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illicit relationship - Chapter 158

Published at 26th of March 2020 10:35:06 AM

Chapter 158

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Because it was already 03:03 pm and they were unable to go to all the places that Yun Xin Er wanted to visit, they decided to go to Shanghai River .

Shanghai River was a very famous and beautiful place, especially in the afternoon . It was a 120 kilometers long river with 500 wide and an average depth of ten meters .

Shanghai River also has clean water without any scattered rubbish, but you wouldn't find any food or beverage sellers there because the government didn't want the place to be soiled by food wrappers or leftovers .

Shanghai River wasn't only the biggest river in Shanghai, but it was also the river which separated Nanli district and Wanhui district .

In Shanghai city, there were three districts; Jiazu district, Nanli district, and Wanhui district .

Jiazu district was located in the west of Shanghai . The people who lived in the Jiazu district came from lower-class families with only a few middle-class families .

Xiao Xiao's home and his company, Ye Xueyin's coffee shop, Lin Xing Xue's house, Shi Fei's apartment, Yon restaurant, were also located in this district .

The Nanli district was located in the middle of Shanghai or better known as the center of Shanghai . This district was famous for its shopping centers and restaurants because many big malls, delicious and luxury restaurants, and others were located in this district, such as Autumn restaurant, Bamboo restaurant, Yuwen Mall, and many more .

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Xiao Tian's offline shop, Couple Café, and Yonhan beach were also located in this Nanli district .

And Wanhui district was located in the east of Shanghai . This district was known as a special district because all of the upper-class families lived here .

After driving for several minutes, they finally arrived at the Shanghai River . With a smile on their faces, they came out of the car and marched toward the Shanghai River .

"As expected, this place is so popular . It's still 03:20 pm, and many people have come to this place" even though Yun Xin Er knew that many people would come to Shanghai River, she still wanted to visit it because Shanghai River was a good place for a date .

"Well, because this place is famous . Many people even said that if you go to Shanghai, but you don't visit the Shanghai River, that means you haven't gone to Shanghai . " Xiao Tian didn't know why Yun Xin Er decided to visit the Shanghai River .

Even though it was a beautiful place, but because many people visit Shanghai River every day, Xiao Tian thought that it wasn't the best place for them to spend time together .

Actually, Xiao Tian preferred a place with fewer people because he believed in an area with fewer people; it would be more enjoyable for them to spend time together .

However, after seeing her happy face, Xiao Tian had no choice but to agree because he didn't want to make her sad by refusing it .

But still, Xiao Tian thought Yun Xin Er chose the wrong place . It wasn't because he didn't like Shanghai River or something like that, but it was because they were famous people . Xiao Tian guessed that soon, they would be surrounded by their fans .

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"Little brother, do you like this place?" while holding both of his hands, Yun Xin Er was walking backward .

"Yes . I like this place . " Even though Xiao Tian thought that it would be better to visit other places, but he didn't say it . "Big sister Yun, don't walk backward . It's dangerous . Not only for you but others as well . "

"It's fine . You will protect me, right?" because it wasn't crowded, Yun Xin Er decided to keep walking backward . At this time, she wanted to continue looking at his face . That was why she kept walking back .

Xiao Tian could only sigh when he knew that she didn't want to listen to him . Xiao Tian only hoped that nothing would happen to her later .

And what Xiao Tian had guessed before was right because many people began to realize Yun Xin Er's whereabouts .

"Hey, isn't that Yun Xin Er?"


"Over there . "

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"Ah! You're right . it's the famous singer Yun Xin Er . "

"Let's take a picture with her and get her autograph . "

"Let's go . "

Then several people walked toward Yun Xin Er and Xiao Tian . And not only that, but the people in other places also began to aware of her existence . For this reason, more people approached Yun Xin Er .

Yun Xin Er, who was smiling happily and enjoying her time with Xiao Tian, didn't know about all of this . But when she saw that many people walking toward her, Yun Xin Er knew that her wonderful time with Xiao Tian would get disturbed by her fans soon . For this reason, Yun Xin Er wanted to run, but she was late because her fans were already close to her .

Yun Xin Er had no choice but to give autographs to her fans and also take a picture with them . Yun Xin Er suddenly apprehended that she shouldn't choose a place with many people around it . But because she was late in realizing it, she only hoped that Xiao Tian would help her quickly .

Xiao Tian knew that she needed his help . Earlier, because Yun Xin Er's fans wanted to take a picture with her or get her autograph, Xiao Tian was pushed back by them .

But when Xiao Tian wanted to save Yun Xin Er, several women also noticed him . For this reason, he was also surrounded by them . Because Xiao Tian didn't want to be rude, he planned to take pictures with them three times or four times before helping Yun Xin Er escape from her fans .

When Yun Xin Er saw that Xiao Tian was surrounded by many women, a sense of jealousy could be seen on her face .

Yun Xin Er knew that Xiao Tian was a famous person too, but she didn't expect that all the people who surrounded him were female .

Today was a day for them to spend time together, not him with other women . For this reason, Yun Xin Er wanted to walk toward him and drag him to somewhere else . However, because her fans also surrounded her, she could only look at him .

After giving three autographs and taking pictures four times, Xiao Tian told his fans that they could get a signature or take a picture with him again in the future .

Xiao Tian then walked toward Yun Xin Er, and with great effort, he could take her hands and help her escape from her fans .

As they were running from their fans, Yun Xin Er's face broke into a smile . Even though she was jealous when he was surrounded by many women earlier, but when she saw Xiao Tian trying to help her, the feeling of jealousy turned into happiness .

At first, their fans ran after them, but because Xiao Tian and Yun Xin Er kept running, their fans finally gave up and stopped chasing them . When they saw that their fans didn't chase after them, they decided to stop running .

"Big sister Yun, let's find for a place with fewer people," Xiao Tian said .

"Un" Yun Xin Er nodded her head

Then they looked for a place with fewer people, hand in hand .

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