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Chapter 91

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I’ll Live My Second Life! – Chapter 91


The referee announces that was a foul play. Fii has being fortified.
The East’s dormitory claimed their first victory with a dumbfounded faces.
Fii protested to the referee when she heard out of it.

“Wa..a, why?”
“Using weapons other than the sword are prohibited”
Speaking of course, it was a common sense.
Fii stares at the referee with a killing look.

“That was orange juice from today breakfast, it was not a weapon.”
A death-eye with a cloudy looks, back on the referee face.
Grom already taught Fii about the rules so hard, but the outcome still end up meh………

Sprinkled the juice from his mouth as to stumbles out the weak point by bringing her face closer when he come into contact. Then, attack at full power where the motion had stopped.


She just improvises one point as what she learned from the captain.
Fii believes that was a perfect strategy and feels proud about it.

The referee showed a twisted face in his clear eyes and drenched with sweat.
However, as a matter of course, there is no way it can be accepted……….
“Hrmm, there are no ways I can accept such an excuse!! Even if it does not seem to be the case, it is useless! The previous act was contradicted from chivalry!”

It clearly was written in the rule book.
In addition to “Weapons other than the sword should not be used”, “An appropriated action against the chivalry is prohibited”.
Fe feels dissatisfied.


“Eh, that rule is too ambiguous!” (TN: Double meaning)
“There were nothing ambiguous, any more words are useless! Knights should fight fair and square!”
Fii becomes sulky.

“You narrow-minded chivalry! Strategies also part of chivalry”
She raises his hand and shouts out the protest speech all alone.(TN : Like a public demonstration)
And then, someone grasps his back.

“Hey heath, what with this fuss about”
Grom stands behind Fii with a grin face.
He grasps the nape and drags Fii back to bench.
Heath with an irritated face stares at the referee while being dragged.


Watching this situation, the captains of the knights who came to see it became irritated.
“Well, what with this apprentice knight …?!”
“Whose corps on earth this apprentice knight belong too!”

“It was m…..”


At such moment, the knight captains who were making noise blew their face and deflected their eyes awkwardly.
“Ermm, that was your my L …….”
“Hahaha…. What a healthy child ……”

Only Zephyrs was laughing loudly in such situation.


“Hahaha, if I can put funny things in it. I guess, I will use poison fog in the next games!”
“It still won in the actual war,”


As York saw Heath was dragged away, he sighed a little disappointed.
“Oh yeah, this girlfriend will make a bad habit if you spoiling her too much.”
Zephyrs was laughing joyfully making fun of him.

“Wha, what was that… ….”

These were the seat where people in the East lodge gathered.
Looking at the result of the game, Carneg murmured.

Win is a win.
However, the mood of East lodging seem had being stuck by a lightning.
Everyone was puzzled due to the events that occurred in the game just before.


In the seat of the northern dormitory, Gorm releases his arms and looking down at the dragged Heath while making a disgusted face.
“*Sigh*….Every time we meet as an apprentice knight from the time to times, you keep going away from the existence of knights more and more …”


Originally the dirty behavior of Fii was famous among the northern dormitories.
Even in the simulated battle, they procured hidden weapons and dummy instruments made off a wood which were less dangerous. Likely, they were learned to handle them even before they knew it.


Some people said that, they do not need them beforehand and stops taking a part with the lessons.
However, some people such as Gorm that already faces with that state, taking this seriously.
In actual warfare it does not always a fight between knights.
In the battle, Fii which is good in handling hidden weapons has a lot of advantage when considering actual war.

Some times in training hall, she even brought in a mysterious wooden sword with a sharp-edged, which had been camouflaged exactly like a wooden sword for training, it was reported to Gorm and had been scolding about 3 hours of preaching.


Heath has 2 wins, 10 losses and 3 losses out of 33 draws are foul players.


And Heath was hopelessly unsuited fighting with a sword.
In the physical term, there are limit for Fii to become strong with just an ordinary swordsmanship. Although she deviated greatly along the side street, everyone in the North’s dormitory respects each other.


To cross the bridges and overcome the differences, that is why Heath mostly using his dark-side.

So, likely to be said this result was in a certainly way as expected.
Grom was extremely correct in his judgment whose left Heath as a forerunner. She will mess up everything.


… ….


“Well, here comes the real thing! Put the stuff away, I will win this match as planned!”
A boy comes down from the seat of east dormitory.
One of the members of the east dormitory, Razil. It is not as famous as Heath’s opponent Rookies, but he is not an opponent who can be beaten easily.
It is one of the powerful people who can resonates their name in this generation.

“Well, I’m going!”
“Good luck! Slad!”