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Chapter 10


The beautiful notes of of the fourth movement of Schubert's Trout flowed through the air of the coffee shop .

The store was decorated in a retro manner, with wisteria and other leafy plants filling the intimate space . The floor was covered with small pebbles and there was the gurgling of running water . The sun shone through the transparent glass ceiling that was shaded by trees .

This place was more like a garden for people to rest in the afternoon than a coffee shop .

There were a small number of customers in the store, and it was cleverly designed to cut off line of sight to the entrance .

A china spoon stirred through the brown liquid that exuded a warm taste into the warm air . Slender fingers picked up a small lump of sugar and threw it into the cup .

There was a contemporary entertainment magazine on the table . Li Fei removed the sunglasses from his face, looking like a laid back person as he flipped to a column in the magazine that introduced movies .

Li Fei looked like he was reading, but his eyes didn't stay on the page . He seemed bored as he occasionally fiddled with the lid of the lighter in his left hand . It made a low sound, but no flames emerged .

Once the sugar in the coffee had half melted, Li Fei saw a man walking towards the table with the help of a employee .

The music was entering a minor variation and the sun shone on the man, making him look blurry . However, his temperament was outstanding .

The black coat over the light coloured shirt . It didn't have the quality of tailored clothes and couldn't be called brand name clothing . Despite this, owner of the clothing still seemed relaxed, as if he didn't care about the speculation and eyes of others .

They hadn't seen each other for a long time, so Li Fei couldn't help closing his eyes . Then he stiffened and the lighter in his left hand slid onto the table .

When Jian Hua walked into the coffee shop, he got a ominous foreboding .

This was the meeting place for his appointment with Li Fei . From Li Fei's position, there was no need to trick a small person like him . If he did want to trick Jian Hua, wasn't it more appropriate to choose a private club instead of such an upscale coffee store?

In addition to the dangerous omen, there was an inexplicable excitement .

It was with this strange mood that Jian Hua walked through the hollow partition wall decorated with flowers and trees . As he approached the table, his heartbeat increased and the music changed .

Trout . The trout freely swimming in the stream was fished up and became prey .

—The fierce beast opened his eyes and found his prey .

Both Jian Hua and Li Fei were unprepared for this change . Despite all the strange changes in their lives, they chose to wait and continue with their original plan .

Now this situation suddenly occurred, so they didn't know if they should feel scared or surprised .

“It turned out to be you . " Li Fei and Jian Hua muttered at the same time . Both of them were aware that another force had appeared in Huai City .

“Sir, is this not the table you were looking for?" The employee hastily inquired .

"No, this is the table . "Li Fei nodded with a smile . The employee was a young girl who immediately flushed . She bowed, pulled out the chair for Jian Hua, placed a heavy satin booklet on the table and politely left .

The words that Jian Hua originally wanted to say, they were completely lost due to this incident .

After he sat down, Jian Hua's eyes were involuntarily drawn to the pages of the entertainment magazine,where there were stills from Crow and a poster where the main character was a silhouette .

The general was standing next to a river in bright armour . However, the reflection in the river showed a blood-stained and tore shirt, with wounds in the gaps . The only thing similar was the same tall and upright posture .

"When the movie finally set a release date . I couldn't spare time to take photos, so they picked some stills from the movie . " Li Fei pointed to the images .

The shadow on the water wasn't actually a person .

"You are very good . You are the best stuntman I have seen at grasping the character . " Li Fei's tone was soft and warm, like the melting sugar in the coffee cup .

This wasn't the first time they've met . During the filming of Crow, they talked and ate lunch boxes together with the crew .

In addition, he used the make-up artist dedicated to Li Fei and the same costumes and props, so they sometimes talked to each other . However, once the final scene was done, like the rest of the crew, they quickly went their separate ways .

They were just strangers talking to each other . Movie actor and stuntman, what other relationship was there?

Li Fei closed the magazine and pushed it aside . Without the magazine, the distance between them suddenly became empty and the strange feeling intensified .

"Do you know why you can't be a good actor standing alone in front of the camera?"

"I fail at micro-expressions . " Jian Hua answered in an indifferent manner .

His eyes, the muscles on his face, the wrinkling of his brows . They all unconsciously exposed Jian Hua's thoughts and he couldn't control it . Jian Hua bowed his head . He couldn't disguise his eyes when he came in contact with people . No matter how good his acting, it didn't carry over to his face . After years of hard work, the best he could do was maintain a placid expression .

Now Jian Hua's eyes were full of vigilance and some hostility . Li Fei controlled his eyes, he didn't want to reveal his expression of regret .

It was regret, but also mercy to some extent . The entertainment business was a bright and beautiful place, but it was also a cruel battlefield . The most horrible thing in this world was having 'no talent . '

This was an insult to those who were proud .

"I heard that you haven't been working recently . "

Li Fei was used to leading the conversation and there was also a difference in their status . Jian Hua didn't interrupt and listened in silence .

“Star Entertainment Media is a good company . Its treatment of the film and television members aren't harsh and you need a job . I believed that I was your best choice, until five minutes ago…"

Li Fei trailed off, the last words making the air seem to freeze .

Under this type of pressure, Jian Hua's lips slowly curved . The sun shining through the leaves shone on his face, making his handsome appearance become blurred by the warm light . It was enough to make a person's breath stop .

—Just like Li Fei, who closed his eyes .

In this different field of view, everyone seemed to be nothingness . There was the shadow of the guest of wind and the outline of the bones in people's body, that had no strength and no weight .

Only this person in front of him was clear . Every texture on the face was fresh, his facial features were clear and profound . His ability slowly shone through, making Jian Hua truly beautiful .

Li Fei's heart throbbed and he wanted to see more of this force .

It was an endless abyss, rich in darkness that swallowed all the colours . But it also contained the truth . The force watched Li Fei quietly, like he was its prey .

"We are very similar . This is the first reason why I chose you…" Li Fei moved the strength he obtained when Pearl Hotel exploded . "But I didn't think we were so similar . "

Jian Hua didn't try to hide it . "You can control that force?"

Li Fei suddenly closed his eyes, drank the coffee and shook his head . "Not well . "

Li Fei's implication that this wasn't something he was willing to accept clearly reached Jian Hua . The ability Jian Hua received after the stagnated time was indescribable, and it always felt like there was a worse problem behind him .

The two people sat silently and the tense atmosphere slowly dispersed . Their forces struggled against each other, but it was a common secret that created a tacit understanding between them .

"I thought… it would at least be a private room?" Jian Hua asked while looking around . The news about Li Fei was in full swing on the Internet, but he was openly sitting here drinking coffee .

Li Fei chuckled and put down the cup in his hand . "This is the coffee shop that I opened . "


"The employees won't bring new customers to the tables around us while we are talking, so it is no different from a private room . " Li Fei said with a smile . His charm seemed brighter than the sunshine . "If you want something then feel free to say it . "

Jian Hua was silent for a moment before failing to hold back his words . "You made your own private room . "

"You found out . " Li Fei smiled happily .

"It must cost a lot of money to maintain every year . Isn't it a loss?" Jian Hua touched the wisteria leaves . There was no mistake, this was a real plant .

"Please don't tell the public the truth in the future, especially if it is truths related to me . " Li Fei touched Jian Hua's back . He instinctively stiffened, but refrained from shrinking back .

"It seems you don't plan to find another stuntman . " Jian Hua returned to the original topic .

Li Fei's words just now meant he was interested in future cooperation .

Whether publicly or privately, it was useful to Jian Hua . Needless to say, his top priority was earning money to eat and live . Jian Hua was looking forward to working with the emperor of movies . He also wanted to get some clues about his ability from Li Fei .

“People who have trouble themselves aren't qualified to be critical of others . " Li Fei nodded, before turning on the Bluetooth function of his phone . He asked Jian Hua, "What is your phone model?"

After receiving the answer, he sent over the electronic draft contract . Jian Hua carefully read the entire contents and found the draft impeccable .

The only thing required was that regardless of the situation, he was to accompany Li Fei to the shootings . There was no need to sit idly at home and the contract period was one year from when it was signed . This generous treatment would cause anyone in the entertainment world to pinch themselves .

"If you have no objections, my assistant will arrive in Huai City in half an hour . We can chat here while waiting for him to bring the printed documents that you can sign directly . "


Should he fell sorry for the Emperor's assistant?

Li Fei saw the clumsy change in his expression and laughed happily, before extending his hand to the person across the table . "Then with this renewed understanding, I think we need to know more about each other in all aspects . "

Jian Hua silently gripped the hand .

“Li Fei, gender is male and I like men . "Li Fei released his hand and leaned back comfortably . "I think this is something you should know . "

Jian Hua looked down . Then he suddenly looked up and said in a clear voice . "Jian Hua, gender is male and I love you . "