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Chapter 5


Lu Zhao had been afraid of him since childhood, Jian Hua had always been aware of this point .

Lu Zhao dared to knock on the door of Jian Hua's home and shout at Jian Hua . However, as long as Jian Hua looked at him with dissatisfaction, Lu Zhao would immediately deflate like a ball .

It was common in small fights . However, Lu Zhao wasn't the same as others . He was really afraid of Jian Hua . His face looked fine, but all types of small motions exposed his weak heart .

Jian Hua's parents once scolded him . 'Did you bully Uncle Lu's baby?No? Then why is that child scared when you stare at him?'

Lu Zhao had given a serious explanation . 'Auntie, Uncle, Jian Hua didn't bully me . '

Jian Hua's parents looked at someone else's child who was more sensible and also helped conceal their son's actions . His mother and father smiled and gave candy to Lu Zhao, while they hit Jian Hua .

Jian Hua wouldn't lose to this trash, he would show him! The next day, Jian Hua instructed his classmates at school to knock out two of Lu Zhao's teeth . The kid was very good-natured and only said that he fell .

At the age of 17, due to the turmoil from the financial crisis, the Jian and Lu family businesses suffered a complete loss . They owed millions to the bank and could only sell everything . They couldn't continue high school, so Jian Hua and Lu Zhao dropped out of school to work and support their families .

What could they do with a junior high school education? They worked at construction sites, acted as couriers and were apprentices at a barbership .

They were born in good families, so there were many things to get used to . The people who used to treat them as brothers disappears, causing their personalities to sharpen and their hearts to feel bitter .

Jian Hua changed . He was no longer impetuous . He always remained calm and was good at enduring things . The essence of his personality was still there but he polished it into a sleek and transparent appearance, while still disdaining some rules .

In comparison, Lu Zhao was more flexible .

When he was an apprentice, he flattered his master . When he was a labourer, he would spend time eating or smoking cigarettes . His ability to be lazy and shirk responsibilities was the best, but he didn't forget to give benefits to Jian Hua .

It was reasonable to say that sharing such a hard experience should increase the good feelings between the two people .

However, Lu Zhao always gave Jian Hua the weird feeling . It wasn't the attitude of sharing, but the appearance of mercy . Sometimes it felt like Jian Hua was a business Lu Zhao was investing in . He always inadvertently exposed something with his eyes or his gestures and he was too eager .

If Jian Hua laughed, Lu Zhao was overjoyed . If Jian Hua went to eat with people and didn't take him, Lu Zhao would sulk and be unhappy for several days .

It was clearly wrong!

Jian Hua confirmed that Lu Zhao wasn't gay, that boy was only interested in beauties with a C cup or higher . It was like he wanted Jian Hua's most trusted person to be him . If someone went near Jian Hua, he would try his best to get them away from each other .

Jian Hua couldn't think of any good plans for himself and his mother died . His father couldn't withstand the blow of his business becoming bankrupt and drank himself to death . After clearing the bank loans, Jian Hua was alone without a home or a small piece of land . He was free but if he didn't find anything he was interested in, he wouldn't be able to succeed in the future .

Lu Zhao's concern for him wasn't light .

Jian Hua didn't want to accept Lu Zhao's 'care' so Jian Hua moved alone to Huai City . To his surprise, Lu Zhao didn't stop him or try to follow . He just kept in touch and after two months, he stuck to Jian Hua like meringue .

After not seeing each other for a while, the gap should gradually disappear . Young friends meeting against as adults . They should remind each other of their young years and the good feelings would come back .

Lu Zhao broke this system .

Jian Hua had mixed in the film and television industry for a few years, and he had seen too many people acting .

Good acting, bad acting, too many popular stars did it . Lu Zhao only had the ability to hide from ordinary people . In Jian Hua's eyes, it was simply a monkey show .

Jian Hua became more tired of Lu Zhao since the discovery of his enthusiastic acting . Jian Hua was cold towards Lu Zhao and reduced the number of times they saw each other . Then six months ago, Lu Zhao won the lottery and went abroad to do business with others . Lu Zhao had always been bold and knew a lot of people, so Jian Hua ignored him .

This morning at the door, Lu Zhao said he heard that Jian Hua had offended people and couldn't get a job . Heard? He obviously inquired about it!

At the time, Jian Hua had a splitting headache and couldn't cope with Lu Zhao, so he closed the door on him .

He didn't expect Lu Zhao to appear so quickly in front of him, or in such a weird situation . Lu Zhao had clearly jumped out and stunned the young man with a backpack .

Lu Zhao's words were very beautiful . After he got into an accident in an elevator, he saw people killing others on the road . He was scare and hid when he happened to see Jian Hua . Due to the excessive stress, he hit the stranger .

Everything had a cause and effect . However, Lu Zhao's panic, it was really too fake in Jian Hua's eyes .

This exaggerated acting—

Jian Hua watched quietly as he thought about what the young man had been about to say . Had Lu Zhao's action been to stop the truth that this person had been saying?

Plot of the story?

"Are you okay?" Lu Zhao asked carefully . His forehead was covered with sweat and hidden fear flashed through his eyes .

The fireworks at Linjiang Bridge finished . Lu Zhao was anxious and pulled Jian Hua into the darkness . "This place isn't safe!"

His words were quickly verified . A group of menacing people wearing ghost masks and riding bikes headed in the direction of Linjiang Bridge . After seeing the young man fainted on the ground, without any explanation, they jumped off the bike and cut him several times .

Screams rang through the night as bloody soared, causing Jian Hua to feel a sharp burst of pain in his head .

Lu Zhao trembled on the ground . The thugs didn't find their hiding spot and soon sped away with wantonly arrogant laughter .

"Run quickly!"

Lu Zhao shouted . He didn't forget Jian Hua, even when fleeing . He tightly grasped Jian Hua's hand and moved forward .

Jian Hua recalled the bloody scene he just witnessed and tightened his grip on Lu Zhao's hand .

Lu Zhao was obviously very scared, but had stood firmly next to him . Lu Zhao's slippery temperament was hard to explain . However, his behaviour showed 'goodwill' and he had always been 'loyal . ' He never really did any harm to Jian Hua, which was why Jian Hua didn't completely turn away from Lu Zhao .

Lu Zhao ran madly through six streets into an alley, then he stopped when he saw the distant sign for a clinic .

"Should we find a place to temporarily rest?"Lu Zhao said to Jian Hua .


They had ran to Old Cheng's clinic . Jian Hua couldn't help wondering if this was a coincidence or not .

Jian Hua didn't speak so Lu Zhao continued, "Or should we go to your house?"

Jian Hua nodded slowly .

The two of them passed by the clinic door and Lu Zhao wondered aloud . "This is a clinic . We should go in and see if we can find any medicine and bandages . It is too messy outside, so we should be prepared in care there is an accident . "

Lu Zhao excitedly entered .

Of course, Old Cheng wouldn't allow people to easily take his things . Lu Zhao shouted to Jian Hua with surprise that someone was here . Old Cheng heard the familiar name and didn't chase the two people out with a mop .

"This person is?" Old Cheng's anger didn't disappear so he glared at Lu Zhao .

"An acquaintance . " Jian Hua explained briefly .

Lu Zhao's face stiffened . All their years of friendship and he was just an acquaintance?

“Friend, you are—" Too unkind!

Old Cheng asked about the situation outside . Jian Hua ignored Lu Zhao's plea and explained . Lu Zhao could only stand dumbly next to him .

Jian Huan told Old Cheng about the violence and killing he saw .

Old Cheng paled . "It seems like two forces are fighting each other? The city is big so as long as we don't go out, we should be safe . But…"

How would they survive without eating or drinking? When would this stagnant time return to normal?

"I saw someone carrying food . " It was useless to that person, so Jian Hua thought about taking it .

"No! It is too dangerous, you can't go!" Lu Zhao quickly cried out .

This reaction wasn't like Lu Zhao . Jian Hua looked at Lu Zhao . It was impossible for Lu Zhao to think so quickly that Jian Hua intended to risk himself to take the food from the body .

“Um, I mean . " Lu Zhao quickly realized his mistake and immediately tried to fix it . "If you are hungry, I have food here . "

He took out a few pieces of chocolate from his pocket . It had high calories, high sugar and good taste, so the dead wouldn't tire of it .

"You should keep it for yourself to eat . " Jian Hua's voice was hoarse and he was pale . Old Cheng recalled that Jian Hua just received an IV so he quickly ran to the rest room, prepared medicine for Jian Hua and had him take it .

Lu Zhao obviously wanted to say something, but he determined that consuming a few pills wasn't bad . His gaze shifted to the chocolate on the table .

"We have been brothers for many years yet you are still polite with me . This chocolate isn't anything valuable . " He said goodbye to Jian Hua . "I have to rush home to see my parents . You should be careful . "

Once Lu Zhao left, Old Cheng sighed and picked up the chocolate . "That young man is kind but unfortunately, this food—"

"Keep it . You should be hungry . "

"What?" Old Cheng was confused .

Jian Hua whispered, "It seems like anything in the pockets on the back stays after the time stagnation occurs . On the road, I saw a man carrying a large bag stuffed full with food and water . "

"Hey, he left us his food—"

“Don't worry, he must have more . " Jian Hua didn't say anything more .

Old Cheng sighed and they sat together in the clinic . Jian Hua subconsciously took out his phone, saw that the time was stuck at 18:15 and stared stupidly for a while before remembering that the standby image had been changed .