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Published at 16th of September 2020 10:10:05 AM

Chapter 349: 349

Chapter 349: If Qiao Anxin Lied to Him…

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This was different from what he imagined .

Qiao Anxin was less than three months pregnant, which meant that her pregnancy was still unstable . Anything could go wrong at this point .

If she really was as physical and rough as the policeman had said, that would’ve been dangerous .

She might have miscarried .

Su Ze had been so caught up with comforting her over Linda’s case that this danger had slipped his mind .

Seeing how unfazed and unworried she looked, he couldn’t help but doubt her .

“You’re really alright?” He narrowed his eyes, his gaze a little strange . “You really don’t want to get it checked at the hospital?”

When she looked up and saw his doubtful eyes, she felt even more conscious . It seemed like he was suspecting something about their child .

She stiffened, and her hands and feet went cold .

Only a while later did she manage to force a smile while evading his gaze . “I s-should be fine . I was protecting my belly the whole time, so our baby should be fine . Moreover, I think our baby is very strong . He’s not as fragile as you think he is . ”

Su Ze looked at her evasive eyes and that unnatural expression and began having more doubts…

He and Qiao Anxin had always used a condom .

The only time they hadn’t used it was when she seduced him at his bay window, and he hadn’t managed to grab one in time .

But that day was during Qiao Anxin’s safe period .

And he’d done it outside of her when the time came .

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So, it was very unlikely that she would get pregnant with his child .

Though it wasn’t impossible .

Hence, when Qiao Anxin said that she was carrying his child, he didn’t doubt her .

Of course, she had shown him a pregnancy report too .

But at this point, Su Ze had too many questions .

Qiao Anxin’s pregnancy was too timely .

He’d just begun discussing marriage with Qiao Mianmian when Qiao Anxin got pregnant .

Then, Qiao Mianmian found out about them .

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The main reason he broke up with her and got together with Qiao Anxin was because of the child .

The moment he thought of a certain possibility, Su Ze’s expression turned awful .

“Brother Ah Ze, w-what’s wrong?” Qiao Anxin eyed him cautiously and tentatively .

Had Su Ze… discovered something?

Su Ze looked at her for a while and then smiled . He reached out to stroke her hair as if all was normal . “It’s nothing . I just feel that it’d be safer if you get it checked at the hospital .

“Otherwise, I’ll be worried about you . ”

As he thought about it now, he realized that it had always been Qiao Anxin mentioning the pregnancy .

Back then, it was also she who showed him the pregnancy report .

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And from that point on, he never doubted it .

He didn’t even know why he’d trusted her so easily back then .

Su Ze felt that this was a good chance to take Qiao Anxin to the hospital to check it out .

The hand by his side clenched into a fist .

Qiao Anxin also guessed that Su Ze was beginning to suspect her and was trying to get her to the hospital to find out the truth .

If that was the case, then she had nothing to fear .

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