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Published at 14th of October 2019 11:54:37 PM

Chapter 38

Chapter 38 - Their faces were identical . How could anyone tell them apart? (2)

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"Atone?" Ye Zhen understood exactly what was going on after hearing those words and seeing the Ye parents' strange behavior from earlier .

"Older sister knows that I should have been the one to marry Lu Beichuan . Don't blame mom . At that time, dad and mom didn't have any other choices . Without the Lu family's assistance, dad's company would have gone bankrupt . Dad and mom only married you into the Lu family because they were forced to by circumstances . " Ye Qing tightly held Ye Zhen's hand and unwaveringly stared at her . "Zhenzhen, you have to believe me . If there had been any other possible solution at all, they wouldn’t have married you to Lu Beichuan . "

"So . . . "

"So, I came back to take up my responsibility that I should bear . I'll switch with you and go back to the Lu Family . Everything will return to the original track, and you'll be free to do whatever you want . "

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Ye Zhen felt incredulous .

She didn't mishear, right?

Ye Qing had just said to her face that she wanted to take back her identity and her spot by Lu Beichuan's side?

Was this supposed to be a hidden plotline in the novel?

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Ye Zhen thought it over; there didn't seem to be such a plotline in the novel . From beginning to end, Ye Qing had always been thoroughly hostile to Lu Beichuan . The novel's Ye Qing was very blunt about how much she loathed Lu Beichuan . There wasn't even an iota of chance that her feelings for him had been fake .

"You want to . . . go be by Lu Beichuan's side? Become Mrs . Lu?"

It took a moment for Ye Qing to respond . Hearing Ye Zhen's hestaint words, Ye Qing felt a bit uneasy .

No matter how you looked at it, many women would want Lu Beichuan as their husband . He was capable and good at scheming . In addition, the Lu family had been an influential family for generations without fail . Even though it was rumored that Lu Beichuan's father had countless illegitimate children and mistresses, he never dared to bring any of them home .

In the past, Lu Beichuan had been a coma, and no one was sure if he would wake up . When Ye Zhen married him, anyone would have guessed that her future was bleak .

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But now, Lu Beichuan had woken up . Why would Ye Zhen easily give up her identity as Mrs . Lu?

"Zhenzhen, don't misunderstand . I just don't want to wrong you . "

Ye Zhen furrowed her brow and stayed silent .

Next to them, Mother Ye had become anxious . "Ye Zhen, we're doing this for your own good . There's no way you can hide the truth that you married Lu Beichuan using your sister's identity forever . What kind of person is Lu Beichuan? Do you think he'll take things lying down once he finds out the truth? We're thinking for your benefit too . If you had half of your sister's cleverness, then it would be fine for you to remain Mrs . Lu . But, think about it . You've married into that family for so long, and you still haven't gotten Lu Beichuan's mother to like you . It's even less likely that you'll win over Lu Beichuan . Mom is someone with a rich life experience . Listen to mom's advice . Just because you covet a rich life, it doesn't mean you'll be able to have one!"

"No, that's not what I'm thinking . I just . . . This surprise is too sudden . " Ye Zhen, who had returned to her senses, quickly added, "What I mean is, older sister, you came back too suddenly . I was caught off guard . But, don't worry . On paper, Lu Beichuan married Ye Qing, so of course the identity of Mrs . Lu goes to Ye Qing and not me . I'm definitely happy that older sister has thought things through and is willing to marry Lu Beichuan . "

Seeing that Ye Zhen was being so "sensible", Ye Qing and the Ye parents were truly very relieved .

They had originally decided that if soft tactics didn't work, they would use hard ones . If they used both carrot and stick, Ye Zhen, who didn't know anything, would definitely end up obediently being ordered about by them .

"Okay then . Tell me everything that Lu Beichuan said and did after he woke up . . . Also, tell me about his daily routines in detail . . . It's not easy for you to come back here, so I'll switch with you now and go back to the Lu Family . No one will know .

Their faces were identical . If they both wore the same clothes, how could anyone tell them apart?

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