illicit relationship - Chapter 56

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Chapter 56

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They still kept rubbing each other's private places using their feet for a few minutes . until finally, she couldn't hold it anymore and went under the table .

" Ahhh . Mr . Huge Dick is pitiful . You must be in pain holding back " she said as she rubbed his dick through his trousers using her hands .


As the sound of a zipper being unzipped echoed in her ears, a smile appeared on her face when she saw his huge erect dick in front of her face .

" Mr . Huge Dick, we meet again, " she said as she placed his dick on her face, sniffing and rubbing his dick with her hands .

Xiao Tian, on the other hand, almost laughed when he heard her talking with his dick . At that time, he didn't do anything and only letting her do what she wants .

" ah . . it's so hot . Mr . Huge Dick, you already came inside my mouth this morning . Here, come inside my mouth again " she said .

She immediately opened her little mouth and let out her tongue, after that, she licked his lower dick's head a few more times before taking his dick's head into her little mouth .

" oohhh " he groaned when he felt that she was licking his sensitive dick area and when she suddenly put the head of his dick inside her little mouth .

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Not long after that, she put his whole dick inside her little mouth and moved her head forward and backward a few times before she let go of his dick again .

"Hehe . how is it Mr . Huge Dick? Did you like my little mouth? did you like it when you're deep inside my throat? " she said as she looked at his dick lustfully

Hearing that, Xiao Tian looked under the table and said " Fei, why are you talking with my dick? my dick can't answer you, you know? "

" Well, it's because talking with you at this moment is hard so I decided to talk with your dick instead, " she said " Isn't it the same? it's your dick so it means I'm talking with you, it's just that you can't answer me . that all "

Hearing that, he rolled his eyes and said " well, do as you please "

" Hehe . Do you hear that Mr . Huge Dick? Your owner is letting me do as I please to you "

Using her right hand, she moved his dick to the left side while she moved her head to the right side before she licked the lower tip of his dick again .

He was shivering a little when she licks his most sensitive dick area but he immediately acted as if nothing happened . At this time, he felt that her skills were different from this morning, she's more skillful in playing and licking his dick .

At this time, he felt really uncomfortable around testicles so he letting testicle out from his trousers .

When she saw that he was letting out the testicle , she stopped licking the lower part of the tip of his dick . She immediately licked the part between the testicle and after licking a few more times, she puts one of his dick testicles into her mouth and sucked it hard .

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He gritted his teeth when she took one of the testicles into her mouth and sucked it hard .

After three seconds of sucking one of testicle hard, she pulled away from her head .


The testicle was out of her mouth .

after the testicles were out of her mouth, she immediately licked the testicle again and made her way to the tip of his dick

She licked the tip of his dick several times before finally she put the tip of his dick into her little mouth again and moved her left hand up and down on his dick while she skillfully sucked his dick and didn't forget to move her tongue to stimulate the tip of his dick

After a few minutes of sucking his dick, she knew that he was about to cum . She immediately moved her head faster and faster .

Feeling that he can't hold it any longer and was about to cum, Xiao Tian gritted his teeth and cummed inside her mouth .

She stopped her movements when she felt his sperm inside her mouth and after a few seconds, he finished his cum .

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after he finished cumming inside her mouth, she immediately let out his dick from her mouth and showed him the sperm inside her little mouth .

Seeing that, he smiled and said " un . Good . "


The sound of her drinking his sperm could be heard on his ears . After she drank his sperm, she smiled and said, " Thank you for the meal . "

" Did it taste delicious ? " he asked her

" un . It's very delicious " she said as she smiled

" you look so sexy when you showed me the sperm in your mouth, " he said as he looked at her

"really? it's a pity you didn't take a picture of it " she said

" ah . Now that you've mentioned it, it really is a pity, right? " he said,

" un . a pity " she said as she nodded

" Come here, let me see the mouth that sucked my dick hungrily a moment ago, " he said as he grabbed her face closer .

" here, " she said as she opened her mouth widely and let her tongue out .

Saliva fell down from her tongue . Using his left hand, he played with her tongue, touching her tongue, squeezing or pulling her tongue before he finally played with her tongue using both of his hands .
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She kept opening her mouth, letting him play with her tongue as he pleases . He held her tongue using his left hand while playing with every inch of her tongue with his right hand .

After playing for a few minutes, she suddenly closed her mouth and licked his fingers that were inside her mouth .

" How is it, little brother . did my tongue satisfy you ? " she asked him

" un . This tongue is sexy and perverted . It's a perfect tongue for my dick " he said

" hehe . I'm glad to hear it . this pervert tongue will satisfy you from now on and you can do whatever you want with this tongue of mine " she said as she smiled .

" good, " he said as he nodded .

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