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Chapter 29

Adventure Preparations

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Being served a cup of tea while waiting until my card is done, I think about my plans after this as I drink the herb tea .

I don’t know what sort of exam it’ll be, but first of all it’s absolutely necessary for me to clear it .

Because the first commission should be harvesting, it seems I’ll be required to leave the Royal Capital .

If that’s the case then my departure at the earliest would be tomorrow, I’ll use today to go shopping .

First should be clothes ne . There appeared to be several shops which had them on the way here .

I’ll stop by and have a look while I return to the inn .

And then adventurer’s tools and equipment .

Since I don’t know where those stores are, I’ll ask at the reception desk .

If there’s still time afterwards, I’ll take a look at the shops that sells general goods and groceries .

I wonder if there’s enough time?


When I was thinking over my plans after this, my name was called out from the reception desk .

It wasn’t the male boss, but the lady who received me at the beginning .

Going to the reception desk, the lady handed me a silver card .

「Sakura Fujino-san, this is an adventurer’s card . Please press your finger on this section of the card . Your registration information will be displayed . Please show it to me . 」

I pinched the lower right section of the card as I was told, what appeared from the surface were the words-

「Sakura Fujino  15 years old  Human race  Rank: -  Notes: 」 .

While it was displayed, I held it towards the receptionist lady .

「I have verified it . Fujino-san, so you really are 15 years old ne…」

Didn’t I say that from the beginning…?

「How do you find out if I lied from that? How does it determine it?」

Since I’m interested, I asked .

「The entries are the words you said from when you first placed your hand on that crystal, that crystal fills in your words onto the card . If those words contain a lie, the entry will be blank . And again, from the blood it received,  it authenticates the person and analyses their age . Therefore, we’ll immediately understand from the card if false information was given . It’s required to have your card updated once every half-year . If it remains un-updated, the worst case is your registration will be erased . 」1

I see, that’s a convenient magic tool ne .

「The registered information is shared by every guild on the continent . Therefore, the card can be updated by the guild in every town . This magic tool was introduced 10 years ago, the management of it is surprisingly easy from what I’ve heard . 」

10 years ago huh . No wonder I didn’t have it within my knowledge .

「Ah, and about the exam, is it okay if I hear the contents of it?」

I almost forgot .

「That’s right, well then please receive this commission . The deadline is three days after you accept it, the content is harvesting Cebulj grass . The documents on Cebulj grass are filed on that shelf . 」

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A thin B5 sized wooden board was placed on the counter .

The commission’s contents was written on the surface of the wood,「Harvest: 10 of Cebulj grass  Reward: 3 silver coins  Time frame: 3 days  Rank: F」


The Cebulj grass is a popular medicinal plant often used to treat wounds, it can even treat fevers if you boil the root and drink it . They inhabit around riverbanks and sunny areas . Their appearance is similar to a mugwort plant .


Because I have an abundant knowledge on herbs and grasses related to medicinal plants from my previous life, it’s not necessary to look at the documents, but it would be better to pretend to have a look . Because the Cebulj grass is popular, it wouldn’t be too strange if I knew of it, but I’ve only just registered . It’s possible my actions will be seen by my surroundings . 2

「Will you be accepting now?」

「Three days huh . Is it possible to accept it tomorrow morning?」

I’ll lose one day if I accept it now .

「It’s possible . Well then tomorrow morning, please come to the reception desk . And also, please hand over your adventurer card to me, we will take care of it until you pass the exam . 」

Originally the card is given after passing the exam, in my case I was given it because of a false start . Because I have yet to pass, speaking of reasonable, it’s justified . 3

I handed over the card to the receptionist lady, while taking this opportunity, I ask about the things I thought of from the time I was waiting .

「Excuse me, could you tell me if you have any suggestions on any shops that sells adventurer tools and weapons?」

「Suggestions huh? U~n, let’s see . If you immediately turn left after leaving here, there’s a store for tools frequented by adventurers . In relations to weapons, on the street behind the guild in the direction of the Royal Castle, there is a store called『Garam’s Weapon Store』 . I hear those have good quality . 」

「I see, thank you very much . I’ll try going ne . 」

「Ahh, I think it’s better to wait until you’ve officially registered before getting weapons and armor . Because with an adventurer’s card, you’ll receive a 10% discount . 」

I don’t know how much a weapon costs, but it’s a good thing I heard about this .

It’s naturally better to economise even if it’s a little .

「Ahh, is that so? Thank you for telling me . 」

I’ll go have a look at the weapons at least .

I leave the guild after saying my thanks and head towards the suggested tool store to start with .


When I entered the tool store, general goods such as cloaks, preserved foods and the like were lined up in my view .

Just looking through the abundant assortment of goods would take a considerable amount of time .

The current time should approximately be before 4 o’clock . The bell for 8 koku will probably ring very soon .

My wristwatch is hidden away in the pouch . I decided I’ll only look at it when I need an accurate time . I’d be troubled if it gets stolen or broken .

Because I have plans after this, I search for the necessary items .

Given that I received a clock from the king, I search for preserved foods, a water bag, rock salt and a blanket .

Amongst the preserved foods are some dried fruits filled in a jar and pickles for pickling vegetables . 4

I decide to settle the bill for the things I found just now for the time being . 5


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Oh no! I should’ve bought my backpack .


I only noticed after I received my purchases . It’s not the food products since there’s a few number of them, but the blanket is very bulky . 6

Maa, I originally prepared to carry it myself so the size isn’t too large, but in my hands it’s fairly large .

While I was troubled, I hear from the owner of the store that I can get it delivered .

It seems because the store closes after 10 koku, it won’t be done before then .

I requested it to be delivered to Migratory Bird .

I say my thanks for their service and leave the store, next I head towards the weapons dealer .


As I proceeded along the route I was taught, a signboard came into view .

On the signboard was a drawing of a sword and the words「Garam’s Weapon Shop」 .

I promptly enter .


Inside was overflowing with swords and bows, knives and armor .

As I gazed at them with interest, a person appeared from the interior .

「This ain’t a place for children to come and play ya know? Hurry up and go home, na? . 」

When I looked up, a bearded faced old man was looking at me .

His height should be within 170cm I think? A weapons dealer with an overall sturdy and a beard . Is he from the Dwarf race?7

「I’m not a child . I’ve temporarily registered at the Adventurer’s Guild today . Although my exam is tomorrow, I’m only taking a look at the weapons today . That being the case, I’ll be leaving in a bit . 」

Saying that, the Dwarf old man-

「Temporarily registered you say? What’re those bunch doing in the guild letting a child register? No matter how I see it ya ain’t even grown up . 」

I’ve become accustomed to these exchanges, or should I say I’ve gotten tired of them .

「Even though it looks that way, I’m 15 years old . It’s been confirmed by the Adventurer’s Guild’s card . I’ll come back with the card after I’ve passed the exam . 」

I can bring the card as proof .

It’s troublesome to explain .

I decided to quickly leave for today .



Leaving the weapons dealer and returning to the main street, I search for a clothing store while I head towards the inn .

Because I came across a shop which seemed like one, I entered to have a look .

It wasn’t very colourful inside, but clothes were lined up side by side . It seems there isn’t much variety . Could this shop be a store for women? There seems to be underwear placed towards the interior .

I search for clothing in a size that fits me but they’re all too big, when I look through the tunics, their lengths all end up around below knee level . Even the smallest size is the length of a miniskirt .

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When I asked the employee-san, it seems the only size I can wear is for children .

Somehow I’ve lost all my willpower . From among those, I chose a dress, tunic and pants which were like hotpants as my everyday clothing .

Next I’ll also need to pick out some lingerie and underwear .

For underwear, there were mostly drawers (kabocha pantsu), the rest were stringed panties (g-string) and loincloth-like underwear .

There aren’t any typical elastic panties like there is in Japan . 8

Could it be, that is to say creating elastic is still impossible for this world’s technology?

For lingerie, I purchased a number of chemise type slips .

For bras… how should I say it, there wasn’t any bras without a cup attached .  (eg; sports bras)

There are cloths to wrap around, or should I say it seems like that’s the only way .

I purchased a number of them just in case .

Lastly, I purchased the tunic from the beginning to substitute as pajamas .

The materials of the underwear, lingerie and the tunic used as my sleepwear are cotton, with the remaining being hemp .

With that, my change of clothing is good .

Finishing paying, my baggage has increased once more, so I decide to return to the inn .


Placing the increased baggage in the inn, I once again head out to go shopping .

I ask a person from the inn about a general store and shoe store .

I have a considerable amount of time and money left to use .

The current time should be before 6 o’clock, luckily it seems the general store and shoe store are close by .

The remaining money on me is 1 gold, 15 silvers and 6 coppers, and also 3 punctured coppers

First, I’ll go to the shoe store .

Because made-to-order seems to the standard, I had them to make leather shoes and boots .

To measure my size, they took a pattern of my foot and that was it .

It seems it’ll take approximately 5 days to complete .

Since I’m done with the shoe store, next is the general store .


The general store has various miscellaneous goods .

Daily use general goods and accessories, things like decorations are abundant . 9

Only just lightly looking around, several things have attracted my interest .

It would be interesting to carefully look around, however I decide to do it another time when I have the time .

For now I’m purchasing cloths to serve as a towel and scraps of disposable cloths, several ribbons to tie up my hair, wooden bottles to put spices in and cooking tools and utensils such as cutlery .

Though I say cooking tools, it’s just a pot and a frying pan .

And with that, today’s shopping comes to an end .


When I returned to the inn, the sun has already begun to set, could the current time be around 7 o’clock?

After requesting dinner, I place the baggage in my room while I wait for my dish to be cooked .

When I returned to the dining hall, as one would expect, the tables were mostly occupied during dinner time .

Because I’m by myself, I sit at the counter, immediately my dish was carried over and I started to eat .

The menu isn’t very brilliant in this world . 10

I think I miss rice and pasta . I’ll try to make it soon since I have all the ingredients .


Finishing my meal, I return to my room .

While arranging the purchases from today, I remembered the thing about the bath .

Because there isn’t a bath included in the room, there should be a public one .

Heading back to the dining hall which I left a moment ago, I ask about the bath .

It seems you need to place a reservation in advance for the time you want to enter the bath .

Luckily, because it’s currently available at this time, I decide to enter immediately .

I grabbed my lingerie, underwear and the tunic substituted as pajamas that I purchased today, then went towards the bath . A cloth to dry the body seems to be complimentary from the inn .


After taking a bath and washing off the sweat from today, a person from the inn called out to me as I was returning to my room .

It appears a package addressed to me has arrived from the tool shop .

Which reminds me of the delivery I requested .

I received the blanket and returned to my room .

I wrapped a cloth substituted as a towel (I’ll just call it a towel because it’s troublesome) around my hair, then continued to arrange the baggage .

I pack the baggage into the rucksack and pouch respectively, I can carry it once again .

Ooh, it’s light .

It’s own weight isn’t the same as the items I put in, but as expected of a magic tool prepared by a King .

I think it’s thanks to the effect of the lightweight-ification . Isn’t this rucksack a considerably high level item…?

I take out a tunic and pants from the baggage for tomorrow’s change of clothes .

With that, the preparations for tomorrow are complete .

I turned off the lights in the room and went to bed, I fall asleep while thinking about tomorrow’s exam .