illicit relationship - Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

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Around twenty minutes later, a woman was coming toward him . She was wearing masker with big black glasses, making everyone can't see her face . She was also wearing a red hat with the tip of the hat points down and there was a scarf that wrapped around her neck .

To put it simply, nobody can see her face at all but her fit T-shirt was showing her perfect figure and her long legs that look beautiful in her jeans, added with high heels, she looked like a perfect woman, tall, beautiful and sexy .

She was suddenly sitting in front of Xiao Tian, Xiao Tian who was stunned immediately asked " is it you big sister Yun? "

" un it's me . " said Yun Xin Er .

Not long after that, one of the employees was coming and gave her the menu . After she ordered longjing green tea, around five minutes later the employee was coming with longjing green tea .

After the employee placed lonjing green tea on the table, he immediately said " please enjoy " before he left

" thank you " she said to the employee

" I've never thought little brother like drinking green tea in the morning? Men usually like to drink coffee in the morning " she asked Xiao Tian abruptly

" well for me, there is no difference between drinking tea or coffee, it's just today I really want to drink a tea " he said honestly, then he continued "ah right, I still haven't congratulated big sister because your album is a big success . "

After her album was launched, wherever he was, he always heard everyone talking about Yun Xin Er's album . Even his song ' illusion ' was always played in various stores .

Hearing that, she smiled and said " Thank you . It's thanks to little brother's song that making my album is a big hit . I'm coming here especially because I'd like to thank little brother, so does little brother need something? "

" You don't need to thank me big sister Yun, you already bought my song and for me, being able to spend time with big sister Yun is already more than enough so I don't need anything anymore " he said as he smiled

"little brother is really has a sweet tongue . oh right little brother, because how popular my album is, a lot of my fans want me to immediately do a live concert " she said

Hearing that he was happy because it means he can immediately start his business . He immediately asked " when is big sister live concert? what is the theme of big sister's concert this time? "

" two weeks from now and the theme is broken girl . " she said

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" alright, I understand . I'll prepare the dress as soon as possible " he said with determination

She looked at him and said seriously " un . Remember this big sister only wear your designer dress if it's fit the theme and it's worth for me to wear it "

" don't worry, big sis will definitely like it " he said

" oh you look confident . " she said

" of course . Just wait until big sister sees my designer dress, I'm sure big sister immediately wants to wear my dress " he said proudly

" oh . then this big sister is looking forward to it " she said

" ok just wait . Today is a big day for me, not only I can start my business soon but I can even spend time with big sister . Look like heaven is really loving me " he said as he smiled

Hearing that, she said " does that mean this big sister is beautiful in little brother eyes? "

" un, beautiful is not enough to describe big sister Yun . Big sister is like a fairy in my eyes, making me can't stop thinking about big sister all the time " he said as he smiled

" so little brother means little brother always thinking about this big sister ? " she asked seductively

" of course . For example, yesterday morning I couldn't eat because I was thinking about big sister Yun, at afternoon I also couldn't eat again because I was thinking about big sister Yun again and at night I couldn't sleep because . . . . I was starving . . hahaha " he said as he laughed

" hahaha . Talking with little brother is very soothing, never get boring . Not only little brother is good with a sweet word but also funny . " she said as she laughed

And after that, they were talking about an hour before she left because she still has a schedule to attend .


Next day at 06 . 00 p . m Xiao Tian was walking with Lin Xing Xue . That day he deliberately waited for her to finish her work so he could spend time with her .

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Along on the road, they were talking, joking and of course, they were holding hand while they were walking .

But at that time, there was a beautiful young woman . That young woman was stunned when she saw how lovey-dovey Xiao Tian and Lin Xing Xue were .

Looking at them like that, suddenly an evil smile appeared on her face . she immediately walking toward them and stopped in front of them

She suddenly hit Xiao Tian and said " honey . How…how could you do this to me? I love you this much and already scarify everything for you and here you…you're cheating on me? what did I do wrong? Please tell me… . please . . "

Tears fell down on her cheek as she kept hitting him . At that time she was like a girl who lost her lover, a lover that means the world to her .

Xiao Tian was stunned at that time

What is this? why did Yun Xin Er suddenly acting like this ? and since when we are a lover? he thought to himself

Lin Xing Xue didn't say a single word at that time, she was shocked when suddenly Yun Xin Er was crying in front of her while saying Xiao Tian was cheating on her . She didn't know that Xiao Tian was Yun Xin Er's lover .

Lin Xing Xue turned her head and looked at Xiao Tian with puzzlement .

" honey… please don't leave me… I'm sorry if I did something that makes you hate me but please come back to me " said Yun Xin Er as she wiping her tears off with her sleeve .

" Tian . This is… . " Lin Xing Xue didn't know what to say at that moment and can only look at him .

Xiao Tian was looking at Yun Xin Er, he was trying to find a reason why she did this to him . he looked at Yun Xin Er as he thinking .

Wait, last time we met, she didn't act like this… wait wait…

Suddenly an evil smile appeared on his face .

Oh, don't tell me she wants to play around with me and disturb my beautiful moment with little Xue . Hehe, you have to pay the price for disturbing my beautiful moment, I even haven't used my trump card to seduce little Xue . He thought to himself

He suddenly hugged Yun Xin Er and said " love . Sorry for cheating . It's because you always work and don't have time for me . I even don't remember when the last time we spend time together, I'm lonely, love . . lonely… that why I'm cheating on you"

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At that time, when Lin Xing Xue heard his word and understand that he is Yun Xin Er's lover, she suddenly felt something on her heart . She felt like there was a knife stabbing her heart . she looked at him sorrowfully but she didn't say a single word and only looked at him .

" it's alright but please come back to me . . . please . . " said Yun Xin Er as she plea

" love . I can do that but please understand me, now my heart is not only for you but also for her " he said as he held Lin Xing Xue's right hand .

" Tian… " said Lin Xing Xue . She didn't want to hurt Yun Xin Er but at that time she also didn't want to lose him . she was wavering at what should she do or say at that moment .

" honey…you mean…you want to… . " said Yun Xin Er sorrowfully

He suddenly held Yun Xin Er's hand and kissed her forehead " love, don't worry, I'll love you equally . I'll make both of you happy . Please understand, now I can't choose between both of you because I love little Xue too "

When he kissed her forehead, Yun Xin Er widened her eyes and immediately said " alright, let's stop it, I don't want to continue this acting anymore . little brother, you bad boy . You even taking advantage of this big sister on our acting and kissed this big sister forehead "

" what? Why did we stop? I even haven't kissed big sister lips . Ahh what a pity " he said as he sighed

" what you want to kiss this big sister lips " said Yun Xin Er in surprised

" un . If I were acting, I always act all the way " he said as he smiled

Hearing that, Lin Xing Xue was stunned .

What is this? they're acting all this time? so he is not miss Yun's lover? she thought to herself

" Tian… this " Lin Xing Xue wanted to ask him to make sure if they were really acting or not

" little Xue . We were acting . hoo . Did little Xue get jealous? " he teased Lin Xing Xue

Lin Xing Xue didn't answer him and only looked at him but at that time, she didn't know why she suddenly happy when she heard they were only acting .

" miss . We were acting so don't get jealous . But you should blame your lover too because he takes advantage and kissed my forehead " said Yun Xin Er

Hearing Yun Xin Er saying that she was his lover, Lin Xing Xue suddenly felt shy . Even though he always says she was his lover but it's different when the one who's saying that was other people . That's why she only lowered her head and didn't answer Yun Xin Er .

" little brother, look . Your lover is shy right now . " teased Yun Xin Er

Xiao Tian immediately grabbed Lin Xing Xue waist and said " hehe big sister . Sometimes, my lover is a shy person so don't tease her too often, understand? "

" hey . " shouted Lin Xing Xue as she pinched his waist

" ahh . Love . Please stop pinching my waist . " He shouted

" hahaha . Miss don't stop . Do it harder " said Yun Xin Er as she laughed

" love, stop it . come, hold my hand, let's continue our lovey-dovey moment earlier " he said as he raised his hand, asking Lin Xing Xue to hold his hand

At that time, Lin Xing Xue didn't take his hand but he suddenly held her hand and said " alright . Let's go "
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" un " Lin Xing Xue nodded

" hey . Wait for me " said Yun Xin er

" little Xue . Did you hear something ? " he asked Lin Xing Xue

" no " Lin Xing Xue shook her head as she smiled

" oh . it seems it's just my imagination . alright let's go " he said to Lin Xing Xue

" alright . " said Lin Xing Xue

" hey . I'm here . Don't treat me like an air " shouted Yun Xin Er