing together.
The practice that Fii asked for was quite unique though.

“Heath is this really OK?”
“Yeah, please do it“

It was an exercise to catch the opponents sword strikes.
Which was an unusual move for Fii who often avoided, diverted, or forced the opponent’s attacks, but at the same time it was practice specialized in defense.

“Don’t you have to practice your attacks? You may be warned and possibly disqualified.”
“It’s all right, I’m doing this to try to win”

Fii smiled and nodded, she knew Gorms was worried about her weakness of being unable to attack.