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Chapter 237: 237

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A natural body made of Dao?

‘He wants me to be his student?’

Li Nianfan was stumped.

Perhaps this was his hidden talent?

He was slightly excited. He asked, “Sir, I don’t have Spiritual Root. Can I still cultivate?”

“You don’t have Spiritual Root?” The black robed man was baffled. He looked at the Fire Phoenix that was perched on Li Nianfan. Then, he immediately denied it, “Impossible! Your bird isn’t ordinary either. How could you not have Spiritual Root?”

It seemed like it was useless since he did not have a Spiritual Root.

Li Nianfan smiled awkwardly and said, “Sir, I just coincidentally befriended it out of luck. Truthfully, I’m just an ordinary man.”

“You’re an ordinary man?” The black-robed man was dumbfounded. He stared at Li Nianfan. After multiple confirmations, he exclaimed like he was attacked, “You’re just an ordinary man! But you’re a natural body made of Dao. Why don’t you have Spiritual Root? It’s not justified, it’s not justified!”

He looked weirdly at Li Nianfan.

He was a natural body made of Dao, which meant he was extremely compatible with Dao. Every move he made would be delicate yet powerful. He was blessed. He would be unstoppable with cultivation training and if he were to become a swordsman, his swordsmanship would be off the charts.

However, he did not have any powers. It meant he did not have a Spiritual Root!

A natural body made of Dao would improve over time even without cultivation.

Li Nianfan felt like it was necessary to correct him, “Sir, it’s ‘just’. Not ‘justified’.”

He saw that carp on the surface of the lake. It was blowing bubbles while looking at Li Nianfan. He was instantly happy.

He bent down and waved. He said, “Little Carp, be careful next time. Don’t get easily captured.”


Then, Lin Mufeng swooped down, too. He smiled at Li Nianfan, “Mr. Li.”

Li Nianfan saluted, “Brother Lin, who knew I’d run into you here, too.”

Lin Mufeng was slightly scared. He said, “Mr. Li, I’m here with the Immortal. I’m sorry for disturbing you.”

Li Nianfan smiled and said, “It’s not a bother at all. Do you want to get onto the raft?”

He looked at the black-robed man oddly. He did not expect him to also be an Immortal.

So many new Immortals in the Immortal Realm.


The black-robed man sighed defeatedly. He looked demotivated. He did not want to go to the Immortal Relic anymore. He hopped onto the boat with a dispirited look.

Lin Mufeng smiled apologetically, “Sorry for the disturbance.”

The Immortal on the boat made Li Nianfan slightly nervous, especially when he witnessed him disintegrate the other cultivator within seconds. He would be lying if he said he was not fazed by that.

He picked up the oar and rowed.

The Carp Demon unexpectedly followed the raft. It leaped out of the water from time to time, too, making splashes.

The Fire Phoenix stared at that white carp with sparkles in her eyes. She suddenly said, “Looks like that Carp Demon likes following us around. Why don’t I train it?”

“Nice!” Li Nianfan was instantly excited. He immediately said, “It’s a breakthrough for it to train with you! I think it’s a nice thing!”

He approved it wholeheartedly.

If the Fire Phoenix took the Carp Demon in as her student, it meant that she would be staying longer in the Immortal Realm. The Carp Demon was pure and naive. It must be touched by its hero that saved its life. It wanted to be thankful.

It could be a kind and helpful demon with the teachings of the Fire Phoenix.

Yes to that!

He dipped the bucket into the water. Then, he waved and said, “Little carp, come over here.”

The little carp was hesitant.

Li Nianfan quickly tossed some orange slices into the water. He tempted it like a bad uncle, “You want some? Do you like fruits? I have a lot of delicious food here. It’s tasty.”

Meanwhile, Lin Mufeng wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. He calmed his racy heart.

That was a torturous sight. A sight that was bad for his heart. Thankfully, he did not make a huge mistake. Otherwise…

Lin Mufeng felt a shiver go down his spine again. He did not want to think about it. He almost cried.

He looked at the dazed black-robed man and rolled his eyes. The ignorant were always fearless!

The black-robed man asked in a calm tone, “You seem upset?”

Lin Mufeng took a deep breath. In a trembling voice, he said cautiously, “Immortal, you almost got into huge trouble!”

The black-robed man smiled and said proudly, “Ha, I’m never afraid of getting into trouble! Tell me about it. Entertain me.”

Lin Mufeng shook his head. He sighed quietly and said, “Remember the expert I told you about on the way here? That’s the expert!”

“It’s him?” asked the black-robed man.

“That’s him! For a bigshot, it doesn’t matter if he’s a natural body made of Dao. It’s nothing even if he’s a Saint body, God body, or Invincible body.” Lin Mufeng said, “Stop questioning it! Look at that lady next to him. That’s actually the Nine-Tailed Fox!”


The black-robed man arched his eyebrow when he looked at Daji.

He realized something was off. He could not read her cultivation. She should be an ordinary woman.

However… It proved that she was either an ordinary woman or he was inferior to her.

He looked at the little red bird bafflingly, too.

The Fire Phoenix did not hide her aura so he could instantly tell she was extraordinary. He thought she was just a little bird demon, but when he looked closely, he realized he could not read the cultivation of a tiny bird demon either!


He gasped and his eyes went wide. He could not accept it.

“Are you for real?” He could not stay calm. He was worried.

“It’s real. I told you on the way that the expert likes living as an ordinary man. You have to be careful next time!” Lin Mufeng secretly felt good.

‘Oh, you know how to gasp?

‘Where did your cool gusto go? Didn’t you say you wanted to be entertained?’

The black-robed man was dumbfounded.

“Did I just ask a bigshot to be my student?” His mind was buzzing. He had goosebumps all over while his heart raced. “No, I have to find a good land to bury myself!”

It was like a man asking his boss to work for him without knowing who was the actual boss. The moment of realization…was a cringy sensation!

Lin Mufeng quietly said, “It’s not that bad. At least you didn’t cross the line.”

“No, I have to make up for it! I have to save myself!”

He flicked his wrist and a jar of alcohol appeared. He slowly walked toward Li Nianfan.

“Mister, I was impolite just now. Please, pardon me.”

“You’re too courteous, Immortal. It’s not a big deal.” Li Nianfan waved and said in a slightly pitiful tone, “Too bad I don’t have Spiritual Root. I’ve disappointed you, Immortal.”

The black-robed man jumped.

The expert was clearly blaming him! He held a grudge!

He started to sweat. He said, “Mister, I heard from Cultivator Lin that you’re talented and educated. You can do things no one can. You’re incredibly respectable even if you can’t cultivate. Cheers to you!”

“Haha, thanks a lot,” laughed Li Nianfan. It was very effective. “Orange?”

The black-robed man respectfully accepted the orange. “Thanks.”

He still felt uneasy. Then, he ate the orange.

Suddenly, he felt a wave of Power Fragments go straight to his brain!

His eyes widened. He was excited yet terrified inside.

Power Fragments! It was Power Fragments!

He quickly looked at the orange and observed it. Was it a real orange?

Why would an orange like that exist?

Expert, the ultimate expert!

He twitched. How was he alive? Thankfully!

Li Nianfan asked curiously, “What? Is it not okay?”

“No, of course, it is!” The black-robed man put the whole orange into his mouth. “It’s too delicious. I’ve never tasted oranges like this before!”

Li Nianfan smiled and said in a slightly pleased voice, “Good, I planted it myself. It’s good enough to serve guests.”

Good enough to serve guests?

Only maniacs in the Immortal Realm would serve this orange to guests!

Was this the world of the bigshot?

He quickly adjusted his attitude and said, “Mister, I haven’t introduced myself. My name is Xiao Chengfeng. I’m a sword cultivator.”

Li Nianfan replied politely, “I’m Li Nianfan, an ordinary man.”

Xiao Chengfeng was slightly nervous. He said, “Mr. Li, I was too reckless to ask you to be my student just now. Please, don’t mind me.”

Li Nianfan asked curiously, “Brother Xiao, you’re great at cultivation. Why can’t you get a student?”

“It’s easy to take in a student, but hard to find one that I’m satisfied with.” Xiao Chengfeng shook his head. “There are too few genius cultivators and even fewer genius sword cultivators.”

“I see,” nodded Li Nianfan.

Xiao Chengfeng sighed softly.

It was one of his unsolvable problems.

It had been more than 7000 years. He did not grow or improve that whole time because he was at the end of his sword cultivation journey. He was lost.

If it kept going on like that, he could only wait for his death. Therefore, he needed a student to pass on his legacy.

Li Nianfan asked, “Brother Xiao, have you ever considered that your student doesn’t have to be a rare genius?”


Brother Xiao shook his head. “That won’t do. The most important thing for sword cultivation is natural talent. They can’t be a sword cultivator if they’re not a genius, right?”

The old man was a bit extreme. Cultivation required natural talent but it was wrong to rely purely on talents.

Li Nianfan was prepared to share his theory, especially in sword cultivation. He debated, “Brother Xiao, I think sword cultivation has nothing to do with natural talent. A thousand people can hold the sword and have a thousand ways of understanding swords. Ordinary people can hold the sword and point it at an Immortal, too, while Immortals can hold the sword but flee at the last moment. Swordsmanship comes from the heart. Why limit it to just talent?”