illicit relationship - Chapter 49

Published at 19th of October 2019 02:39:45 PM

Chapter 49

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In the morning after he had breakfast, he immediately went to Lin Xing Xue's house to tell her the good news .

as he walked, a huge smile appeared on his face and it was because he saw that hundred people ordered dresses in his online shop .

last night, when he laid down on the bed before he went to sleep, he idly checked the latest video of Yun Xin Er's concert on the internet .

after browsing for a few minutes, Xiao Tian finally found someone with the YouTube account name 'Yun Xin Er is my goddess' had uploaded Yun Xin Er's latest concert on his YouTube channel .

after he finished watching Yun Xin Er's video and knew that Yun Xin Er had promoted his online shop, he immediately checked his online shop .

at first, it's only thirty persons who ordered the dresses on his online shop but when after he had breakfast, he checked again and saw the order on his online shop went from thirty to a hundred .

his aunt and mother were happy when he told them about that and said that they'll help him if he needs something .

not long after that, he arrived on Lin Xing Xue's home and knocked on the door

" little Xue, your handsome lover have come . Please open the door " he said

Not long after that, the sound of the door opened by someone could be heard and when he saw the person who opened the door, he immediately smiled and said " good morning, little Xue "

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" morning " said Lin Xing Xue as she smiled

" here, a sign of my love for you . " he said as he gave her a bouquet of breadsticks .

When she saw a bouquet of breadsticks on his hands, she giggled and said " what is this ? "

" of course a bouquet of breadsticks . " he said .

" I know . but thy did you give me a bouquet of breadsticks? do you want me to become a fat woman? " said Lin Xing Xue jokingly

hearing her words, he immediately put his right hand on his chest and said " even though you become fat woman later, I as your lover will still love you the same . "

She smiled and said " what a glib tongue "

" wait… I think it'd be better if you become fat lady because if you were fat, no one will snatch you from me " he said jokingly

Hearing that she immediately said " hey . I don't want that . isn't you like it more if I still look sexy and beautiful "
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" as long as it's you . I don't care and will love you until the world torn into pieces " he said as he looked at her lovingly " come here . Give your lover a good morning kiss "

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She turned her head and said" ah, I need to put the breadsticks on the dining table "

seeing she wanted to pretend to put the breadsticks on the dining table, he touched her chin and kissed her pink lips, and as usual, she let him kisses her . She even closed her eyes like she wanted to enjoy his kiss .

" wow, what a lovey-dovey couple, making me envy . " suddenly a voice rang out

hearing that, they immediately broke the kiss and looked at the source of the voice .

" Shi Fei . Why are you here ? " he asked with puzzlement .

Why is she here? did she sleep at Lin Xing Xue's house last night? but why? he thought to himself

Shi Fei ignored his question . she suddenly run and jumped " little brother, catch me "

seeing Shi Fei who was suddenly jumped on him, he immediately caught her and said " hey . . suddenly jump on me like this is dangerous, you know "

Shi Fei smiled and said " hehe . I know little brother will catch me "

looking at her acting like that, he smiled and wanted to put her down but when he wanted to put her down, Shi Fei suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck and locked her legs around his waist .

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" sigh . . . what are you doing? hurry up and get down " he said as he sighed

" I want a good morning kiss too . " said Shi Fei

" heyyy " shouted Lin Xing Xue

" Xue, don't be selfish . share him with me " said Shi Fei

" why him ? " said Lin Xing Xue

" because I want him as my boyfriend . Xue, you still haven't accepted him as your boyfriend yet so Am I wrong if I want to be his girlfriend? " asked Shi Fei

At this time, Lin Xing Xue opened her mouth like she wanted to say something but decided against it because she realized that they haven't officially become a lover but there was a feeling of jealous when Lin Xing Xue heard that Shi Fei want Xiao Tian to become her lover .

" get down " said Lin Xing Xue as she forced Shi Fei down .

after that, Lin Xing Xue immediately dragged him to the guest room and said " sit here and wait . I'll bring you a tea and biscuit "

" un " he nodded

a few minutes later, Lin Xin Xue came back with tea and biscuit on her hands . after she placed the tea and the biscuit on the table, she smiled and said " here your tea and biscuit, Tian "

" thank you . " he said as he smiled

Then Shi Fei, Lin Xing Xue, and Xiao Tian sat in the guest room together but at that time, he suddenly had an idea and suddenly a smile appeared on his face . He grabbed Lin Xing Xu waist and made her sit on his lap

" kya " Lin Xing Xue was surprised when he suddenly made her sit on his lap .

" you . . roque . I almost have a heart attack because of you " said Lin Xing Xue while hitting him gently

" if you get heart attack, I'll take care of you " he said as he smiled

" again with that sweet talk of yours " said Lin Xing Xue

" but you like it right ? " he asked as he touched her cheek

" un . I like it " said Lin Xing Xue as she smiled

Looking at them who acted like a couple who's in love, Shi Fei said with a scowl " hey . I'm here too . Little brother at least, let me act lovey-dovey with you too "

" just sit quietly over there," said Lin Xing Xue as she smiled